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Anomaly Research Centre

A Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (abbreviated RHIB) is a type of boat that is extremely lightweight, and has a large capacity.


RHIB used by the Home Office to search the Reservoir. (Episode 1.3)

Episode 1.3

After a bolus of Anthony Barton appeared in a local reservoir, a search for the predator that consumed him utilised at least one RHIB. Searches of the water surface were conducted, and the boat was also used to ferry divers out to the anomaly.

Episode 2.4

After a young man was attacked by an unknown marine predator, two RHIBs were used in the search of a nearby canal, located in the Isle of Dogs. The search continued on until late evening, when Nick Cutter found a piece of skin from a marine mammal. At that moment, something hit the boat containing Jenny Lewis, sending her into the water. When the animal revealed itself as a shark, Jenny attempted to get back to the boat, but was hindered by her inability to swim. Before the shark could get to her, however, Cutter arrived in his RHIB, and pulled her out of the water, while Stephen Hart dispatched the shark.

The next day, Cutter, along with Connor Temple and Abby Maitland continued the search for the mammalian predator. Abby thought she sighted something in the water, and told Connor to back up, but was taken into the water by a Mer creature. Cutter subsequently dove into the water after her. RHIB boats were used during the search of the canal, notably by Stephen, who used an ROV from the deck of his boat.

Abby Maitland tracks a Kaprosuchus aboard a RHIB.

Episode 4.2

In pursuit of a Kaprosuchus, Abby boarded a RHIB that was passing by, and ordered the owner of the boat after it. The Kaprosuchus disappeared beneath the surface, and Abby momentarily lost it. It soon rammed the boat, nearly sending everybody overboard. The Kaprosuchus then headed towards the port, and Abby continued to pursued it in the RHIB.