The Silurian desert - Lost World Adventure Park Anomaly is an Anomaly that linked a desert in the Silurian period to the Lost World Adventure Park in the present day.


When this Anomaly opened up, Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart and Taylor Craig, who were marooned in the Silurian at the time, used it to escape through back to the present. The Anomaly Research Centre then arrived shortly afterwards to find and contain the Anomaly. (Episode 2.5)


  • As this Anomaly links the exact same two time periods as the Hackney worksite - Silurian desert Anomaly, some fans believe that the Lost World Adventure Park Anomaly may have been the Worksite Anomaly having moved locations along a temporal fault line and reopened.
  • In Episode 2.6 and 2.7, Oliver Leek had three Silurian Scorpions in his creature army. As the three mercenaries sent through the Worksite Anomaly were all killed in the Silurian before they could capture and bring back any creatures for Leek, it is generally believed by fans that Leek obtained these Scorpions via the Lost World Adventure Park Anomaly.
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