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The race circuit was a private sportscar racing track where an Anomaly to the future opened up.


Episode 3.8


The ARC Team enters the race circuit.

An Anomaly opened in the track's garage, and two Megopterans came through. The Anomaly Research Centre team arrived at the race circuit after detecting the Anomaly, where one of the Megopterans attacked Danny Quinn before being accidentally hit and killed by one of the cars out on the track. The team subsequently locked the Anomaly and left two soldiers to guard the site; unaware of the remaining Megopteran, which killed the two guards in the night.

Jack Maitland, following Abby's handheld detector, slipped past the civilian guard to the race circuit's shed, where a skirmish involving the remaining Megopteran resulted in Jack accidentally unlocking the Anomaly and driving in a car through it. When the team arrived at the site to the aftermath and Abby, Danny, Connor Temple and Hilary Becker went through to find Jack, Sarah Page stayed behind at the shed to monitor the Anomaly and lock it once the team came back through; also fighting off a juvenile Megopteran hatched from one of the dead guards.

Episode 3.10

After the incident with Jack, the race circuit remained under ARC guard and the Anomaly remained locked. Following Christine Johnson's death, the team returned to the race circuit to unlock the Anomaly and go through in search of Helen. Becker and Sarah stayed behind to wait at the Anomaly site, but Danny, Connor and Abby never came back through the Anomaly from the future.

Series 4 Prequel Webisodes

After Danny, Connor and Abby didn't return, the ARC launched four failed rescue missions through the race circuit's Anomaly to find them, the last of which ended in Sarah's death.

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