The Sound of Thunder: Part 1 is the twelfth episode of the Canadian Primeval spin-off show, Primeval: New World, and serves as part one of the two-part season finale.


"When Toby is stung by a poisonous Brontoscorpio, Evan and Dylan must chase the creature back through the Anomaly to get a sample of its venom. But can they get back in time?"[1]

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A group of men and women, split into two teams based on gender, are playing volleyball in a park, during which the female team outscore the men; unnoticed to anyone, an unseen creature is watching the game from in the nearby vegetation. After the game, as the female team begin to leave, one of the male players heads up to one of the women to ask her on a date. The female player says that she is seeing someone, but the male player refuses to give up. The female player then takes out a pen, writes something on the male player's ball, and then throws it into the nearby trees where the creature is. As the female team giggle over it, the male volleyball player heads into the trees and finds his ball, and sees that the female player has written on it that she prefers girls. The male volleyball player is then about to leave, when a large scorpion stinger suddenly swings down from up in the trees and hits him directly in the chest, causing the male player to begin to gasp for air and collapse to the ground.

At Colonel Henderson Hall's office, he and Ange are discussing why Hall chose Ange as the director of Project Magnet: Hall believes that Ange believes like him that the Anomaly operation cannot be handled by rogue civilians like the Special Projects Group, but Ange feels that Evan Cross' approach the Anomaly phenomenon has still been effective despite Colonel Hall's lack of faith in it. However, Colonel Hall feels that eventually the SPG will inevitably mess up and thus their forced alliance with Project Magnet must be very tightly managed by Ange, but Ange is still loyal to Evan. Hall also wants the SPG's hidden Anomaly detectors tracked down and captured, but Ange warns Colonel Hall that Evan will have made that difficult as he does not yield to threats easily, and that she is the one person whom Evan will respond to. Ange and Colonel Hall then discuss Hall's plan for the Anomalies; Hall feels that it could be a key to limitless benefit, but Ange is still concerned about the equally great potential damage it could cause. The two ultimately agree to get the operation started, but Ange then asks Colonel Hall for a favour.

Ange visits Ken Leeds in his cell at prison, and explains to Leeds that while she has agreed to Colonel Hall's offer that she take over Project Magnet, Hall has himself agreed at Ange's request to wipe Leeds' criminal record against the Canadian Army and restore his rank of lieutenant so that he can help Ange manage Project Magnet. Leeds is touched that Ange has done all this for him, and happily takes Ange's offer. At the Tank, Evan is browsing through a tablet when Toby arrives. Toby explains that she has been setting up the Special Projects Group's hidden Anomaly detector, and has made sure that Colonel Hall can't find it. Evan then decides that they resume Toby's project to develop handheld Anomaly timers, but Toby reveals that she has already finished then while she was setting up the Anomaly detector at a hidden location; and she didn't tell Evan before because of Dylan's advice that Evan would be furious about Colonel Hall's new rule over the SPG. Toby then shows Evan the prototype Anomaly timer, and to Evan's shock he sees that it is identical to the device that he got from the alternate Mac in 2006. Toby explains to Evan that the timers have a biometric lock so that only the SPG can use them, as a shocked Evan examines the device. Upon seeing Evan's shock, Toby offers to change it for Evan, but the latter dismisses this option. Evan then gets a call, which worries him and causes him to immediately head off.

Mac and Dylan are examining the data on Colonel Hall's plan that they collected; Mac is confused about why the military are interested in the prehistoric bacteria from the creatures instead of the creatures themselves, and Dylan explains to Mac how it is part of Colonel Hall's plan to seed the Past with these bacteria in order to produce cleaner oils and resources for Humanity in the Present. As the group discuss whether or not Hall's plan will work, Toby believes it to be a stubborn, reckless and extremely dangerous idea, but Dylan assures the others that Colonel Hall needs to be able to find the Anomalies to initiate this plan, and without the SPG's Anomaly detector his plan cannot happen. Toby then takes Mac out of Dylan's office and discusses the ARC insignia on the alternate Mac's uniform; though all information on the ARC has mostly been erased from the internet, Toby has found a British conspiracy theorist's blog stating that the ARC is the Anomaly Research Centre, revealing that the United Kingdom is also aware of the Anomalies and has a secret organisation studying and fighting them. Mac is awestruck at the discovery that he technically had practically the same Anomaly-fighting job in the alternate timeline his ARC self came from, and Toby reveals that she has left telling Evan of this to Mac.

Evan finds Ange at the entrance of Cross Photonics, and demands to know what she wants there. Ange wants to talk to Evan, and the two argue as they walk through the building to the offices. Evan believes Ange's protection isn't needed anymore because of the damage Ken Leeds caused through her; and Evan still refuses to forgive Leeds for what he has done, while Ange is more thankful due to the great fall that Leeds took for Evan, and she reveals that she had him released from prison. Ange and Evan then go into an empty office to continue the conversation in private. Evan is confused as to how Ange managed to get Leeds released, and Ange reveals that she joined Project Magnet instead of the Sueng Group and is Magnet's new civilian director. Evan is upset at this, and Ange admits that she personally wants to leave the entire Anomaly operation behind but can't. When Ange asks Evan to join Colonel Hall's operation, Evan refuses because of how volatile Hall's plan is, despite Ange's argument that Evan can guide Colonel Hall's plan to change the world for the better and stop it from going awry. Toby suddenly comes in to reveal that the new Anomaly timers are ready for testing, but she immediately stops and tries to tide the timers when she sees Ange is present. Evan and Ange then close their argument, and Ange leaves. Toby then reveals to Evan that a new Anomaly has just been detected at Britannia Beach.

At Britannia Beach, Evan, Mac, Dylan and Toby arrive by car outside an abandoned copper mine where Toby states the Anomaly is located. After arming up, the team find the doors to the warehouse containing the mine have been blown down, and there are tracks leading out and back in. Dylan notes from the tracks that the creature was dragging something heavy with it when it returned to the mine, and that it is some kind of large arthropod. The team then enter the mind, and spot the Anomaly nearby. Toby wants to get closer to get a reading with the new Anomaly timers, but Evan forces her to stay behind him for her safety as the group get closer to the Anomaly. Suddenly, Mac sees something moving on one of the higher up levels of the mine and alerts the rest of the team, and they ready their weapons. While Mac and Dylan head up onto the level were they saw the creature and search it for any sign of it, Evan and Toby move closer to the Anomaly, and Toby activates the new Anomaly timer to test it on the Anomaly. The timer first calculates that the Anomaly will be open for another forty-eight minutes, but the timer then begins switching between various countdowns to how long the Anomaly will stay open. Evan believes that the timer must be picking up background radiation from the mine and mistaking it for other Anomalies, and Toby is disappointed at this supposed flaw, but Evan assures her that they will eventually improve and fix it.

Dylan and Mac continue searching the upper level for the creature. Mac sees it about to ambush Dylan with its stinger and fires at it, causing the giant scorpion to scuttle off along the ceiling onto an above level. As the SPG try to identify the creature, Dylan theorises that it is likely a Brontoscorpio. Dylan move to the edge of the floor she and Mac are on, looking for the Brontoscorpio, when it crawls back down onto their level and tries to ambush Dylan. Mac then attacks the scorpion with a large plank of food, causing it to fall down to the ground level where Evan and Dylan are. Evan tries to fend the Brontoscorpio off with the taser gun as it advances on him and Toby, while Mac and Dylan rush back down to help them. Evan manages to get the Brontoscorpio to just in front of the Anomaly before his taser gun runs out, and the team then resort to trying to use metal objects as barriers to force the scorpion back through the Anomaly. Mac and Evan equip themselves with large tin walls, while Dylan and Toby use container lids, and the Brontoscorpio begins attacking the team's metal barriers with it stinger as they begin to close in on it with them. Eventually, the team manage to force the creature back enough, and the Brontoscorpio flees back through the Anomaly. As the team discard the metal barriers, a fearful Toby asks the rest of the team if the Brontoscorpio could have been poisonous, and they then see that Toby was scratched on the leg by the creature's stinger. Dylan then grimly notes that the chances the Brontoscorpio was poisonous are almost certain.

Outside the warehouse containing the old copper mine, Mac stands guard at the entrance while Evan and Dylan bandage Toby's injury up in the back of the jeep. Dylan notes that while the injury is quite shallow, Toby requires immediate medical attention. When Evan decides that a civilian hospital won't know how to treat Brontoscorpio venom, he resorts to another option and calls Ange; explaining the situation with Toby to her and asking for her to send a toxicologist from Project Magnet. Ange then orders Leeds to send Dr. Mara Fridkin and a Project Magnet medical team to the Britannia mines at once, and notes to Evan that cooperating with Project Magnet has its benefits, before Evan hangs up. Some time later, the medical team arrive at the mines by helicopter. Ange meets Colonel Hall in his office and explains the situation with Toby and the Brontoscorpio to him; which in turn alerts Hall that the Special Projects Group do indeed still have a functioning Anomaly detector, but Ange orders this be dismissed until the situation with Toby is dealt with.

Back at the Britannia mines, Evan, Dylan, Mac, Leeds and Dr. Fridkin rush Toby on a stretcher to Fridkin's helicopter. After checking Toby to see where her body is and isn't numb from the Brontoscorpio venom, Dr. Fridkin explains to the SPG that while she can delay the venom's effects and it will work slower as the sting wasn't a direct blow, she will need an antitoxin targeted from a venom sample from the Brontoscorpio, in order to actually save Toby. Evan and Dylan agree to go and get Dr. Fridkin a venom sample for this. Toby is reluctant to allow Evan and Dylan to go through the Anomaly to get venom from the Brontoscorpio, due to the risk that it will close and trap them while they're still on the other side; but Evan refuses to discuss, but agrees to still give Toby the Anomaly data so she can calculate how long they will have. Evan subsequently has the chopper airlift Toby away, while Mac stays onboard with her by her side. After the helicopter has left, as Evan and Dylan arm up, Leeds visits them and volunteers to go with them through the Anomaly. After learning that Leeds was indeed arrested and imprisoned before being freed by Ange, the duo reluctantly let him go to the Anomaly site, which has now been secured by Project Magnet military forces, with them.

At the mine entrance, a corporal there allows Leeds access to the Anomaly inside, but refuses to let Evan or Dylan through as they are not military personnel. Leeds refuses to order the corporal to let Evan and Dylan in unless the latter two let him go through the Anomaly with them, so Evan reluctantly agrees to this. Leeds then takes an MP7 and ammunition from the corporal, and he, Dylan and Evan go into the mine together. As the trio head to the Anomaly, Leeds agrees to Evan's and Dylan's terms that he does not take anything from the Anomaly back to the Present for the military's experiments. Evan also takes Leeds' ammunition so he can't kill any creatures on the other side of the Anomaly, and tells Leeds that if a creature attacks him he will simply have to flee from it fast. Evan, Leeds and Dylan then enter the Anomaly, and come out onto a lake shore, surrounded by dozens of other Anomalies; Evan then realises that the Brontoscorpio could be on the other side of any one of these Anomalies, and thus has become even more difficult to track down that they anticipated.

As Leeds, Evan and Dylan stare around at the Anomaly-filled place, Evan theorises that it is a temporal Spaghetti Junction similar to the kind that, as noted by him and Leeds, were always predicted as existing by wormhole theories. When the group spot a Pteranodon flying nearby in the skies, Evan notes that they must stay alert for creatures. Evan also points out to Leeds that if Colonel Hall learns of this Spaghetti Junction, he could use it to initiate his plan for the Anomalies and cause untold damage to the timeline, and thus they must keep the Junction a secret. Leeds warns that Project Magnet will be sending a specimen collection team to collect specimens from the Anomaly, so Evan orders Leeds to go back through to the Present and stop them. Leeds wants to stay with Evan and Dylan on Ange's orders, but Evan warns him of the damage Hall's plan could cause via the Spaghetti Junction, so Leeds agrees. Though Dylan and Evan still don't trust Leeds, they have no choice to have him do this, and Dylan warns him of the consequences if he deceives the duo again. As creatures are heard shrieking in the distance, Leeds bids Evan and Dylan good luck, then runs back through the Anomaly.

At a medical facility back in the present, Toby is in bed in bad condition, doing calculations as Mac stands at her side. Dr. Fridkin comes in and tries to get Toby to stop the work and relax, but Mac advises her against this and Fridkin leaves Toby to her work. Toby is trying to calculate how much longer the Anomaly at the Britannia mines will stay open so that Evan and Dylan won't get marooned on the other side, but is having difficulty due to the numerous conflicting Anomaly readings. Toby doubts that the conflicting readings are background radiation from the mines as she filtered the Anomaly timers for that, and she reaches over to her laptop to examine the readings on them but her hand cramps up. Dr. Fridkin then begins examining Toby. Back in the Spaghetti Junction, Evan has Dylan search for tracks so that the duo can determine which Anomaly the Brontoscorpio is on the other side of. Dylan notes that the tracks indicate the scorpion has gone and come back through numerous Anomalies, but the tracks seem to circle around one particular Anomaly next to Evan. The two are just about to go through the Anomaly in search of the Brontoscorpio, when it closes, leaving Evan and Dylan to hope that the scorpion wasn't through that Anomaly.

Evan notes that they will have to hurry, and then goes through another nearby Anomaly while Dylan hangs back to continue examining the tracks. Seconds later, Evan backs back through the Anomaly into the Junction, shocked at what he has seen on the other side, and tells Dylan that she must see it. Evan and Dylan then enter the Anomaly together, and come out, to Dylan's shock, in the old cold room at the building which Cross Photonics occupies in the Present. Evan points out that the scratch marks the Albertosaurus from the 2006 incursion left on the cold room's walls are not there, revealing that the Anomaly has sent them back to a point before the 2006 incursion in the building occurred. Evan then heads off into the building to find out what date the Anomaly has sent them back to, with a reluctant Dylan following behind him and trying to convince him that they can't be here. Evan finds and uses a punch card machine in the building, which gives the point in time they are in as 12:10 PM on 15 September, 2006 - six hours before the Albertosaurus incursion in which Brooke will die is to occur - revealing that the Anomaly Evan and Dylan have come through is the one which the alternate Mac and the Albertosaurus will come from to 2006 within six hours.

Evan intends to save Brooke from the Albertosaurus, despite Dylan's attempts to convince him that they mustn't alter that event. Evan convinces himself that saving Brooke could change the Present for the better, but Dylan tries to point out to Evan how it could just as easily change the Past for the worst. When Dylan mentions that it would mean she and Evan would never even meet, Evan thinks that that would probably be for the better; leaving Dylan emotionally hurt. Dylan then heads back to the Anomaly to continue the search for the Brontoscorpio, leaving Evan alone in the building. Back at the Britannia Beach mine in the Present, a Project Magnet specimen collection team led by Dr. Darius Jardine are arguing with the corporal guarding the mine entrance over Ken Leeds' order not to give anyone acces to the Anomaly. When Dr. Jardine is about to suggest that the corporal contact Colonel Hall to confirm the order by Leeds, Leeds arrives and shows Jardine Project Magnet's new management by Ange. Leeds then tells Dr. Jardine to drive him back to Project Magnet's lab, and orders the corporal to airlift Evan and Dylan to the medical facility as soon as they return through the Anomaly. The corporal initially questions this order and Project Magnet protocol, but begrudgingly accepts it.

Back at the medical facility, Dr. Fridkin is examining the Brontoscorpio venom as Ange stands beside her. Mac is trying to get Toby to stop the Anomaly calculations and rest, but she refuses and tries to find an explanation for the conflicting Anomaly signals. Ange and Dr. Fridkin discuss Toby's condition, and Fridkin grimly notes that Toby's condition is deteriorating rapidly, and they are waiting for a blood transfusion which will take some time to arrive. Ange orders all Project Magnet personnel, starting with Mac, be matched for blood donation in the meantime to help Toby's condition. Dr. Fridkin then goes to Mac and explains this to him, and Mac tells Toby he will be back, before leaving the room with Fridkin (but not before he notices Ange looking on). In the Silurian period, Dylan comes through an Anomaly into a harsh, volcanic, near-barren Silurian desert. She begins making her way down the hill the Anomaly is on, and finds a discarded sneaker. As Dylan continues down the hill, she ends up stepping on and suddenly falls into a hidden sandtrap, and tries without success to pull herself back out.

Back at the Project Magnet medical facility, Ange visits Toby, who closes her laptop upon seeing her. Ange states that she is there to apologise to Toby for initially misjudging her; admitting that when Toby first joined Cross Photonics, Ange did not believe her to be someone that could be taken seriously, and threw her résumé away without even looking at it. Ange then admits that her initial view of Toby was wrong, and she is impressed at Toby's loyalty and devotion to Evan and her work. Ange also admits that she is with Project Magnet, which horrifies Toby, and that she believes that this wouldn't have happened to Toby had Project Magnet been in charge. Toby still fears the damage Colonel Hall's plan with the Anomalies could cause, but Ange is convinced that the consequences couldn't be much worse than the damage the Anomalies are causing now, and that Evan should never have put Toby in such a dangerous position of studying the Anomalies. Toby admits it is theoretically still possible to block the Anomalies, and Ange tries to convince her to try and do that with Ange's help once she is better; but Toby still refuses as she still doesn't believe it's the right thing. Ange warns Toby that Project Magnet will likely imprison Evan if they don't get access to an Anomaly detector, and encourages Toby to give her a detector so as to save Evan. Just as Ange is about to leave, Toby reveals that the Special Projects Group's detector is hidden but still functioning, and is ready to tell Ange where it is. Mac then returns from the blood donation and Ange backs off and is about to leave the room, when a terrified Toby reveals that her entire body has just gone numb. Mac calls for help, and the medical staff rush in; Dr. Fridkin orders a ventilator be brought in at once, and examines Toby.

Back in the Silurian, when Dylan is unable to free herself from the sandtrap, she tries to grab her nearby rifle, which is just out of reach. She then sees the Brontoscorpio has arrived, and is coming towards her as she tries in vain to reach her gun. A dart is then fired at the Brontoscorpio, and Dylan sees that Evan has come through the Anomaly and is trying to fend the scorpion off. Evan throws Dylan his taser rifle as the Brontoscorpio turns back to Dylan, and when the scorpion opens its mouth, Dylan fires an electric dart directly in; startling the creature and prompting it to flee. Evan then rushes up to Dylan and helps her out of the sandtrap, and the duo set about tracking down the Brontoscorpio again. Back at the medical facility, Mac and Dr. Fridkin are at Toby's sides, when Colonel Hall arrives and Fridkin leaves to speak with him. Dr. Fridkin asks Colonel Hall whether she now answers to Hall or to Ange, and is worried about how Ange will react if Toby dies in her care. Colonel Hall believes that as the Project Magnet team have no knowledge of what they are dealing with here, all they can do is trust their instincts and do their best. Fridkin points out that Hall seems very confident.

In the Silurian, Evan and Dylan reach the bottom of the hill, and begin rolling stones in front of them to reveal the hidden sandtraps in their path and give them a safe route around them after the Brontoscorpio. A brief tremor then occurs, making navigating through the desert more difficult for Dylan and Evan due to tremors making it harder for them to stay standing. At the medical facility, Mac is at an unconscious Toby's bedside as Ange looks on from the observation room above. Mac looks up at Ange in the observation room, and Ange then leaves the observation room and Mac leaves Toby's room likewise. In the hallway, a furious Mac confronts Ange, viewing her as a poisonous influence on Toby. Mac also has faith that Evan and Dylan will make it back with the Brontoscorpio venom in time to save Toby, but Ange is more skeptical of this and believes that things aren't going how they should be. Mac then turns to leave Ange, but not before she claims that while she hopes Mac's faith in Dylan and Evan is correct, either way she isn't doing things Evan's way anymore.

In the Silurian, Evan and Dylan reach the mouth of a cave, which Dylan believes to be the Brontoscorpio's burrow, meaning that they have the creature cornered now. Evan notes that the burrow seems stable enough to avoid collapsing, but another tremor then strikes and Dylan points out that the tremors could affect that. The duo then enter the dark burrow, activating the lamps on their rifles and searching for the Brontoscorpio. Dylan notes signs that the burrow is on a major fault line, and she then asks Evan why he decided against staying in 2006 to save Brooke from the Albertosaurus; and Evan explains that it was because Dylan was right and the two should be worrying about saving Toby at the moment. Evan then notices something nearby, and he and Dylan investigate to find that it is the corpse of the male volleyball player that the Brontoscorpio attacked earlier. Dylan notes that the volleyball player was stung directly and thus would have died in seconds, and Evan sees that the player's insides have been sucked out. Dylan and Evan then continue through the burrow in search of the Brontoscorpio to retrieve its venom.

Back at the medical facility, Mac is giving Toby a transfusion of his blood with Dr. Fridkin's help, and assures a half-conscious Toby that Evan and Dylan will be back soon. Ange is in her office with Ken Leeds, and is growing more worried about Evan and Dylan. Ange is about to order that Project Magnet send a rescue team through the Anomaly to find them, but Leeds tries to stop her from doing this. Ange demands that Leeds explain why she mustn't send anyone else through the Anomaly, Leeds explains that while he understands Evan's time as leader is over, he would still prefer to keep his promise that he wouldn't tell anyone else about the reason. Ange then confronts Leeds about it and threatens to send the rescue team through the Anomaly unless Leeds gives her a good reason not to. Leeds is then forced to tell Ange about the Spaghetti Junction on the other side of the Anomaly, and asks that she keep it a secret from Colonel Hall. However, Ange refuses to keep any more secrets and believes that they must learn what they can from the Junction if they are to control the Anomalies, and then makes the call for a rescue team.

Back in the burrow in the Silurian, Evan and Dylan are continuing through the burrow when they hear the Brontoscorpio's screeches in the dark burrow with them. Dylan then spots the Brontoscorpio cornered at a dead end nearby, and behaving aggressively at her and Evan's arrival. As Evan and Dylan close in on the scorpion, they try to work out how to get to its stinger and get a venom sample from it, and Dylan plans to distract the Brontoscorpio while Evan sneaks up behind the creature and takes the stinger. However, the Brontoscorpio keeps its attention on Evan as the latter tries to catch it off-guard, until Dylan gets the creature's attention by firing a taser dart at it. Just as Evan is about to cut the Brontoscorpio's stinger off, the creature turns back to him suddenly, and a minor tremor which momentarily forces him and Dylan back occurs. The duo then attempt this again, and Evan successfully slices the Brontoscorpio's stinger off its tail as the creature flees up onto a wall. Evan manages to take the stinger off the ground while he and Dylan keep the aggressive Brontoscorpio in their sights, and he then gives it to Dylan and the duo set about getting out of the burrow and sending the stinger back to Project Magnet in the Present to save Toby. However, as Evan and Dylan begin to leave, Dylan in front and Evan following behind, another tremor occurs and causes a cave-in between Dylan and Evan, separating them and trapping Evan in the burrow with the Brontoscorpio.

As Dylan recovers from the cave-in, she and Evan call to each other from on opposite sides of the cave-in. Dylan's foot is trapped under the rocks, but she manages to pull it free, and the two try in vain to dig through the cave-in to each other, until another tremor occurs. Dylan then searches through the rubble for the Brontoscorpio stinger, and finds and retrieves it. As Evan is trapped on the wrong side of the cave-in with no hope of getting out by himself, he orders Dylan to get the Brontoscorpio stinger back to Project Magnet and then come back for him. Dylan is reluctant to leave Evan, and fears that the Anomaly could close and maroon Evan while she is delivering the stinger to Magnet, but Evan retorts that if that were to happen he would be grateful that Dylan escaped, and that they can't afford to waste any more time if they are to save Toby. A reluctant Dylan then agrees to go and get the stinger to Project Magnet at Evan's request, but promises to return for Evan; Evan returns this hopefulness, causing Dylan to smile before she runs off with the Brontoscorpio stinger. As Evan waits for Dylan's return, he hears the Brontoscorpio shrieking nearby in the darkness, prompting him to take out his knife and torch and ready himself against the creature.

At the medical facility, as Mac stands over Toby, the latter suddenly begins to flatline. Dr. Fridkin and the medical staff then rush in and force Mac to stand back as they attempt to revive Toby. Dr. Fridkin begins performing CPR on Toby to try and restart her heart until the defibrillator arrives, while a tearful Mac looks on as the medical staff's attempts fail to revive Toby. Back in the Silurian, Dylan is running across the desert to get back to the Anomaly before it closes, while in the burrow, Evan readies himself against the Brontoscorpio as its screeches get closer.

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  • This episode is the first to mention the Anomaly Research Centre's name in Primeval: New World.


  • Several people incorrectly name the encountered prehistoric creatures as "Dinosaurs".
  • The exact positions of the Anomalies at the Spaghetti Junction move slightly between shots. One particular Anomaly over the water repeatedly disappears and reappears.


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