• Hi.  Thanks for tweaking my tweak to Timeline. :) The semicolon works well.

    Another question about "According to Tim Haines in an interview; Helen Cutter had, on a separate timeline, influenced the ARC's creation after Episode 1.6."  It's not clear to me what "on a separate timeline" means.  

    I changed it to "in a separate timeline" but now I think maybe it should read "Helen Cutter from a separate timeline had influenced the..." or "Helen Cutter from a previous timeline had influenced the..."?

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    • It's not entirely clear to me what Tim Haines meant by "separate timeline" either x) - I'd recommend just posting Haines' exact words inside parentheticals.

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    • I'll leave that in your capable hands - I don't have access to the original quote.

      It's interesting that he attributes that to Helen.  Based on what we saw on screen I figured the ARC came about because introducing future predators into the distant past shook things up, resulting in nastier incursions than in the original timeline - and thus a stronger response to them.  But Word of God and all that...

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