Abby: "This thing was a man not long ago! Suppose he's still in there?"
Danny: "Okay, so we'll ask it nicely, and then we'll grill it, alright?"
―Abby and Danny debate over killing the infected Sir Richard[src]

Sir Richard Bentley is an important business man. An anomaly opens in his apartment which his assistant Lloyd goes through and gets infected by fungus spores. Richard goes home and finds Future Fungus spores on the floor. He examines them, infecting himself with the fungus, and leaves. Later, he starts coughing and Future Fungus begins to grow on his hands and neck. He ignores it and when his chauffeur asks him about it he just tells him to turn up the heating and go faster.

While being plagued by the infection, Richard becomes more and more faint, and all the while tries to get to his train. The ARC team go looking for him. Abby tells the others that she has spotted him, and they chase after Bentley. However, Bentley escapes and goes underground. He then succumbs to the Fungus and fully

Bentley fully taken over by the Fungus.

transforms into a horrific fungus creature.

The team were later dispatched with flamethrowers into the underground tunnels where Bentley was hiding and managed to corner him. However, as the team were momentarily distracted when Jenny warned them not to use flamethrowers, allowing Bentley to infect a soldier and escape to the surface. However, there, Bentley was trapped in a van and taken back to the ARC. Bentley broke out of the van and used the ventilation shafts to get into the Operations Room, which had been frozen to kill him. He attacked Jenny, attracted by her body heat, who was still there, and managed to infect her before Danny arrived. As Bentley turned on Danny, he finally succumbed to the freezing temperatures and died. (Episode 3.5)

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