Captain Ross (first name unknown) was a soldier working for Christine Johnson military liaison.


Episode 3.1

He led a group of soldiers acting on Johnson's orders through the anomaly to the future city to recover the artefact. They found it but were forced to abandon it when attacked by a pack of Future Predators. Ross escaped back to the present while his men were killed by the Predators. He was reprimanded by Christine for leaving the artifact despite the fact that his men had died trying to find it.

Episode 3.6

He was with Christine when she was viewing surveillance footage of the ARC, and was asked to call the Minister for her when they saw the artifact was there. He lead the search of the ARC, but the team had already fled with it, and when Becker pointed hisgun at Ross, Ross responded by telling him to drop his (weapon).


Ross confronting Becker when Christine Johnson and her men invaded the ARC. (Episode 3.6)

He and another soldier went to deal with an Anomaly at an abandoned cabin, and was drawn to the cabin where he found the artifact. after informing Christine, he confronted the team, who were being chased by a creature, and prepared to place them under arrest. Ross was killed when he drove over a landmine whilst trying to escape a Terror Bird that had just killed his fellow soldier.

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