The Prison - Pliocene Anomaly is an Anomaly linking a prison in the present day to the Pliocene epoch.


Episode 4.7

When this Anomaly opened up, the present day end of the Anomaly was on the exact same spot as another Anomaly; causing a magnetic repel occurrence between the two Anomalies which created dozens of satellite Anomalies throughout the prison. A Terror Bird also came through the Pliocene Anomaly to the prison, and because of the two merged Anomalies, whenever it went back into them it would come out through a satellite Anomaly instead of the Pliocene side of the Anomaly.

When the Anomaly Research Centre team detected the two Anomalies, they tried to lock them with an Anomaly Locking Mechanism, but whenever they did the Anomalies just unlocked due to the magnetic repelling occurrence. Danny Quinn also returned through the Pliocene Anomaly to the present. Eventually, when Connor Temple and Abby Maitland used two Locking Mechanisms on the Anomalies at once, the Victorian Anomaly pushed the Pliocene Anomaly away and both Anomalies locked.


The Pliocene and Victorian Anomalies merged.

Patrick Quinn later unlocked the Pliocene Anomaly and escaped through. Shortly afterwards, Danny Quinn followed Patrick through back into the Pliocene to stop Patrick interfering in any other Human time periods.

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