Sarcopterygians are a group of prehistoric fish.

Incursions and encounters

Episode 1.1

A Sarcopterygian inexplicably appeared in the Indian Ocean 70 million years after its species vanished from the fossil record, suggesting that the creature had come through an Anomaly from its species' home time period.


  • Sarcopterygians are a group of fish, not a species. Sarcopterygians are not extinct and a few species are still alive today. However Cutter may have could have meant the particular species' of the fossil he was holding, went extinct and not the whole group of fish.
    • Cutter's extinct Sarcopterygian fossil has been sugested by fans to be Latimeria, the only surviving genus of a group of lobe-finned fishes a.k.a Sarcopterygians know as coelacanths.
  • Do to its similar appearace to the Cretaceous fish in Episode 4.1, some fans believe it to be the same species (or at least related).