The Spring River Airport - Jurassic desert Anomaly was an Anomaly linking Spring River Airport's runway in the present to a desert in the Jurassic period. It was several storeys high, and the Jurassic side of the Anomaly was ten - twenty feet above the ground.


Fear of Flying

In early 2012, this Anomaly opened in the middle of Spring River Airport's runway, and Eastern Airlines Flight 443 which was taking off at the time accidentally flew through. The Special Projects Group arrived shortly after, and Evan Cross and Dylan Weir went through the Anomaly to rescue the plane crew, while Mac Rendell and Samantha Sedaris stayed behind to guard the Anomaly from in the present. A Jurassic Beetle queen came through the Anomaly, but Mac and Samantha contained it.

Mac and Samantha later hoisted Evan and Dylan back up through the Anomaly from the Jurassic via a makeshift anchor. Several Jurassic Beetle drones followed Evan and Dylan through the Anomaly by climbing along the makeshift anchor, until the team threw the anchor back through the Anomaly. The queen subsequently lost control of its flight and ended up falling back through the Anomaly.

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