• What would it take for a group of fans to buy the rights to Primeval and then restart the series, maybe in the US, maybe Canada, maybe Britain? Or even just make a spin-off or film? The lack of Primeval is really starting to get on my nerves, as the only two TV series in history that had dinosaurs as a plot point (Primeval and Terra Nova) are both on hold because of the idiot networks. How much would buying Primeval cost, and how would we go about doing it?

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    • I don't know how much it would cost, but there is so much story telling potential in the Primeval Universe, aside from team fights dinosaurs.

      We could have stories like:

      • Adventure through time periods.
      • A post-apocalyptic show with Future Predators.
      • Nature doco, with Primeval creatures.
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    • Why have they not made a fallout-style game where you survive Matt's future, or a tv spinoff about Danny chasing Ethan? I'd even settle for Helen Cutter giving a monoogue about evolution, and I don't even believe in evolution!

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