Tony Drake was a member of the Predator Control Team in Vancouver. He was Dylan Weir's partner and an old friend of Evan Cross. He joined Evan on the latter's attempts to hunt and study the Anomalies, and hid the existence of the Anomalies from everyone else he knew.


The New World

In December 2011 - January 2012, Drake and Evan were tracking and unsuccessfully attempting to study a recurring Anomaly in Stanley Park, but the Anomaly kept closing before Evan or Drake could reach it. Drake blamed himself for this, feeling that his old age was slowing him and Evan down, but Evan did not believe this.

The day after one of Drake's and Evan's failed attempts to reach and study the Stanley Park Anomaly, Drake went with Dylan and Harlow to investigate the gruesome death of a base-jumper in inner-Vancouver by a Pteranodon, and Drake covered up the creature attack as a murder by pointing out the impossibilities that a bear or large enough modern avian predator could have been responsible.

Later the same day, while Drake was tracking a Utahraptor in Vancouver, he was called by Dylan, who had learned the truth about the Anomalies and Drake's involvement in Evan's Anomaly project. Drake in turn told Evan and the Special Projects Group about the creature incursion he was tracking, and Evan told Drake to stay where he was until the SPG arrived to help. However, Drake ignored Evan's warning and followed the raptor into a SkyTrain service tunnel.

When Drake found a tramp in the tunnel had been killed by the Utahraptor, he called Evan and Dylan back and informed them. Drake then tried to leave the service tunnel, but the raptor came up behind him, and just as Drake turned around to face it, the creature attacked and slashed him to death.

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