Creatures None
Setting Anomaly Research Centre, Present
Christine Johnson's Headquarters, Present
Series Primeval Evolved
Episode 3
Parent episode Episode 3.3
Released 13th April 2009
Preceded by Episode 3.3
Followed by Episode 3.4

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Primeval Evolved Week 3 was the third episode of interactive series Primeval Evolved. It was released alongside Episode 3.3.

Lab Work

Sarah comes into your lab and asks you if she can keep some of her files on your table while other areas of the ARC are being rebuilt. She tells you how lucky you are, that your lab wasn't damaged, unlike Cutter's office. She says that she wishes she knew Cutter better, as he was responsible for her employment at the ARC. She lets you know of her plans to carry on Cutter's work, if only she knew where to start.

Game 3: Spy Eye

Eve tells you that her current priority is replicating Connor's experiment, so she needs you to do something for her. She says that it's time to find out what Christine Johnson is doing. Eve instructs you to hack into Johnson's security system and create an uplink for her. She tells you that everything you need will be in a service tunnel under Johnson's base. You make your way there, where you find a security access panel on the wall. You open it and find that you must slide three loops along three wires to get the waveforms on the laptop to merge. This will create one uplink, and Eve needs three. You complete this task, and you see on a screen a room in Johnson's base where she is holding an anomaly, one that the ARC hasn't picked up. She tells you not to mention this to anyone.


  • Email - Lester informs you of the death of Nick Cutter during yesterday's siege. He says that the ARC will continue to function as normal, and that there will be a staff memorial for Cutter.
  • Microscope - The Cleaner Clones' brain cells.
  • Radio - News just in of the evacuation of a London hospital, brought in by an American doctor for the use of their blood. But they were exposed to gamma radiation, escaped and caused havoc.
  • Sketchbook - Diictodon.
  • Connor's Vlog - Connor talks about heroes, and all the things they can do. He says to treasure any meetings with a hero, in case it is gone forever. He leaves to continue building something.
  • In-tray - Becker informs you that due to recent events there will be a complete security overhaul, and assures you that the security breach will never happen again.
  • Voicemail - Abby asks you to try and cheer Connor up if you see him, as he was very close to Cutter.
  • Documents - Becker warns you of a man named Danny Quinn, who is a serious security threat. Danny Quinn's psychiatric report says that he feels extremely guilty over the loss of his brother, but is of no risk to anyone.
  • Clue Word - 'Cutter'.
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