Postosuchus was a land living Rauisuchian that lived in North America and was the top predator in its ecosystem.


Postosuchus was said to look like a crocodile-dog, 6 meters long, scaly armor, elongated snout.

Incursions and encounters

Fire and Water

A family of Postosuchus was captured by Tom Samuels' organisation and several of them were fitted with electric shock collarss to control them.

A wild one was set off in the South African Safari Park where it attacked and killed a wild Eustreptospondylus. It later killed several Zebra and Wildebeest. The creature is later lured by an Impala and attacked the Anomaly Research Centre team before Sophie sacrifices her life to save Danny Quinn and James Lester. The Postosuchus was killed when it is shot in its stomach.

Several Postosuchus were used for patrolling Tom Samuels' oil refineries, in the Creataceous savannah, as "guard dogs" and were controlled with the electric snares. A Postosuchus later killed ranger Ted as well as Samuels himself. A family of Postosuchus are later seen attempting to escape their cage during the refineries destruction. It is unknown if the family survive or not.


  • Postosuchus is also featured in Walking with Dinosaurs, another production from Impossible Pictures.
  • In Fire and Water and in real life; Postosuchus is often incorrectly referred to as a Crocodilian and/or a Dinosaur.

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