Pterosaurs, often referred to as Pterodactyls, are flying reptiles that lived from the Late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous period.

Incursions and encounters

Episode 1.3

Upon arriving on a shoreline in the Cretaceous period, Nick Cutter saw a flock of Pteranodon-like pterosaurs in the distance.

Episode 1.5

A Pteranodon and a swarm of Anurognathus came through an Anomaly to Forest Heights Country Club in the present day. The Anurognathus were killed in a gas explosion at the country club's hotel and the Pteranodon was captured by the Home Office and sent back through the Anomaly.

Episode 2.2

In a Cretaceous Desert, a Pteranodon attacked and injured Helen Cutter when she tried to steal one of its eggs as food.

Episode 3.10

When Helen Cutter entered a Pteranodon nest in a Cretaceous Forest when trying to get to an Anomaly, a Pteranodon briefly attacked her.

Episode 4.1

Several Pteranodon-like pterosaurs were visible in the Cretaceous.

Eye Strain

A large pterosaur came through an Anomaly to London's South Bank in the present day. It ended up flying back through the Anomaly when it was blinded by light effects on the London Eye.

Episode 5.5

A swarm of Anurognathus came through an Anomaly to the present day during Convergence, and were encountered at the New Dawn Facility.

The New World

A Pteranodon came through an Anomaly to Stanley Park in present day Vancouver. It was either knocked out or killed in a fight with a Utahraptor, and was subsequently frozen in the Tank.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

A Pteranodon was seen flying above a Spaghetti Junction at a lake in the Cretaceous.



  • Pterosaurs are often depicted in science fiction as man-eaters, Pteranodon in particular is the most depicted. This is very unlikely to be the case in real life, since Pteranodon and many other pterosaurs are believed to have been mainly fish-eaters or insectivores.
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