The Primeval Universe or Primeverse for short, is the fictional universe where all the canon Primeval episodes, stories and spin-offs take place in. Media such as the Episode novelisation books and documentaries about the Primeval show are considered non-canon and are not part of the universe.

Who, What, Where, When

The Primeverse is set on present day Earth (United Kingdom 2006-2011, Canada 2012) and is more or less the same as the real world in appearance and pre-history/history. The main difference in the Primeverse and the real world is the occurrence of Anomalies, which are fourth-dimensional rifts in space and time, which act as portals through time and space between time periods throughout all of history. They can also unintentionally alter the timeline if abused or mishandled.

The Primeval series follows a secret government research team, which is tasked with investigating the Anomalies which are opening and allowing deadly creatures from prehistory and the future to cross into and run rampant in the present. While predicting and discovering more about the Anomalies, the team must also contain the creatures and send them back through to their time periods whenever possible.

There are some notable differences of the Primeverse compared to the real world such as creatures and locations with altered names and appearances to their real world equivalents, speculated creatures not in the real fossil record and completely fictional creatures from the speculated future/s. From around the Third series onwards several pieces of advanced technology, principles and concepts, not seen in the real world, started appearing and becoming essential to the stories.

Primeval Media

In the Primeverse (canon)

Not in the Primeverse (non-canon)