Truth is the eighth episode of the first season of the Canadian Primeval spin-off show, Primeval: New World.


"A Pachycephalosaurus shows up in the city, while closer to home Evan comes face-to-face with the same Albertosaurus that killed his wife."[1]

Full synopsis

In Vancouver, a Pachycephalosaurus is stalking a rural riverside shore, when it notices a jogger running by on a nearby bridge. The jogger continues to jog from the bridge through a shopping square, oblivious to the Pachycephalosaurus curiously following behind him. However, the jogger then sees several adolescents on a shop balcony frantically calling down to him, and turns and sees the Pachycephalosaurus behind him. The jogger immediately flees away and into a nearby shop. The Pachycephalosaurus follows the jogger to the shop doors, where it stares into the glass and then shatters it with a headbutt, causing the people sheltering inside to scream and panic.

At the Tank, Ange is practicing kickboxing as Evan holds the punching bag for her, as Evan and Ange talk happily. Ange then finishes her practice, and she and Evan kiss. They come close to making out, but Ange is reluctant due to fear that someone could walk in on them; to which Evan joking suggests that they activate emergency lockdown to avoid that. When Ange still isn't interested, Evan suggests that they go to dinner away from Cross Photonics, which Ange accepts. Evan then receives an Anomaly alert on his cellphone, and he heads off to deal with the new incursion.

In urban Vancouver, Evan and Dylan are driving through the city towards the site of the incursion, while discussing differences between animals and Humans; Evan believes that Humans are distinct from other animals, but Dylan doesn't, and points out that there are animals which have the characteristics that Evan lists as Human ones. The two then reach a city shopping square, to find it in chaos and dozens of citizens fleeing. The two then notice the Pachycephalosaurus curiously coming up to their jeep, and Dylan stops Evan from going out to fight it, and recognises it from its hip bone and identifies it as a herbivore. Just when it appears that the creature is merely curious and won't attack, it suddenly headbutts and smashes the jeep's side window.

Mac then arrives on his motorcycle as the Pachycephalosaurus flees, and the trio begin to arm up to deal with the Pachycephalosaurus, as Evan explains to Mac that there are no confirmed fatalities, but the creature seems to frequently smash windows it sees. Evan orders Mac to go find the Anomaly while the former and Dylan track down the Pachycephalosaurus, but Mac suggests that he go with Dylan and Evan goes to find the Anomaly instead. Evan agrees to this, and Mac and Dylan then head off through the fleeing crowds; Mac announces allowed to the terrified citizens that he and Dylan are with Predator Control, to Dylan's chagrin. The two then turn a corner, to find the Pachycephalosaurus on an empty street, staring into a shop window. As Dylan and Mac watch the creature simply stand and stare into the glass, Dylan realises that the Pachycephalosaurus thinks its reflection in glass is a rival creature, which is also why it is attacking and smashing glass surfaces. Mac and Dylan try to sneak up on the creature, but the Pachycephalosaurus flees and they give chase.

Meanwhile, Evan is tracing the Anomaly signal to a locked building, and so when he is unable to get in, he radios Mac for help. Two police officers then come up behind Evan and hold him at gunpoint due to his possession of a tranquiliser gun. Evan tries to convince the officers that they can't arrest him for it as the firearms act doesn't cover tranquiliser guns, but the two police come close to arresting him, when Ken Leeds suddenly arrives with several soldiers. Leeds takes over from the police officers, and orders them to clear the area. Evan and Leeds then discuss the Anomaly incursion, with Leeds explaining that he has already prepared to get the incursion covered up as soon as it is dealt with, and when Evan notes the soldiers with Leeds, the latter explains that he has gotten Project Magnet fully reactivates and it is now restaffing up. Leeds then tries to get a reluctant Evan to tell him where the Anomaly is and let him help, when Mac radios Evan and tells him to meet him at the park entrance. Evan then has Leeds secure the building where the Anomaly is located, while Evan and Leeds head off to Mac's location.

At the park, the Pachycephalosaurus is lying tranquilised and near-unconscious with Mac and Dylan guarding it, when Evan and Leeds arrive. Evan decides to get the tranquilised Pachycephalosaurus back through the Anomaly, and as Dylan comforts the creature, it suddenly sneezes in Evan's face, (to the Evan's and Leeds' disgust and Mac's amusement). Mac and Dylan remind Evan that the slime is nothing serious, and as Evan discusses how they will get the Pachycephalosaurus back to the Anomaly, Leeds volunteers to have Project Magnet take care of that themselves. Leeds is insistent despite a distrustful Evan's reluctance, and Mac suggests that Evan go back to Cross Photonics to get the Pachycephalosaurus slime washed off, while Mac ensures that Leeds sends the creature back through the Anomaly. Evan reluctantly agrees.

Later, back at Cross Photonics, Evan emerges from a shower in the public bathroom of the building's lower levels, when to his shock he sees an Albertosaurus down the hallway from him. Evan quickly flees, pursued by the Albertosaurus, but manages to evade it by closing a metal shutter between him and the pursuing creature. Later, Ange heads towards the Tank as an alarm in Cross Photonics goes off and the other staff begin to evacuate. In the Tank, Dylan is preparing to leave the building with the other staff, but Toby is more hesitant, as there are no signs of a gas leak and she suspects it to be a phantom alarm. Ange then arrives, and she, Dylan and Toby prepare to evacuate (as Toby begins taking numerous Tank devices to ensure their safety), when Evan arrives and confirms that it is a false alarm that he triggered, and thus the team are staying behind (Toby is pleased that she was correct about the lack of gas leak). As Evan then heads with the team to the armoury and arms up, he explains the Albertosaurus situation to them, and identifies the creature as the same one that killed Brooke; leaving Dylan, Toby and Ange shocked and horrified.

However, Ange and Toby are also slightly skeptical about how the Albertosaurus' return, as the Tank's Anomaly detector has received no Anomaly alert; Evan is shocked at this, and believes it to be a cancellation effect, and so angrily orders Toby to recalibrate the detector for that. As Toby does that, Evan then locks the Tank down, and shows the rest of the team the hidden Level A cold room where the Anomaly the Albertosaurus originally came from in 2006 first opened; Evan explains that the room is secured so nothing should be able to get out, but he suspects the Albertosaurus found a way. Despite Ange's and Dylan's worry and concern for him, Evan decides to go to the room himself to see if the Anomaly is there, and to lock the rest of the team in the Tank on his way out to keep them safe from the Albertosaurus. Evan and Dylan then head off, while Ange and Toby resume examining the building's layout for signs of the Albertosaurus.

Evan and Dylan quietly move through a dark area of Cross Photonics, looking for the Albertosaurus. Dylan notes that there are no tracks or damage, or any other signs of the creature's presence in the building; but Evan remains tensed and cautious, and warns Dylan not to let her guard down and that the Albertosaurus is very dangerous. Dylan tries to get Evan to calm down, but when she asks what is wrong with him, Evan snaps at her that he is chasing his wife's killer. Evan then regains his composure and apologises, and as he and Dylan continue, Evan explains to her how he first encountered the Albertosaurus. It is then mentioned by Evan in the Present and shown through flashbacks that on the day of Brooke's death, Evan's cellphone picked up magnetic interference at the abandoned warehouse that would later become Cross Photonics, and Evan took a reluctant Brooke in and the two followed the signal to the Anomaly. Evan went up to the Anomaly to investigate it while Brooke stayed where she was, and the Albertosaurus then arrived behind Brooke and attacked her before Evan could reach her.

In the Present, an increasingly emotional Evan then explains to Dylan how the doctors had told him that the Albertosaurus' attack on Brooke didn't happen, but he knew it was real. The two continue through the building to the closed doors of the cold room where the Anomaly was, and when Dylan realises how often Evan comes down to it, she is shocked and saddened at why Evan would torture himself like that with those memories of Brooke's death; and Evan explains that he moved into the building to ensure no-one else made the same mistake he and Brooke did. Evan then unlocks the room, and he cautiously opens it and enters while Dylan guards the doors. However, Evan finds that the Anomaly hasn't reopened and there is no signs that the Albertosaurus has been in the cold room since its first appearance in 2006, and thus Evan believes that there must be another Anomaly in another part of the building. However, Dylan is more skeptical about this as Toby of all people hasn't managed to detect an Anomaly in Cross Photonics; and Evan then turns to snap at Dylan again, when he sees the Albertosaurus coming in the hallways behind an oblivious Dylan. Evan alerts Dylan and she ducks, as Evan dashes forward and begins firing his tranquiliser gun at the creature with no effect. Dylan then tries to get Evan to stop shooting, claiming that there is no Albertosaurus there, and when Evan turns back, the creature has vanished.

Shortly afterwards, Evan re-seals the cold room, and is furious at Dylan for her actions. Dylan tries to explain to Evan that there was no Albertosaurus attacking them and that Evan is not thinking straight and may be delirious, but Evan refuses to believe that the creature he saw wasn't there. Before Dylan can talk any more sense into him, Evan hears another Dinosaur roar that Dylan doesn't, and runs off into a maze of nearby hallways in search of the Albertosaurus. Dylan tries to keep up with Evan, but falls behind. Evan then runs up onto a catwalk, and searches for any sign of the Albertosaurus on the level below. Dylan arrives on the level below Evan, but when Evan notices her, he sees her as the Albertosaurus and begins firing his tranquiliser rifle at her, forcing Dylan to take cover. While Evan is distracted reloading his rifle after firing several tranquilisers which miss Dylan, the latter takes the opportunity to flee.

Later, back at the Tank, Ange and Toby have apparently been updated on the crisis with Evan by Dylan over the radio, and Toby is attempting to hack and unseal the Tank. Toby is unable to unlock the main doors, and so instead unlocks the upstairs door for Dylan. Toby is hesitant to unseal the Tank, but Dylan assures her that there is no Albertosaurus in Cross Photonics like Evan claimed. Toby then lets Dylan into the Tank, and Ange and Dylan discuss the situation. Dylan is certain that Evan's hallucinations are linked with the slime that the Pachycephalosaurus sneezed on him earlier, and theorises that the slime contained a natural hallucinogen from the Pachycephalosaurus' diet, and that these hallucinogens must have entered Evan's bloodstream through the slime and activated traumatic emotional stress in his memories, which would in turn explain Evan's stressful and exhausted physical behaviour. When Ange asks what the hallucinogen will do to Evan, Dylan explains that natural hallucinogens are unpredictable and Evan may die, which upsets Toby and causes her to tell Dylan to be silent about it and focus on getting Evan help.

Dylan and Ange both agree that they need to get Evan to a doctor, and Dylan gets out low-level tranquilisers with which to tranquilise Evan. Ange is appalled at the notion of tranquilising Evan, but Dylan defends it by stating that they have no other choice if they are to help Evan and stop him from hurting them or himself. The trio then set about locating Evan, and Ange has Toby examine the building's layout. Toby notes signs that Evan has established a perimeter around the old Level A cold room, and Dylan then asks Toby to try and hack into the cold room's security cameras, but Toby explains that she can't as the cameras have been locked out. As Dylan tries to remember the password from having seen it earlier, she notes that it was six digits (052), and Ange then identifies the password as 052080: Brooke's birthday. Toby tries this password, and successfully hacks Cross Photonics' cameras and begins browsing through them for any sign of Evan. The trio eventually find Evan on one camera tracking something in a hallway, and Dylan and Ange leave to reach Evan; but not before Dylan instructs Toby to contact Mac and explain the situation to him, and to seal herself in the Tank after Ange and Dylan leave.

Evan continues through the building, searching for the Albertosaurus, until he arrives at the loading bay where he and Brooke broke into the building on the day Brooke died. There, a shocked Evan sees from the third person view Brooke and himself entering the building through the bay just as they had done on the day of Brooke's death. Evan tries to stop Brooke and his past self from proceeding to Brooke's death by the Albertosaurus, but the two illusions do not hear him and simply pass through him down the hallway towards the old cold room. An upset Evan then heads off. Back at the Tank, Evan uses the lockdown override code to break back in, and heads past a concerned Toby to the armoury. Evan swaps his tranquiliser gun for a proper gun, to Toby's fear and concern. Toby tries to talk Evan out of it, but Evan rebuffs her. Toby then notices some tranquilisers on a nearby table as Evan arms up, and tries to move to get them while keeping Evan distracted (attempting to coerce him into getting help). However, Evan darkly warns Toby against turning against him, and before she can reach the tranquilisers, Evan disables the Tank's main power and then shoots and destroys Toby's server to stop her hacking the Tank's systems. Evan then takes Toby's phone, warning her to stay in the Tank safe from the supposed Albertosaurus incursion until he returns, and then leaves, locking Toby in the Tank.

Dylan and Ange are heading through the building, searching for Evan and discussing whether or not Evan will be able to survive and recover from the hallucinogen. Dylan then gets a text on her phone from Mac, who has arrived at Cross Photonics but can't get in due to the lockdown. Ange and Dylan then head up to the lobby, where Ange lets Mac into the building using a lock bypass code. After Mac confirms with Ange and Dylan the nature of the situation with Evan, the trio set about locating Evan, and Mac calls Toby to see if she has an update on Evan's location. However, Evan answers the call instead and asks for Mac to come help him. Evan is beneath a floor, claiming over the phone to be by the supposed Anomaly, but when Dylan whispers to Mac that there is no Anomaly, Evan hears her over the phone and tells Mac not to trust her. The trio try to convince Evan that they want to help him and that he needs to tell them where he is, but Evan orders them to head for safety and let him handle the supposed Albertosaurus himself. Before the trio can try any further to coerce Evan, the latter hears the hallucinated Albertosaurus above him and hangs up.

Ange and Dylan note that due to Evan's statement that he is at the supposed Anomaly, he has probably gone back to the old cold room, and so Dylan decides that Mac go to Evan and try to knock him out with tranquilisers (as the delirious Evan still apparently trusts Mac), which Ange and Dylan go back to the Tank to make sure Toby is alright. The three then head off. Down in the dark lower levels of Cross Photonics, Mac reaches a locked room where he suspects Evan is, but when he tries to open the door, the handle is electrified. When Evan doesn't answer his calls, Mac resorts to using his taser on the door to short out the wiring electrifying the handle. Mac then opens the door and enters, to find Evan inside aiming a gun at him. Evan is suspicious that Mac is with Dylan, but Mac convinces Evan that he believes him about the incursion unlike Dylan. Evan then leads Mac through the building to the doors of the old cold room, and claims that the creature "which [Mac] was chasing" is loose in the building. Mac at first thinks Evan is referring to the Pachycephalosaurus, until Evan identifies the creature he is talking about as the Albertosaurus.

Evan then unlocks the doors to the cold room, and becomes upset over Brooke's death before he and Mac enter the cold room. Evan then claims to Mac that the latter saved him from the Albertosaurus (but failed to save Brooke), and was then fatally injured by the creature, forcing Evan to hide his corpse. Mac doesn't understand what Evan is talking about, and Evan then motions to the cold room's freezer unit containing the frozen ARC soldier who saved Evan from the Albertosaurus in 2006. Upon noticing that the freezer unit contains a body, Mac heads over to and unlocks the unit, and opens it to find that the frozen ARC soldier inside is an exact double of him. As Mac stares in shock and horror at his frozen double's body, Evan tries to push the former into the freezer unit, causing a shocked Mac to fight back and push Evan to the floor. Evan then has a flashback to the original 2006 Albertosaurus incursion, of the ARC double of Mac pushing him and himself to the floor.

Back in the Present, Mac and Evan fight and wrestle on the floor; Mac tries to electrocute Evan with his taser, but Evan wrestles it away. Evan then sees the hallucinated Albertosaurus looming over Mac's shoulder and cries out, distracting Mac. Evan then flashes back to the 2006 incursion again; the ARC Mac suddenly got up and turned to the Albertosaurus, but the creature hit Mac's body with its snout, sending him hurtling into a wall, badly injured. Evan then crawled over to the injured ARC Mac, and the latter shot at the Albertosaurus with his EMD; prompting the creature to flee back through the Anomaly. The ARC Mac then threw his EMD back through the Anomaly as well. Evan wanted to get the ARC Mac help, but Mac told Evan that it was too late to save him and that he wasn't meant to be there, and the ARC Mac then asked Evan to send him back through the Anomaly to his home as well. Evan still wanted to get the ARC Mac aid, but Mac refused and explained that he had to go back through the Anomaly to his home. Evan then began dragging the injured ARC Mac across the cold room towards the Anomaly.

In the Present, Evan, apparently reliving his memories of the 2006 incursion, begins dragging Mac across the cold room, claiming he has to send him back through the Anomaly, despite Mac's attempts to show him that there is no Anomaly there. In 2006, before Evan could reach the Anomaly, it disappeared and closed, leaving the ARC Mac marooned in 2006 and dying on the floor beside Evan from his injuries. The ARC Mac pulled Evan close to him and whispered something in Evan's ear, before succumbing to his injuries and dying; leaving Evan alone in the cold room and emotionally distressed. In the Present, as Evan sits on his knees on the floor, caught up in his flashbacks and hallucinations, Mac tries to catch Evan off-guard with a tranquiliser; but Evan wrestles Mac's attack off and stuns the latter, then runs back out of the cold room and locks Mac in. Mac then tries to break the doors down, but is unsuccessful and is left trapped in the refrigerated room.

Ange and Dylan return to the doors of the Tank, but find they are locked and the locking system is down due to Evan destroying the server. Inside the Tank, Toby explains the situation to Dylan and Ange outside while trying to repair the server, and then hacks into the system remains to unlock the door and let Dylan and Ange in. Toby then explains to Ange and Dylan that there is now a real gas leak in the utility lines running underneath the whole of Cross Photonics; Dylan wants them to flee the building, but Ange refuses to go without Evan. The trio then realise when discussing the situation with Evan that they haven't heard from Mac recently. While browsing through the building's cameras in search of Mac, a horrified Toby sees Mac in the old cold room, and the group realise that as the room is refrigerated, they have to get him out of there at once. Ange and Dylan then head off to continue searching for Evan, while Toby goes to save Mac. In the cold room, Mac begins rubbing his body to stay warm, and glances back at the frozen body of the ARC double of him.

Evan arrives in the underground tunnels beneath Cross Photonics, and breaks open a fuse box and tears out a cable. He then notices a cable in the tunnel ceiling above him, and rips it down and then arcs the wires inside together, before moving on. Meanwhile, Toby arrives at the sealed doors to the cold room and calls to Mac inside. After Mac confirms to her that he is alright, Toby begins hacking the door using her tablet; while inside the cold room, Mac continues to stare at his ARC double, and pleads with Toby to hurry. Back in the underground tunnels, Evan stops when he sees another cable in the ceiling, and tries to jump up and reach it to pull it down. Evan then has another flashback to the 2006 incursion, when the Albertosaurus attacked Brooke and devoured her just before Evan could reach her. In the Present, Evan breaks down over how close he was to saving Brooke but failed, then rips the cable down, arcs the wires inside together, and continues through the tunnels.

Back outside the old cold room, Toby manages to decode the lock and opens the doors, then rushes into the room to a crouching Mac's aid. A shocked Toby then notices the ARC Mac's frozen body across the room, and can't understand how or why there are two Macs. An upset and bitter Mac then recounts to Toby how, when he was living in London, he was originally going to join the Army, but Evan then arrived and Mac instead became an employee for Cross Photonics in Vancouver. The two then realise that the ARC double of Mac is the soldier that Mac would have become had he joined the Army, but the ARC Mac's timeline was erased when Evan stopped Mac from joining the Army by recruiting him as a Cross Photonics employee. This revelation in turn leads an emotionally bitter Mac to realise that everything Evan ever told him was a lie, and Mac feels that the alternate Mac is the real Mac Rendell and he is the copy. Mac then decides that they leave, while Toby struggles with what they have just learned.

Back in the underground tunnels, Evan is in a control room, continuing to rip down cables and wires and arc them together. Meanwhile, Ange and Dylan arrive in the tunnels, and note that the smell of gas is now becoming noticeable. The two discuss Evan, with Ange feeling that things were going too well for the goodness to last as evidenced by Evan's rampage. The two then find a fuse box that Evan has wired up, and Dylan notes that as the insulation has been removed from the wires, if the power is reactivated then the wiring will produce a powerful enough spark to ignite the gas. Ange notes that they are directly beneath the old cold room, which is where Evan thinks the Anomaly and the Albertosaurus are, and the two then realise that Evan is attempting to blow up the building to stop the supposed incursion. Back in the control room, Evan continues wiring up the machinery inside, while Ange and Dylan begin seeking out the points where Evan has arced the wires in the ceiling cables to create detonation points and disabling these points. Ange then heads up further to find Evan, while Dylan stays to disable the detonation points.

Ange soon finds Evan in the control room, but upon seeing her, Evan lowers his gun and seems happy that Ange is safe. Evan then reveals his plan to Ange to use the wiring to ignite the gas and blow up the building to seemingly kill the Albertosaurus and permanently bury the Anomaly. Back in the tunnels, Dylan continues finding and disabling the detonation points that Evan has set up, but is growing increasingly weak from the gas. Eventually, Dylan is forced to give up and use a nearby breathing kit's oxygen mask and the building's emergency air scrub system to survive against the gas. Back in the control room, Ange tries to talk Evan out of his plan to blow up the building, and asks to let her help him; but Evan refuses, and mentions that he is doing this for her, so the Albertosaurus "can't kill [her] again". Ange then realises from this that Evan is seeing her as Brooke.

Evan is then about to initiate the plan to blow up Cross Photonics, when Ange, playing along with Evan's illusion that she is Brooke, asks him to stop and says that that is the only way Evan can save Brooke, and that Evan can let go of Brooke and that her death wasn't his fault. However, Evan refuses to let go and stop, and is willing to activate his plan and kill himself in the process if it means stopping the Albertosaurus and the Anomaly once and for all, and being with Brooke again. Ange then convinces Evan to come closer to her, and the delusional and tearful Evan embraces Ange. While Evan is distracted, Ange then injects Evan with the tranquiliser, and the tranquiliser begins to take immediate effect. As Evan begins to pass out from the tranquiliser, he sees through the illusion and that it is actually Ange and not Brooke, before collapsing on the floor from the tranquiliser. Dylan then arrives at the control room to find a saddened Ange standing over an unconscious Evan. Dylan makes sure that Evan is alright, then decides to get him out of the building and to help. Ange then reveals to Dylan how Evan thought she was Brooke, and decides to leave. Dylan tries to convince Ange against it, but Ange just asks Dylan to tell Evan that she isn't angry at him, but she isn't staying either. Ange then leaves.

Later, Dylan and a recovered Evan are in the old cold room, looking at the alternate Mac's frozen body and the scrape marks on the walls left by the Albertosaurus from the 2006 incursion. Evan explains to Dylan that according to the doctors, the hallucinogen from the Pachycephalosaurus' slime won't have any long-term ill effects and thus Evan will make a full recovery. The two then discuss the damage that has been done to Evan's friendships by the revelations of his secrets and his actions when he was under the hallucinogen's influence, and Dylan reveals that Mac has gone home and won't answer her calls. Dylan then asks Evan about how the latter became this; Evan believes that it is the consequence of not putting everything that comes through the Anomalies back where they belong, and confesses that he initially thought the Anomalies' ability to change the world and alter history was a gift.

Evan then explains that after the alternate Mac saved him from the Albertosaurus in 2006, he went to England searching for Mac's family with no knowledge of Mac other than his full name; and there, Evan met Mac's nineteen-year-old self. Evan decided against telling the nineteen-year-old Mac about the former's encounter with Mac's future self, and decided to take Mac to Vancouver to work with Cross Photonics; in order to save Mac from going back to 2006 and being killed by the Albertosaurus, as a way of repaying Mac for saving Evan's life, but Evan never thought that that action would result in these events. Evan then admits he doesn't blame Mac or Ange for leaving, and that this is all his fault. Dylan confesses to Evan that she herself had never expected nor wanted to end up where she now is with Evan and the Special Projects Group, and had initially wanted her old life, free of the Anomalies and creatures, back. But Dylan then reveals that she has since changed her mind about that, and tells Evan that she is in this with him.

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  • In reference to The New World, the freezer room and the alternate Mac Rendell's corpse return.
  • In Breakthrough, the main Mac Rendell and Angelika Finch leave because of the events in this episode.