The Predator Control Team was an animal control squad in Vancouver, which were tasked with tracking and containing dangerous predators and creatures in the city.


At some point prior to 2012, Tony Drake joined the Predator Control Team and was later joined by Dylan Weir and the pair became close colleagues and friends. Together as Predator Control officers, Dylan and Tony would work close with Vancouver Police Department Detective Harlow.

The New World

Predator Control were initially sent to investigate the death of Jack in inner-Vancouver. Dylan Weir subsequently began searching Stanley Park for signs of predators, and helped Evan Cross and the Special Projects Group contain an Anomaly incursion.


After Dylan reported the truth about the creature incursion in Stanley Park to Predator Control, she was suspended from the force and scheduled for a psych evaluation on which her job was dependent the following week. As Dylan chose to skip the psych appointment to help Evan combat a Titanoboa, she was presumably fired from Predator Control.

Other references

Babes in the Woods and Truth

Mac Rendell from the SPG started using the Predator Control's name as a cover for any prehistoric creature incursions. He used it once when meeting with the Fatal Babes and once when dealing with a Pachycephalosaurus incursion. Both times the retired Dylan scolded him.



The Great Escape


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