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This article is about an Anomaly phenomenon, not the Juctions seen in Episode 1.4 or The Sound of Thunder.
« "Some kind of temporal junction. String theories always predicted they exist." »
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A Spaghetti Junction is a phenomenon in which numerous Anomalies are simultaneously open in one area, effectively forming a temporal nexus which allows access to numerous times and places throughout history.


Each Spaghetti Junction usually has dozens of Anomalies in it, and can cover an area varying from approximately thirty feet to a mile or less. Spaghetti Junctions can open due to ferocious storms, as was apparently the case with the Guns Island Anomalies. (The Lost Island) Helen Cutter once stated that there are several known Spaghetti Junctions throughout the time stream. (Extinction Event)

Known Spaghetti Junctions

Helen Cutter's Spaghetti Junction

There was one known Spaghetti Junction located in a hill range in an unknown time period. Helen Cutter used this Junction as a nexus for her travels through the Anomalies. (Episode 1.4, Extinction Event) One of this Junction's Anomalies linked to a London football stadium in the present, and the fact that Dodos used this Spaghetti Junction to travel to the present would indicate that another one of the Junction's Anomalies linked to Mauritius at some point in the Holocene epoch before the 17th Century. (Episode 1.4) It also contained Anomalies to the Mid Permian and the very end of the Cretaceous. (Extinction Event)

Guns Island Anomalies

Several recurring Anomalies to points in the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous periods simultaneously opened on Guns Island, sometimes opening close together in a manner akin to a small Spaghetti Junction. (The Lost Island)


A Spaghetti Junction of satellite Anomalies.

Satellite Spaghetti Junction

When two Anomalies opened on the exact same spot at a prison in the present and produced satellite Anomalies throughout the prison as a result, at one point numerous satellite Anomalies were created in one part of the prison in a similar manner to a Spaghetti Junction. After the two original Anomalies separated, this Spaghetti Junction of satellite Anomalies ceased to exist. (Episode 4.7)

Cretaceous Spaghetti Junction

One Spaghetti Junction was located at a lake in what was apparently the Cretaceous period. (The Sound of Thunder: Part 1)

NW1x12 SpaghettiJunction

A Spaghetti Junction in what appeared to be the Cretaceous.

One of this Junction's Anomalies linked to the Silurian period, another to Britannia Beach on 9 June, 2012, another to the pre-Cross Photonics warehouse in 2006, and another to an urban area of London in the Anomaly Research Centre's present. (The Sound of Thunder: Part 1, The Sound of Thunder: Part 2)

All of the Anomalies in this Junction began to close after Evan Cross and Dylan Weir unintentionally changed the timeline while they were in the Junction. (The Sound of Thunder: Part 2)