Skeezer was a marijuana dealer alongside his superior Blake, located at an abandoned train yard in a warehouse district near west Vancouver.


Angry Birds

Skeezer took a job alongside Blake in the summer making marijuana at an abandoned train yard in or near west Vancouver. One day, after Skeezer and Blake completed a marijuana delivery for their superior, they found a baby Terror Bird in their crop, which Skeezer took back to their den with them as a pet and named Leggy.

Skeezer initially fed Leggy cheese puffs and marijuana, but after Leggy snapped a joint cigar out of Skeezer's hand, Blake had Skeezer put Leggy away in a cardboard box. Later, when Blake and Skeezer found Evan Cross and Dylan Weir in their marijuana crop and took them back to their den as hostages, Skeezer took a calmer and more laid-back approach to the intruders, and showed them Leggy when they asked about strange animals.

After Blake allowed Evan to go to find any other Terror Birds but forced Dylan to stay with him and Skeezer, when Blake considered killing Dylan, Skeezer began questioning Blake's orders; this quickly escalated in a vicious argument when Blake threatened to kill Leggy. After Toby Nance arrived, Skeezer suggested abandoning the marijuana and quit from his job with Blake on the spot. Eventually, Blake tried to kill Skeezer but Dylan tackled him to safety, and Toby then accidentally shot Skeezer in the butt with a tranquiliser; knocking Skeezer out cold.

After the Terror Bird incursion was contained, the Special Projects Group dropped the unconscious Skeezer off at a hospital emergency room.


Skeezer was more amicable, reasonable and down-to-earth than Blake; refusing to kill Dylan Weir regardless of the potential threat to the marijuana operation, and quickly bonding with Leggy to the point that he threatened Blake with a gun when the latter considered killing Leggy. Skeezer also took a calmer and more sarcastic and laid-back approach to situations, and was less hostile than Blake. Skeezer personally viewed Blake very negatively, although he only expressed this view of Blake when the latter threatened Leggy.

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