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Tom Samuels was a Home Office official who was considered reckless and was demoted, so he set up his own organisation that would refine oil from the distant past and exploit the Anomalies.



Samuels used to work with James Lester. He once went over Lester's head and presented a contingency plan to the Minister, however he asked for Lester response so the latter pointed out all the weakness in Tom's plan which resulted in the Minister firing Samuels.

At some point Samuels decided to exploit the Anomalies, creating an Anomaly detector (which could also open Anomalies to anywhere and lock them) and building two oil refineries (one in an South African Safari Park and the other in a Cretaceous savannah). He also collected a menagerie of creatures, some of which he could control with Electric snares. He apparently got investors to help him fund his new organisation as the British government denied all knowledge of the operation.

Fire and Water




For some reason, Samuels appeared to copy other peoples works for his organisation, improving their works, making sure that his versions were superior in every way. He made his Cretaceous refinery operations room exactly like the first Anomaly Research Centre and it had a facility exactly like Oliver Leek's creature prison. He even created an more advanced version of the Anomaly Detection Device which could open and lock Anomalies. He possibly had inferiority issues like Oliver Leek.


  • Samuels' methods of collecting creatures is very similar to Oliver Leek's menagerie. In fact, this was pointed out by James Lester, whom thought that it was just like Leek's facility, in that the technology was exactly the same.