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Connor: "Oh, please don't tell me it's rats. They really freak me out. "
Abby: "What? No, too many legs."
Abby Maitland and Connor Temple's first encounter[src]

The Silurian Millipedes are millipedes that lived during the Silurian period. They are apparently the prey of Silurian Scorpions.


Silurian Millipedes are shaped the same as modern day millipedes, but have larger legs and can grow up to between one and three feet long. They roam in groups across the sand and are preyed upon by Silurian scorpions.


A large group of Silurian Millipedes scuttle past Stephen Hart and Nick Cutter.

Incursions and encounters

Episode 2.5

In a desert in the Silurian, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart came across dozens of Silurian millipedes fleeing across the sand from a Silurian scorpion. Later, one millipede travelled through an Anomaly into the Present, and was chased by Connor and Abby to a ball pool in a restaurant. Abby eventually caught the millipede and threw it back through the Anomaly before it closed.


  • The CGI model used for the Silurian Millipedes is the same one used for Arthropleura. Due to this (as well as a fan belief that the Silurian desert was located in Great Britain, which was inhabited by Eoarthropleura and Brontoscorpio during the Silurian), numerous fans believe that the Millipedes are Eoarthropleura; a Silurian ancestor of Arthropleura.
  • The Silurian Millipede's sound (a high pitched squeaking noise) is the same sound effect used for the Silurian Scorpions, just with a slightly higher pitch.