Vancouver is a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

In Primeval: New World

In the early 21st Century, Anomalies began to open in Vancouver and the surrounding area of British Columbia; the earliest known Anomaly was one which linked a Spaghetti Junction to Vancouver on 15 September, 2006. Following this Anomaly incursion, Evan Cross bought the former Anomaly site as Cross Photonics' base of operations, and set up the Special Projects Group division of Cross Photonics to study and contain the Anomalies.

By December 2011 - January 2012, Anomalies had become frequent and common in Vancouver and the area of British Columbia, and Project Magnet was also tasked with helping in containing the Anomalies; however, in mid-2012, when the Special Projects Group learned of Project Magnet's plans for the Anomalies, the two Anomaly containment organisations began a corporate conflict over control of the Anomaly operation.



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