• Hello! This is the official Featured Articles thread where you can vote for the next month's featured article.  The Articles will be change every two months.

    Article Regulations

    Article electing rules and regulations.
    • The article must have:
      • Perfect spelling and grammar. No text-speech or abbreviations (with the exceptions of organisations and devices).
      • Less than three red links.
      • High quality images.
      • Must not be a stub (less than 500 bytes in data, you can check the amount of bytes on the article's edit history).
      • Must be well-presented. Articles with a cluster of images and a massive wall of text are not acceptable
    • You must give a reason for your nomination. Just saying your nomination is not convincing.
    • You cannot choose a previous article of the month unless it hasn't been a featured article for at least two years.
    • You also cannot choose an article related to the previous featured article. For example, if a creature article is elected, you cannot nominate another creature article next month. You'll have to nominate a different type of article.
    • Under the rare circumstances that there is a tie in the election, another election will be held. In that election, the only nominees will be the tied nominations from the previous vote. The winner would be the featured article.
    Good luck!
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    • Episode 1.6 because this is my fave episode! :) 

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    • How about a creature, we have not had a creature for a while... pehaps the Kaprosuchus?

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    • A FANDOM user
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