The Victorian age of the United Kingdom was the period of Queen Victoria's reign from 1837 to her death in 1901; encompassing the majority of the 19th Century.


Lady Emily Merchant was born in London in 1840. She married Henry Merchant and just after their marriage, Emily found and went through an Anomaly, and became lost in time.

Episode 4.7

An Anomaly to 1867 opened up in a prison in the present day on the exact same spot as another Anomaly. Emily Merchant returned through the Anomaly to her time, and the Anomaly then closed.

Episode 5.3

After returning to the Victorian, Emily apparently reunited with her husband Henry. Also, in 1868 a Raptor came through an Anomaly to Victorian London and caused numerous gruesome deaths in the city, and was dubbed by the people of Victorian London "Spring-Heeled Jack."

An Anomaly linking present day London and 1868 London opened up, and the Spring-Heeled Jack Raptor came through before the Anomaly Research Centre team mistakenly sent it back through to the Victorian. When the team realised their error, Matt Anderson went through the Anomaly to Victorian London so as to bring the Raptor back through to the Present.

In the Victorian, Matt reunited with Emily Merchant while the latter was also looking for the Raptor. Henry Merchant made a failed attempt to capture Emily and commit her to Bedlam Asylum, and an angry mob of London's citizens pursued Matt and Emily when they mistook Emily for Spring-Heeled Jack. Ultimately, Matt and Emily were able to capture the Raptor and escaped back through the Anomaly to 2011 with it. Henry followed Emily through the Anomaly to bring her back to 1868, but he was killed in the present by the Raptor.

Alternate timeline

In the initial timeline which existed before Matt's interference in 1868, the Spring-Heeled Jack Raptor remained in the Victorian and caused a total of twelve deaths within a month, and Henry was successful in committing Emily to Bedlam Asylum for the rest of her life. (Episode 5.2, 5.3)

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