The Sound of Thunder: Part 2 is the thirteenth and final episode of the Canadian Primeval spin-off show, Primeval: New World, and serves as part two of the two-part season finale. It is currently the latest story in the Primeval franchise.


"Connor Temple returns, and Evan faces his moment of truth against the Albertosaurus that killed his wife."[1]

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In London (England), an Albertosaurus is running through the streets of the city, causing panic and chaos. An ARC field team led by Connor Temple chase the Albertosaurus through the streets, dodging traffic and catching the attention of crowds of the civilians a safe distance away who aren't fleeing in panic. The team follow the Albertosaurus into an alleyway in time to see it flee back through an Anomaly there. Connor and the team then set about locking the Anomaly and get the Locking Mechanism out, while new field team member Kieran Coles gets up closer to the Anomaly; amazed at the scars and size of the Albertosaurus they just saw. Once the Locking Mechanism is ready, Connor advises that Kieran get away from the Anomaly, when the Albertosaurus suddenly comes back through at the ARC team. Connor and the rest of the team fire at the Albertosaurus with their EMDs, causing it to flee back through the Anomaly, but not before this forces Kieran through as well. As he tries to decide what to do to save Kieran, Connor decides to go through the Anomaly himself and get Kieran back, and instructs the rest of the team to wait until he gets back before they lock the Anomaly. The female team member tells Connor to be careful, and Connor then runs through the Anomaly.

In the Silurian, Dylan is still heading across the desert back to the Anomaly to the Spaghetti Junction, using rocks to find the sandtraps in her path while being slowed down by frequent tremors. Back in the caved-in Silurian burrow, Evan is attempting to dig through the cave-in and out of the burrow, when he hears the Brontoscorpio nearby in the darkness with him and stops and turns. At the Project Magnet facility, Mac is standing over an unconscious Toby's bed; the medical staff have apparently successfully revived her. Dr. Fridkin then comes in and asks to talk with Mac in private. Dr. Fridkin explains that while Toby is stabilised, her condition won't stay like that and will deteriorate further. Mac offers to donate more blood, but Fridkin states that it isn't that simple, and that she is doing all she can for Toby. Dr. Fridkin mentions that as she works in Project Magnet's labs, it has been some time since she has had to give bad news on patients to their family, and Mac corrects her and says that she is not her family. Fridkin is about to tell Mac of the bad news, but Mac requests that she doesn't.

Mac then sees Ange outside the room looking on at Toby, and goes out to confront her and angrily accuses her of wanting Toby for numerous cold, insensitive purposes. Ange is angered at Mac's attitude over Toby's condition, but Mac doesn't care as he now views Ange as the enemy for her work with Project Magnet. Ange then expresses her belief that the Anomalies are what's to blame for everything that's currently happening, and that unless the Special Projects Group and Project Magnet start working together to stop them they will destroy everything. As Mac and Ange grimly look in at Toby, Mac begins to lose hope that Evan and Dylan will return in time, but Ange decides that they can still give the duo a last chance. Mac then goes back into Toby's room to her. In the Spaghetti Junction, Dylan comes back into the Junction from the Silurian through the Anomaly. She hastily marks the Silurian Anomaly with a knife, then rushes across the Junction and back through the Britannia mines Anomaly to the mine in the Present. One of the soldiers guarding the Anomaly confirm that a helicopter is waiting, and Dylan and the soldier then begin preparing the Brontoscorpio stinger for delivery. Back in the Spaghetti Junction, Connor is navigating through the Junction in search of Kieran. He then notices the Anomaly marked by Dylan with a knife, and runs through into the Silurian desert. After heading up to and checking the sandtrap where Dylan was trapped when she first came into the Silurian, Connor calls out for Kieran.

Back in the Britannia mine, after the Brontoscorpio stinger has been prepared to be delivered to Dr. Fridkin, Dylan grabs several more tools from nearby and orders the Magnet personnel to get the stinger to the medical facility, before heading back through the Anomaly. Back in the Silurian desert, Connor makes his way to the bottom of the hill from the Anomaly, and narrowly avoids falling into a sandtrap, when Dylan comes back through the Anomaly into the desert and heads down to Connor. Connor and Dylan then begin making their way across the desert, using one of the tools Dylan brought to reveal the hidden sandtraps, while asking each other questions about how they got there and about the Anomalies to see how much they each know, and Connor explains why he is there. When Dylan mentions Evan's name and Connor identifies him as Evan Cross, Dylan is shocked that Connor has met Evan and Evan has never mentioned him; but Connor is prompted by a tremor to leave this discussion until later. Dylan explains where Evan is trapped, and Connor agrees to help Dylan free Evan if they help him find Kieran. Back at the medical facility in the Present, Mac sits at the unconscious Toby's side and begs her to survive this, recounting how she had always put up with him even when he was being annoying. Mac then declares Toby to be his best friend and doesn't want to lose her. Ken Leeds then arrives with the Brontoscorpio stinger and gives it to Dr. Fridkin, and Fridkin and the medical team then prepare to extract the venom as Mac looks on. Mac then goes in to ask Leeds where Evan and Dylan are, and Leeds reveals that they are still on the other side of the Anomaly. Dr. Fridkin then manages to successfully extract a sample of the Brontoscorpio venom from the stinger.

Back in the Silurian, in the caved-in burrow, Evan sees the Brontoscorpio coming towards him and gets his taser out ready as the creature gets closer. At the burrow entrance, Connor and Dylan arrive and rush inside and back to the cave-in as the tremors worsen. Dylan calls out to Evan on the other side of the cave-in to tell her she and Connor have arrived, and Evan informs them of his own situation with the Brontoscorpio. While Evan charges up his taser as the scorpion draws nearer, Connor and Dylan begin using the tools Dylan bought to dig and crowbar their way through the cave-in to Evan. Just as they do, they find that Evan has knocked the Brontoscorpio out with his taser, but only briefly, and Dylan and Connor then pull Evan out. Evan asks if Connor will say who he is this time, and Connor gives his name before noting that they will have to leave the other information to later. The trio then flee the burrow and head back out into the desert, and begin making their way back across the desert to the Anomaly. At the medical facility in the Present, nurses are tending to Toby as Mac watches on while Dr. Fridkin synthesises a Brontoscorpio antivenom, when she suddenly flatlines again. Fridkin then finishes the antivenom and rushes in with it, and injects the antivenom into Toby's IV. Mac and Dr. Fridkin then look and wait tensely in hopes that the antivenom will take effect in time, and Toby's vital signs soon return.

In the Silurian, as Connor, Evan and Dylan continue across the desert and reach the hill where the Anomaly is located, Connor mentions how he once spent a year marooned in the Cretaceous (to Dylan's awe) before the trio begin climbing up the hill. Back at the medical facility, Toby is recovering and conscious again as Dr. Fridkin helps her and Mac sits at her side. Once Fridkin is gone, Mac begins jokingly poking at Toby's legs to make sure they aren't numb, and sarcastically dismisses his earlier statement to Toby that they're best friends. Toby then explains how, while she was momentarily dead when poisoned, she felt as though she was in a different level of consciousness where everything was so clear to her; and while she was in this state she saw that the Anomaly timer kept getting conflicting readings from the Britannia mines Anomaly because there were numerous other Anomalies on the other side that the timer was picking up as well. As Mac questions if it is possible for that many Anomalies to be open at once in one location, Ange comes in and confirms to Toby that the other side of the Britannia mine Anomaly is a Spaghetti Junction of others and that it was indeed why the timer was confused. Ange asks if Toby can calculate which of the readings from the Junction the timer picked up was that of the mine Anomaly (to learn how much longer Evan and Dylan have before the Anomaly closes). Mac is reluctant to allow Toby to work until she fully recovers, but Toby gets Mac to give her her laptop and allow her to begin working on it.

In the Spaghetti Junction, Evan, Connor and Dylan come back through the Silurian Anomaly into the Junction and set about finding Kieran. When Connor mentions that the creature responsible for Kieran's disappearance into the Spaghetti Junction was an Albertosaurus, this catches Evan's attention. When Evan learns from Connor that the Albertosaurus had a broken forearm, the former recognises the creature as the same Albertosaurus that will go to 2006 and kill Brooke. Evan then leads Dylan and Connor through the Spaghetti Junction's 2006 Anomaly into the 2006 version of the building that will become Cross Photonics. The trio find Kieran's EMD in the building's old cold room, and set about searching the building for him. Dylan is concerned about Evan and how being in this time and place is affecting him, but Evan brushes her concerns off and decides that they focus on finding Kieran while avoiding the rampant Albertosaurus. Connor warns Evan that they must avoid doing anything that might in any way change Evan's past and the events at the building involving the 2006 Albertosaurus incursion, before the trio head off into the building in search of Kieran.

Back at the Project Magnet medical facility in the Present, Toby calculates from the numerous Anomaly readings the timer picked up from the Spaghetti Junction that Evan and Dylan will have another twelve hours at the most before the Britannia Beach mine Anomaly closes. Ange then decides that she has no choice but to call in a full-scale Project Magnet rescue team, and makes the call on her phone. Back at the pre-Cross Photonics building in 2006, as Evan, Connor and Dylan head through the building's hallways, they find blood on a wall and realise Kieran is injured, and they decide to split up to find Kieran; with Connor going on his own and Dylan and Evan going together. Evan and Dylan return to and re-use the punch card machine to learn what time it is now, and Evan finds that they have ninety-seven minutes until Brooke and Evan's 2006 self arrive at the building and the Albertosaurus kills Brooke. Evan recounts to Dylan how while he and Brooke were coming home from vacation, Evan chose to take a detour and check out commercial space in the area of the pre-Cross Photonics building whereas Brooke just wanted to go straight home. Dylan tries to convince Evan that they can't change what happened, and the two then move on.

While Connor is searching alone in a dark hallway for Kieran, he hears someone up on a nearby catwalk and goes up to there to investigate. The Albertosaurus briefly passes by on the level below nearby, and Connor then finds Kieran, who is injured on the leg, lying nearby on the catwalk. Connor rushes to and tends to Kieran, and helps him up and begins to take him back through the building. Kieran wants to stop the Albertosaurus, but Connor explains that they can't do that without altering the timeline as they are in the Past now, and thus they must allow the Albertosaurus to fulfill its role in 2006. Meanwhile, Evan is wiping smears of Kieran's blood off the walls, growing increasingly worried over them as he doesn't remember them being there when he came to the facility during the 2006 incursion. Connor and Kieran then arrive and meet up with Dylan and Evan, and the group head back to the cold room where the Anomaly is. Kieran and Connor go back through the Anomaly, but Evan and Dylan stop when they hear the Albertosaurus coming. After a few seconds, Dylan and Evan then head back through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction.

In the Junction, Connor and Kieran are then about to make their way back to their time and place and ask for their EMDs back from Evan and Dylan, when the Albertosaurus suddenly comes through the 2006 Anomaly after the group. However, just before the creature can attack, it is struck by numerous tranquiliser darts and passes out. The group turn to where the tranquiliser darts came from, to see dozens of Project Magnet soldiers including Colonel Hall coming through the Britannia mines Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction. Evan is horrified at the damage Hall has potentially just done to history by neutralising the Albertosaurus before it kills Brooke in 2006, but Colonel Hall is oblivious to this and stands over the tranquilised Albertosaurus. Hall explains to Evan that he was sent by Ange to rescue him and Dylan, and the Colonel then notices Connor and Kieran and asks who they are and how they got into the Spaghetti Junction (assuming them to be civilians). Colonel Hall then takes the ARC EMDs off Evan and Dylan and sets about taking Kieran and Connor with him, Evan and Dylan back through the Britannia mine Anomaly for debriefing. Connor tries to explain to Hall that they can't do that; and after learning from Dylan that she, Evan and Project Magnet are from June 9, 2012, Connor reveals that he and Kieran didn't come from that time and therefore don't belong there. However, Colonel Hall still wants to take Kieran and Connor with him back to 2012 to learn who they are and what the ARC is. When Connor, Kieran and Evan all refuse to explain at once about the ARC, Colonel Hall decides to re-ask them back in 2012, and orders his men to load the Albertosaurus up and take it back with them. Dylan and Evan try to explain to Hall that they have to leave the Albertosaurus in the Spaghetti Junction so it can fulfill its role in history; but the Colonel ignores their warnings and has his soldiers bring Evan, Connor, Kieran and Dylan back through the Britannia mine Anomaly with him.

Back at the Britannia Beach mines in 2012, Colonel Hall, Evan, Connor, Kieran and Dylan emerge from the mine where the Britannia Anomaly is located, and see that there are Project Magnet military personnel all over the area. Connor is upset with Evan over this, and Evan admits to Connor that the latter was right about everyone who learned of the Anomalies wanting them. Evan and Dylan decide that they have to get Colonel Hall to send Connor, Kieran and the Albertosaurus back where they need to be, while Kieran and Connor go off with military medics. At the Project Magnet medical facility, Ken Leeds arrives and visits Mac and Toby. Once the trio are alone, Leeds explains to Toby and Mac that Colonel Hall is about to mobilise his plan with the Anomalies via the Spaghetti Junction through the Britannia mine Anomaly. When Mac asks what the plan is, Leeds gives him a fake military uniform and asks for him to come to the Britannia Anomaly site with him posing as a soldier. Toby tells Mac to do so, and Leeds and Mac then leave.

Back at the mine area at Britannia Beach, Evan and Dylan head up to Dr. Jardine and Colonel Hall and warn him that they have to send the Albertosaurus back. Upon learning from Dr. Jardine what tranquiliser dosage they used on the creature, Dylan argues that it will not be remotely enough to keep the Albertosaurus sedated and that Project Magnet doesn't know what they're doing, while Dr. Jardine is convinced that they have everything under control; eventually, Hall has Dylan and Dr. Jardine take their argument elsewhere. Evan also argues with Hall over the Albertosaurus and its important role in their history, but Hall still remains stubborn and oblivious to Evan's warnings and strongly believes that they must cause change, and refuses to return the creature. Colonel Hall then walks away and leaves two of his men to guard an angered Evan. Mac and Ken Leeds arrive at the site, the former disguised in the uniform Leeds gave him, and they see Evan being guarded, and Dylan following and continuing to argue with Dr. Jardine. Leeds heads off to create a distraction, while Mac stays behind and sees Connor and Kieran. Recognising their ARC uniforms, Mac takes a photo of Connor on his mobile phone and calls Toby. Mac explains the situation at Britannia Beach to Toby, then sends her the photo of Connor, shocking Toby and causing the two to realise that Connor and Kieran work for the ARC just as the alternate Mac did. Toby suggests that Connor may have known the alternate Mac, although Mac disagrees with this since that Mac's timeline was erased. Mac then decides to go and talk with Connor, and hangs up on Toby.

Connor is arguing with the soldiers helping Kieran, when Mac comes up to Connor and reveals he knows about the ARC and asks Connor if he recognises him. The two take their conversation away from the soldiers, and when Connor doesn't recognise Mac, the latter tells Connor about his frozen alternate self. Mac asks Connor about what his alternate self was like, but Connor explains that to him that Mac never existed as one can only remember an erased timeline by being in the Past when the Future changes; and Connor convinces Mac that the life the latter is now living is real and it is best that Mac doesn't know too much about his alternate self. Connor then notes that there is no going back, before leaving, leaving Mac with a concerned look on his face. Ange arrives at the mine site and visits Evan in the back of a truck. Evan explains the situation with the Albertosaurus to her, and tries to convince her to get Colonel Hall to send the creature back to 2006 so it can fulfill its role in Evan's history; but Ange refuses to do it, and is disgusted at the notion of sending the Albertosaurus to kill Brooke. Evan tries to convince Ange of the consequences if the Albertosaurus doesn't attack him and Brooke in 2006 so that the former learns of the Anomalies, but Ange doesn't care and believes that things could be much better, and would've been had Project Magnet been in control of the Anomaly operation from the beginning. Evan then stops talking to Ange, and Ange leaves. Evan looks at his watch, and finds that time to get the Albertosaurus back to 2006 is running out.

Dylan is still trying to convince Dr. Jardine of how carelessly he is ensuring the Albertosaurus (which is being kept unconscious in a truck) remains contained, but Jardine refuses to listen to her, and dismisses Dylan and leaves to other work. Leeds then arrives and relieves the Corporal guarding her. Dylan explains that they have to get the Albertosaurus back to 2006 to avoid history altering for the worse, and the two then go to get Evan. Connor is at Kieran's side as a military medic tends to the injured Kieran, when Ange arrives and confronts Connor; revealing who she is and bringing up her previous meeting with Connor at Cross Photonics (when Connor posed to her as an internet repair man). Connor refuses to talk about what he was doing, and tries to convince Ange that she has to give him and Kieran clearance to go back through the Spaghetti Junction to their time and place in order to preserve the timeline, rather than let Colonel Hall simply send them on a plane back to 2012 England. Ange notes that Connor has considerable knowledge on the Anomalies and asks for his help in Project Magnet's attempts to control the Anomalies to change history for the better, but Connor simply tells Ange that just as he told Evan: attempting to control the Anomalies so drastically will cause bad consequences, and all anyone can do is leave the Anomalies alone and put everything that comes through back where it belongs. Ange then explains to Connor her intentions with the Anomalies, and how she believes they can be used to change things for the better, including saving Brooke. However, Connor warns Ange that meddling with the Anomalies will certainly cause more damage than improvement - explaining for example that it can potentially stop him from ever meeting his own wife - and promises Ange that if she does decide to try and use the Anomalies, she will come to regret it. Ange is left troubled by this news and briefly considers it, then orders the soldiers to help Kieran up and decides to get him and Connor back to their time and place. Kieran and Connor thank Ange, and she then takes them back towards the mine where the Britannia Anomaly is.

Back at the truck where Evan is being held, after Evan confirms with the soldiers guarding him that he is not officially under arrest, he is about to leave despite the soldiers' attempts to stop him, when Ken Leeds arrives, claiming to be there to help, and relieves the soldiers and takes Evan with him. Leeds and Evan meet up with Mac and Dylan behind a truck and out of sight; and after Mac sights the soldier who has the keys to the truck containing the Albertosaurus, Evan decides that they get the keys off the soldier and send the creature back through the Spaghetti Junction to 2006, while Leeds keeps Colonel Hall distracted. Evan, Mac and Dylan then set about getting the keys. Back at the Anomaly in the abandoned copper mine, Ange, Connor and Kieran arrive and Ange has the soldiers guarding the Anomaly give Kieran and Connor access. Connor tells Ange that they will need their EMDs back as well, but Ange explains that they can't and that the two have to go while they still can. Kieran agrees with this and suggests they return for the EMDs later. Connor reluctantly agrees, and notes that he will probably see Ange again and instructs her to get the EMDs to Evan. Connor and Kieran then go back through the Anomaly.

Back outside, Dylan approaches the soldier with the keys to the truck containing the Albertosaurus, asking where the medical unit is. While the soldier is occupied, Evan and Mac come up behind and grab the soldier, and Dylan knocks him out with two punches. The trio then take the keys and head to the truck, to find that the Albertosaurus has awoken and is banging around in the back of the truck. Suddenly, the Albertosaurus bursts out of the truck and runs off and away from the mine site, as Evan, Mac, Dylan and dozens of the soldiers chase after it. The Albertosaurus rampages out onto the road, smashing a van out of its way as two women were about to enter it, and then attacking a gas station. Evan, Mac and Dylan rush after the creature, as do Ken Leeds, Colonel Hall and the Project Magnet personnel. When the Project Magnet soldiers begin aiming and preparing to fire live ammunition at the Albertosaurus, Evan tries to get Hall to tell his men to stand down, but Hall again ignores him. As Dylan, Mac and Evan watch, the soldiers begin firing at the Albertosaurus, until the creature knocks over a fuel pump at the gas station, releasing a jet of fire beside it.

Evan and Mac then head off to stop the Albertosaurus, while Dylan gets closer to try and stop Project Magnet. Leeds and Colonel Hall get closer to the creature, and Hall calls to his men to stop firing. The soldiers eventually hear him and stand down. Evan and Mac get a flamethrower each from Project Magnet and then head off to stop the Albertosaurus. Meanwhile, as Dylan tries to get Project Magnet to stop, she, Leeds and Hall see the Albertosaurus suddenly turn and charge straight at Hall and Leeds. Dylan rushes to the two soldiers and pulls Leeds out of the creature's path at the last second, while Colonel Hall gets thrown against a nearby van. Leeds heads over to the injured Colonel and calls for a medic. Evan and Mac then arrive and come at the Albertosaurus from either side with their flamethrowers, trapping the creature and giving it only one direction to go in. The Albertosaurus then heads off in this direction, hitting and collapsing a large gas station sign on the way and causing everyone else nearby to scramble. Mac and Evan chase after the Albertosaurus with their flamethrowers, with Dylan following, forcing it in the direction of the mine where the Britannia Anomaly is. Leeds stays behind and orders the soldiers to stand down, while a military medic checks the motionless Colonel Hall for a pulse. The Albertosaurus flees from Mac and Evan's flamethrowers back into the mine as they follow it, and heads back through the Anomaly. Evan follows the creature, and Mac discards his flamethrower and Dylan takes the gun of the corporal guarding the Anomaly, and Mac and Dylan then head towards the Anomaly after Evan and the Albertosaurus as Ange watches.

In the Spaghetti Junction, Evan uses his flamethrower to force the Albertosaurus to the 2006 Anomaly as Mac and Dylan arrive through the Britannia Anomaly, and the Albertosaurus goes through. The trio believe they've succeeded in ensuring the events surrounding the 2006 incursion will happen how they originally did. Evan notes that they sent the Albertosaurus back through the 2006 Anomaly just in time, and then comes to believe that this was always how the events leading up to the incursion happened, which in turns means he is and always was responsible for Brooke's death; leaving Evan upset and distraught. Mac then realises that with the alternate Mac's timeline having been erased, that Mac won't appear in 2006 to fulfill his role in events there, and thus there will be nobody to save Evan from the Albertosaurus in 2006. Evan is willing to allow this, but it upsets Mac and Dylan. Mac refuses to accept it and realises what he has to do, and before Evan can stop Mac, he runs through the Anomaly. On the other side, the Albertosaurus charges at Evan's 2006 self when Mac pulls him from behind out of the creature's way and to the floor; restoring history, except the Mac that saved Evan in 2006 now wears the uniform of the Canadian Army instead of the ARC.

Back in the Spaghetti Junction, Dylan stops Evan from going through the 2006 Anomaly after Mac, telling him that Mac has to do this and it's too late to save him. As Dylan and Evan tearfully stare at the Anomaly, Evan recalls how to turned Mac from a stranger into a friend, only for him to now be dying in his arms on the other side of the Anomaly. Then the Albertosaurus suddenly comes back through the Anomaly into the Junction, catching Dylan and Evan by surprise. Evan then grabs the gun Dylan took from the corporal and begins firing it at the Albertosaurus, until the creature collapses to the ground and dies. Evan then helps Dylan to her feet, and they see that all the Anomalies around them are closing one by one. Evan realises that they've changed the timeline, and the two run back towards the Anomaly to the Britannia mine, as the Anomalies continue to vanish until only the Britannia Anomaly is left to close.

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  • The story from this episode and the whole season is currently unresolved due to Primeval: New World being cancelled.
  • The ending to this episode is very similar to the ending in Episode 1.6. In both, the main team leaders traveled back though an Anomaly, realised the timeline was different, exclaimed something changed, and tried to run back though the Anomaly, but the end credits start before it is resolved.
  • This marks the first episode since The New World to feature Primeval regular; Connor Temple.


  • The exact positions of the Anomalies at the Spaghetti Junction move slightly between shots. One particular Anomaly over the water repeatedly disappears and reappears.
  • When Connor finds Kieran in 2006 Cross Photonics, he had Kieran's blood on his jacket logo before Kieran puts his bloody hand on it.
    • Presumably from several takes while filming.


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