• What happened to Oliver Leeks creatures? (by Greenlandia moved from a page to post)

    Oliver Leek was building an army. But not out of men...but out of animals. Creatures from Raptors to arthropleura. However when cutter and the group escaped with their lives with the sacrifice of Stephen, they finally escaped from that hell. Except…..the creatures inside were trapped in the food area, and left their after it was locked. So….what happened to the creatures? Well i’m going to tell you the most accurate prediction to what happened to the creatures in the building. There were many creatures oliver had. He had 2 mer creatures, 2 raptors, 1 arthropleura, 2 scutosaurus, 1 sabertooth cat, 1 silurian scorpion, and about a dozen future predators. So what would happen after stephen's death. There are 21 animals in the prison with stephen. So we can assume they would aggressively feast on stephens corpse as Cutter left. After they would still be locked. They would be full for a time. I’ll measure days in days after stephen's death. 1 day after stephens death, and it would be a bit cramped having so many animals in one place. The mers would stay together, same with the scutosaurus. The predators would also stick together along with the raptors. The others would be more alienated. 2 days after stephens death, and the creatures are starting to get hungry. They could not break down the doors, and would be worried. However their sense of smell would lead them to the stored food. Oliver knew they would need food for about 6 months for operations to capture more animals. So how would they get to the food? They wouldn’t need to. They have their way out. They would need to wait for the scutosaurus to get hungry enough to break it down. They would signal it to hit down the door, and when they did they would have access to the entire bunker. After it would be a feast of the food. The food items would be raw meat, fish, and plants. The Scutosaurus would eat their fill. They would have a nice rest. Which animal would have the benefit of food. None of the carnivores because there's so many of them to feed. It would be the herbivores. Each creature would sleep in different sections of the bunker, and the mers would be next to the food. They are smart enough to know when the meat runs out, the fish are next. When a carnivore needed food they would grab a slice of meat, and eat it. It would be peace until…..2 months after stephen's death. Meat is running low with only a few dozen slices. The predators would raid the meat and take them all because of superior intelligence. The prehistoric carnivores would not be happy. Who would be the first to die? Well it’s obvious it’s not the scutosaurus! The scutosaurus is too large and powerful. The predators are not even gonna try taking out this big of an animal. Instead a safer option is the death of the silurian scorpion. It takes to much food, and is to dangerous. Who would lead this pillage of the silurian scorpion. Well the predators and raptors would be the ones to kill the scorpion. The predators would be severely damaged from the silurian scorpions speed and claws. We can suggest the scorpion would be able to tear apart a future predator, making more food. The predators would own the scorpion, while the rest get the other predator. After this, the mers seeing the first death would round up all the fish in a place only they can require it. They would put it in a corner where it’s hard to find. Defecate near it to make sure no one smelled the fish, and had a safe bet. The scorpion could only last them for so long, and next to go would be the arthropleura. The raptors and sabertooth cat would kill the arthropleura, however it’s poison would be deadly. We can assume the poison would be effective on the animals. We can assume a raptor would be hit by the arthropleura, as the saber sneaks up on it’s back and stab it, as the raptor bites off it’s throat. The 3 would rejoice in success, and keep the arthropleura for themselves. The raptor bitten would have the sickness, so in reality the arthropleura isn’t dead. It still lives inside the raptor. It only killed it physically, not mentally. The arthropleura venom would start taking effect. The raptor would start coughing blood. Start sweating, and be severely sick. Around 4 months after stephens death, the raptor would have died from sickness. Leaving 2 corpses to eat. Now there's only 2 scutosaurus, 11 future predators, 2 mer creatures, 1 raptor, and 1 sabertooth cat. 17 animals left alive. Now the predators have run out of silurian scorpion, and a civil war across the predators has begun. Factions of 2-3 predators are being formed. It’s now eat or be eaten. They would split up, and eat each other now. One group of 3 future predators would try killing a scutosaurus, but the 2 scutosaurus always stick together as mates. An assault of 3 predators would begin. The scutosaurus would be defensive, and take a while to kill. A slash and run tactic would be pulled off as one did when fighting the gorgonopsid. However the scutosaurus could be able to trap one of the predators with it’s speed. The predator would be running to confuse, and get careless, and stomped on. Killing it with it’s weight. One would go on it’s back to pierce the neck, but would be crushed after the scutosaurus pulled a gorgonopsid and crushed it with it’s back. The final would go savage and try to do as much damage, until the scutosaurus were able to crush that one to. After the predator population is about 8. After this slaughter of 3,the predators would realize the scutosaurus would need to go. And go for a full on attack. They would be able to kill the scutosaurus but we can suspect 2 would die from this. The predators have alot of food, and would be protective over it. So we would have 6 predators, 2 mers, 1 raptor, and 1 sabertooth. The raptor and saber know they will be picked off one by one from the predators, so they would team up to protect themselves meaning immunity. A predator isn’t gonna risk death from a saber and raptor. The mers were the smartest, as when the truce between predators ended and back to their groups, their are 4 predator factions, and the mers were smart enough to harvest alot of meat from the scutosaurus as extra food. They now have the majority of food. Now the sabers and raptors have 2/10 of the food, the predators have 2/10 food and the mers have 6/10 of the food. The mers have recently made domes and secret passageways from days of digging. They have made tunnels to the vents, and have tried to find a way to escape. With enough food and passage ways, if the mers have to fight the predators, their ready. The raptor and sabertooth have decided nows the time to kill the mers and gain their food. The 2 are ready for the semi final confrontation. The mers bulk would allow for slight protection. When the raptor came in, a slap to the face with claws taking out one of it’s eye. After it would bite it’s hand, than the mer would use it’s saber teeth to bite the neck, and kill it. The saber would be alone. It knows it will die from the predators so why not throw it’s life away now that it’s companion is dead. Now it would get on top of a mer, and try to get its neck, until the other mer lobbed it over and bit its neck killing it. After they would continue on their expedition out of the building. They would see daylight for once, and as a way to distract from their expeditions, they would set of the food alarm, and they would all go to the center, and the mers would finally make it out of the building. When the predators realized they have tried escaping, they would try killing them ers, but they blocked off the way out, making the predators have to kill each other. The mers have escaped into the world, and seize the UK beach, killing a few people, and would go back into the ocean heading for the tropical areas of either africa or south america. The predators would finally kill each other until the final remained starving to death 2 years after stephen's death.

    This is just my opinion so put down your opinion to.

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    • I can only speculate two possible outcomes of the creatures being locked in the containment room:

      1. The first and most obvious outcome, would the Special Forces soldiers and ARC team return to the Creature Prison and either kill all the creatures or contain the prehistoric ones killing the Mer and Predators. Perhaps they would blow up the building.
      2. The second, would be all the creatures locked in one room start to panic. The Future Predators climb to the roof to be safe, but all the others especially the Scutosaurus rampage; crushing the land-clumsy Mer, Arthropleura and Scorpions within one day. The Predators, Raptors and Smilodon avoid death, and eat the corpses, however they start to fight over the scraps. The predators eventually kill the Raptors and Smilodon within two days. Now only the Scutosaurus and Predators are left (the Scutosaurus because of their sheer size, and the Predators because of their speed and numbers). The Predators refuse to fight and live off the scraps for a week, before they get hungry again; however they are too weak and tired from lack water to attack the Scutosaurus (which have huge water reserves in their body, having lived in deserts) so the predators eventually colapse and die of dehydration. Now only the Scutosaurus live, surely by this time the ARC would have returned to see what happened and they would save the Scutosaurus and move them to a farm where they can live until they can be returned to the Permian.
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    • Yea that's probobly the most likely outcome however blowing up the building isn't likely as that expolsion would cause suspicion. Also I think just going back into a place with animals who are going to tear you apart isn't a good idea. However I belive just instantly fighting for food would not be to liekly. These animals know the power of each other, and fighting now isn't going to be good. So instead best to get the food and water already stored for them. While mers are land clumsy, when backed into a corner their powerful. it took alot of bullets from a gun like an AK-47 to kill it, in the neck was what it took. If the 2 stayed together they would be able to survive for a bit longer. The arthropleura's venom was it's secret weapon, and it's sheer tall size and speed, would make even the raptors be afraid. The Silurian scorpion as we've seen is also actually not clumsy but really quick. Sure it doesn't have the sand advantage, and they would certainly die, however the protection their armor has is powerful. The predators would probobly try killing each other before the other animals because having animals like mers arthropleuras raptors and smilodons which are weaker than you, all the other predators are matched in size and ability, so a massacre form the predators for themselves is most likely.

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    • I think Future Predators and Smilodon flees, climbing on a roof. The Smilodon attacks humans, ARC found it and sent it through anomaly. Four FP (Future Predator) returns, another be sent through anomaly or killed by ARC. Raptors killed one Mer Creature, another attacks Arthropleura, but FP and scorpion killed Arthropleura. Mer creature later stomped by Scutosaurus, one Raptor falled and get leg trauma. One FP killed by raptor, another - by scorpion. Later raptors and future predators killed scorpion. Later ARC returns to Creature Prison. All creatures went to anomaly, but injured raptor stand in ARC to episode 3.10, later it goes through anomaly.

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    • I think after Stephen's death Future Predators climbed on the roof, Smilodon and Raptors started to attack the Scutosaurus, but doesn't killed it. Arthropleura attacked one Future Predator and bitten it. Predator later died from venom.

      15 days after Stephen's death. Scutosaurus started to rampage and stomped Mers. Arthropleura bitten rampaging herbivore, but heavy Scutosaurus survived. Scorpion and Arthropleura started to fight and Atrhropleura bitten out Scorpion's tail, Scorpion tried to run away but was killed by Future Predators. 

      28 days after Stephen's death. Future Predators started to be territorial (because of food deficite) and started to fight each other. Raptors attacked Arthropleura, trying to get the Mers bodies, but Arthropleura bitten one Raptor. Raptors seriously wounded Arthropleura and it tried to run away from Raptors but Future Predators (only 5 remaining, others are killed by each other) attacked Arthropleura and killed it. 

      36 days after Stephen's death. Remaining 5 Future Predators, Scutosaurus, Smilodon and 2 Raptors. Raptors and Smilodon attacked Scutosaurus, but it started to rampage, stomped Smilodon to death and seriously damaged one of the Raptors - Raptor's back is damaged and it can't walk. Another Raptor tries to protect damaged one and Smilodon carcass from Future Predators. 

      Future Predators devoured Smilodon's body and attacked Raptor, but it killed one of them and wounded another one - this one is died from infection. Later, the Raptor with broken back is died. Future Predators killed the Scutosaurus.

      43 days after Stephen's death. Remaining only 1 Raptor and 3 Future Predators. Future Predators fight for Scutosaurus's body and killed one of them - only 2 remaining. Raptor attacked remaining Predators and drove off from Scutosaurus's body. Future Predators started to feed on dead Raptor's body, but it is too small. They attacked each other and one of them is seriously damaged. Later, damaged Predator died. 

      49 days after Stephen's death. Remaining - 1 Raptor and 1 Future Predator. Anomaly opened, Raptor went through anomaly and after that it closes. 

      52 days after Stephen's death. Remaining - 1 Future Predator. Another Anomaly opened, Future Predator went back. 

      Now, all creatures destinies:

      1. Mers - stomped by Scutosaurus

      2. Scorpion - killed by Future Predators

      3. Arthropleura - killed by Future Predators

      4. Smilodon - stomped by Scutosaurus

      5. Scutosaurus - killed by Future Predators

      6. Raptors - one died of wounds, another - went back through anomaly

      7. Future Predators - killed by different creatures. One (last survived) went back through anomaly.

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