The Stanley Park - Cretaceous woodland Anomaly was an Anomaly linking Stanley Park in the present to a woodland area in the Cretaceous.


The New World

Circa December 2011 - January 2012, this Anomaly was recurring in Stanley Park, and each time it reopened it was in a different part of the Park (implying that the Anomaly was on a temporal fault line). During this time, a Pteranodon and two Utahraptors came through the Anomaly to Vancouver in the present. Tony Drake and Evan Cross also tried to find the Anomaly whenever it was open to study it, but it always closed before the two had the chance.

When the Anomaly opened under a bridge in Stanley Park, two bicyclists accidentally rode through it and were apparently killed on the other side by a creature. Evan Cross and Dylan Weir later found the Anomaly and were chased through into the Cretaceous by one of the Utahraptors. They immediately returned to the present through the Anomaly, which then closed before the raptor could follow the two back through from the Cretaceous.

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