Series 3 of Primeval is the third series of the original British Primeval television programme. Series 3 focuses primarily on the ARC team, as they go through numerous changes and challenges; including the death of Nick Cutter, the attempts of Christine Johnson to take control over the ARC, and Helen Cutter's attempts to destroy the ARC to try and save the future.


As the ARC team still reel from Stephen's death, they are joined by several new team members, including new security leader Captain Hilary Becker, and sparky Egyptologist Sarah Page. Meanwhile, after discovering a future world where the Earth is overrun with Future Predators, Helen Cutter sets out on a mission in the present against the ARC, whom she blames for the future catastrophe, and launches an attack on the ARC in which Nick Cutter is killed by Helen.

The ARC subsequently manage to obtain a mysterious artifact from the future from Helen, which in turn causes military liaison Christine Johnson to target the ARC and attempt to take control of it and get the Artifact for her own purposes. Following Cutter's death, the ARC team are ultimately joined by ex-cop and new team leader Danny Quinn, and Jenny Lewis learns of her alternate life as Claudia Brown and ultimately leaves the ARC. Meanwhile, Connor himself is forced to move out of Abby's flat and into Lester's (to the latter's chagrin and misery) when the troublesome Jack Maitland moves in with Abby.

As Johnson's mission to get the Artifact from the ARC continues, Helen returns and kills Johnson. When the ARC team learn that Helen intends to wipe out humanity's ancestors to stop them evolving to cause the future disaster, Danny, Connor and Abby are sent on a race after her through the Anomalies. Helen is killed before she can kill off enough of humanity's ancestors to have a temporal impact, but Abby, Connor and Danny are themselves left marooned in the past.


Serial Number Promo Image Writer/s Director Air date Overall
3.1 Gallery 5 (2) Steve Bailie Tony Mitchell 28 March 2009 14
A crocodile-like monster from ancient Egypt breaks through an anomaly at the British Museum, and a race against time ensues as Cutter, Abby and new head of security Captain Becker chase the otherworldly animal through London, while Connor and museum archaeologist Sarah stand guard
3.2 3x2camoBeast3 James Moran Cilla Ware 4 April 2009 15
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3.3 Gallery 5 (51) Mike Cullen Tony Mitchell 11 April 2009 16
To be added...
3.4 Gallery 5 (77) Paul Mousley Mark Everest 18 April 2009 17
To be added...
3.5 Gallery 5 (83) Catherine Linstrum,
Paul Mousley
Mark Everest 25 April 2009 18
The team faces one of its most unusual and dangerous threats, a deadly flesh-eating fungus.
3.6 Gallery 5 (95) Paul Farrell Cilla Ware 2 May 2009 19
To be added...
3.7 Gallery 4 (12) Andrew Rattenbury Richard Curson Smith 9 May 2009 20
To be added...
3.8 Gallery 4 (22) Cameron McAllister Richard Curson Smith 16 May 2009 21
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3.9 Gallery 4 (27) Paul Farrell Matthew Thompson 23 May 2009 22
A herd of Embolotherium comes through an Anomaly at an off-road course. The team arrives but Danny is elsewhere rescuing the mysterious Eve, a woman from the Future.
3.10 Gallery 4 (33) Steve Bailie Matthew Thompson 6 June 2009 23
To be added...

Primeval Evolved

Primeval Evolved was an interactive spin-off game from Primeval, featuring some of the cast from the show. It ran parallel with Series 3, playing in this order:

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

Guest cast and characters


Series 3 received generally mixed critical reception. Fans of the previous two series praised the action sequences and original creatures and ideas, but criticised the writing, storyline and acting as poor.

Series rewrites

Due to cast members like, Douglas Henshall (Nick Cutter) and Lucy Brown (Jenny Lewis) deciding to leave, this series had to go through several rewrites:

  • Episode 3.3 was originally the second episode and 3.2 was the third. As such, James Moran had to draft four versions of Episode 3.2 before it was finally revised by Adrian Hodges. [1]
  • Four - five other episodes featuring Nick Cutter had to be scrapped and completely new ones written for Danny Quinn.

Title sequences

  • There was four version of the title sequence used for this series unlike all other series that just used one, this was because the cast kept changing.

Cancellation and Revival of Primeval

After the broadcast of Series 3, in June 2009, it was announced that Primeval had been cancelled. However, by September 2009, it was revealed that two more series' of Primeval would be produced.


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