The Series 4 Prequel Webisodes are special short episodes of Primeval set between Series 3 and Series 4 released on the Web on 22 December 2010 leading up to the January 1st 2011 premiere of Episode 4.1.


The webisodes gives a short glimpse of the Anomaly Research Centre during the year that Abby and Connor were stuck in the Cretaceous. It primarily introduces new team members Matt Anderson and Jess Parker and explains in more detail why the changes in the Anomaly operation occurred.


Episode Synopsis
Webisode 1 The Anomaly Research Centre staff are questioned about the last mission and the suspension of the ARC operation, Matt and Jess are interviewed.
Webisode 2 Becker arrives at the new ARC building and meets Jess, Matt speaks with Gideon.
Webisode 3 Matt meets Becker, and gives Gideon his first impressions on the ARC team.
Webisode 4 Matt orders non-lethal weapons and gives a speech to the old and new ARC staff.
Webisode 5 Jess asks Becker about the mission to stop Helen, Gideon warns Matt not to mess up.

Cast and crew


  • The webisodes were written by Sarah Dollard and filmed at the same time as Series 5. (Series 4 and 5 were made in the same shooting block but with the Series 4 episodes being filmed first.)