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The Special Projects Group were a division of Cross Photonics, led by Evan Cross and stationed at the Tank in Vancouver, which were tasked with predicting, tracking and containing Anomalies and prehistoric creatures in British Columbia.



In late 2006 - 2007, shortly after the Albertosaurus incursion of 15 September, 2006, Evan Cross started the Special Projects Group as a secret division of Cross Photonics with the task of attempting to track and study Anomalies.[1] Evan recruited Toby Nance as an inventor and technology expert for the SPG, and Tony Drake served as an unofficial tracker and marksman.[2]

The New World

In December 2011 - January 2012, Evan recruited Mac Rendell into the Special Projects Group as a full-time marksman. At around the same time, Evan finally succeeded in tracking and studying an Anomaly, and he and the SPG learned that the Anomalies were spacetime portals to distant time periods.

Evan subsequently decided to have the Special Projects Group keep control of the secret Anomaly project; and Evan repurposed the SPG to predict and contain Anomalies and hide their existence from the public, and to combat and send back the creatures which came through the Anomalies and stop the timeline from changing. The SPG tracked and neutralised a Pteranodon and a Utahraptor on the loose in Vancouver, and subsequently froze the two dead creatures.


After detecting a new Anomaly at a rural coastline, Mac and Evan of the Special Projects Group went to investigate and combatted a Titanoboa, which they ultimately managed to send back through the Anomaly before it closed. Evan also offered there to recruit Dylan into the SPG, which she accepted after losing her job with Predator Control.

Fear of Flying

When a new, giant Anomaly was detected at Spring River Airport by Toby using the new Anomaly detector, Evan, Dylan and Mac went to investigate, unintentionally taking Samantha Sedaris along on the Anomaly incursion. Evan and Dylan went through the Anomaly on a search-and-rescue mission into the Jurassic for the crew of the Eastern Airlines Flight 443 cargo plane that had flown through the Anomaly, while Mac and Sam stayed behind at the airport in the present to guard the Anomaly and to capture a Jurassic Beetle queen that came through. Evan and Dylan failed to save the Flight 443 crew and returned from the other side of the Anomaly without them, while Mac and Sam sent the Beetle queen back through into the Jurassic.

Angry Birds




Clean Up on Aisle Three


Babes in the Woods






The Great Escape


The Inquisition


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1


The Sound of Thunder: Part 2



Name Time Role/Job Status
Evan Cross SPG beginning - present Team leader MIA
Toby Nance Unknown - present Inventor
Technology expert
Mac Rendell December 2011/January 2012 - The Sound of Thunder: Part 2 Marksman Presumed deceased
Dylan Weir Sisiutl - present Tracker
Animal expert



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