Two exclusive iPhone apps. Deploy dinosaurs and anomalies in your home movies with Primeval:dFX or chase creatures through the streets of Vancouver with our platform game, Primeval: New World -- which you can also play on your iPad.

Primeval:dFX APP

Dino Movie Maker: dFX lets you make mini-movies with Hollywood-style dinosaur effects. Add dinosaurs directly into movies you’ve created using nothing but your iPhone or iPad camera. Primeval: dFX puts you in control of the most fearsome creatures to ever walk the earth; no animatronic dinosaurs required!

Are you ready? Select the Ravenous Raptor the list and hit record. Primeval: dFX can bring up 8 dangerous dinosaurs into a neighbourhood near you:

» Raptor » Beetle » T-Rex » Insect » Pteranodon » Titanoboa » BONUS: Purple Raptor

Primeval: dFX Highlights: » Create cool, 3D dinosaur movies using advanced Hollywood special effects » Post to Facebook, email or save your videos for epic montages » Create your own dinosaurs in seconds

Platform GAME APP

Primeval: New World is an epic platformed with sprawling levels and massive boss fights.     
Primeval New World Screen Logo

Primeval: New World features:

» Ultra detailed environments » Dozens of weapon upgrades and unlocks » Dinosaurs from the hit show including huge boss battles » Capture and kill mechanics » Hidden secrets and missions » Classic platformer gameplay packed with action » Universal game: plays on your iPhone (both 4 and 5), iPod Touch and iPad

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