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Professor Nick Cutter was an evolutionary zoologist at the Central Metropolitan University, and the husband of Helen Cutter. He was also the original team leader of the Anomaly research branch of the Home Office and later the Anomaly Research Centre. In his later life, he spent most of his time researching and predicting the Anomalies.



Born in 1973[1][2], Nick met Helen Ambrose in college and they soon had a speedy romance, before getting married. Stephen Hart was one of Nick's and Helen's students, and he later got a job as Cutter's lab technician and became good friends with Cutter.

Nick and Helen's marriage eventually ran into difficulty, and unbeknownst to Nick, Helen had an affair with Stephen. (Episode 1.6) Helen became obsessed with "evolutionary puzzles" which could not be explained by conventional science and came up with theories that Cutter found ridiculous, leading to them growing apart even more. (Episode 1.2)

Sometime before Helen vanished in the late 1990s, Nick met Helen's aunt, who gave them embroidered handkerchiefs. He believed her "crazy". (Episode 1.3)

In the late 1990s, Helen disappeared while investigating a creature sighting in the Forest of Dean, and no trace of her or what had happened to her was ever found other than her rucksack, and she was presumed dead. (Episode 1.1) This left Nick distraught and grieving for years and wanting to know what happened to his wife. (Series 1)

Nick Cutter meets Connor Temple for the first time. (Episode 1.1)

Episode 1.1

Eight years after Helen's disappearance, one day, as Cutter and Stephen arrived at the Central Metropolitan University, they were approached by one of Cutter's paleontology students, the geeky Connor Temple. Cutter quickly recognized Connor's obsession and belief in conspiracy theories and was unimpressed at Connor's dissertation that Earth's original lifeforms were sent to the planet by extraterrestrials. Connor tried to convince Cutter to investigate a creature sighting with him, but Cutter dismissed it as a hoax and refused, and became upset when Connor resorted to claiming Helen would have investigated. However, when Connor mentioned that the sighting was in the Forest of Dean where Helen had disappeared, Cutter was immediately interested and decided to head to the area with Connor and Stephen to investigate.

The trio talked with Dave Greene about the creature sighting and the animal attack by it on a truck, and Cutter became increasingly haunted by thoughts and memories of Helen. Later, while the team were at the Eddington Hotel, Cutter met Home Office official Claudia Brown in the hotel bar, who was also hoping that Cutter could solve the mystery and prove the creature sighting to be a hoax. Cutter, Claudia, Connor, and Stephen subsequently headed into the Forest searching for signs of the animal, and Cutter initially doubted that there was actually a creature until the group found a dead cow in a tree.

Cutter and the team discover a Scutosaurus. (Episode 1.1)

As night fell, Cutter and the group eventually found a Scutosaurus in the woods, which fascinated an awestruck Cutter as he examined it, and they also met Wellington Zookeeper Abby Maitland and Rex. Cutter and the group subsequently went to the Trent house in the aftermath of an attack by what Ben Trent claimed to be a Dinosaur. When Ben claimed to have seen the prehistoric past while in the Forest, Cutter was caught by this and was the only one who believed Ben. Cutter subsequently discussed the phenomenon with Claudia, and he concluded from the dead cow and attack on the Trents that there was another, predatory creature out there. Cutter and the group then returned to the Scutosaurus in the Forest, and deliberately scared it with torches to see where it would look for safety, and followed it to a strange phenomenon which it disappeared into.

The next morning, as the Home Office secured the phenomenon, which Cutter named the Anomaly, Cutter theorized based on Ben's claims and the creatures from the Anomaly the group had seen that the Anomaly was a portal to the distant past and the creatures where prehistoric animals which were crossing into the present through it. Cutter also personally realized that if Helen had gone through the Anomaly eight years earlier, it would explain everything about her disappearance except why she didn't return. Cutter and Abby were made to sign the Official Secrets Act at the Home Office, and Cutter discussed his theories about the Anomaly with liaison James Lester, and expressed great dislike for Lester and demanded to be allowed to go through the Anomaly to find out what happened to Helen.

Cutter in the Permian looking over the landscape. (Episode 1.1)

After DNA tests on Rex confirmed Cutter's theory that the creatures from the Anomaly were prehistoric animals, Lester allowed Cutter to lead an exploration mission through the Anomaly, but Claudia also assigned Captain Tom Ryan to accompany a reluctant Cutter through the Anomaly for protection. The following evening, Cutter and Ryan took Rex through the Anomaly into the Permian with them and set him free there, and Cutter went off on his own to explore and try to find Helen. Ryan and Cutter found a ruined human camp in the Permian, and a (male) human skeleton and an old camera belonging to Helen. After their time in the Permian was up, Cutter refused to go back with Ryan to the present and wanted to stay to continue searching for Helen, prompting Ryan to knock him out. Captain Ryan then carried Cutter back to the Anomaly with him, and even when the Anomaly began to close, Cutter still refused to leave the Permian without Helen. However, when Ryan threatened to stay as well if Cutter would, a reluctant Cutter gave in and ran back through the closing Anomaly with Captain Ryan to the present. Moments later, when the Gorgonopsid attacked the team, Cutter tried to save Claudia from the creature until Stephen arrived and killed it.

The next day, Cutter and Lester found photos of Helen in the Permian on the camera and discussed the Anomaly phenomenon. Cutter did not share Lester's belief that the crisis wasn't over, as they didn't know what had caused the Anomaly or whether or not it would happen again, and he vowed that it was far from over. That night, while Cutter was alone in his office at the University thinking about Helen, someone unseen to him snuck in and out and left him a live Ammonite. Cutter followed the person out and saw that it was Helen, but the latter vanished before Cutter could reach her; leaving Cutter shocked and thinking to himself about what this may mean.

Episode 1.2

Following the events of the Forest of Dean Anomaly incursion, Cutter and Stephen began looking through Helen's final notes and research again at the University, as Cutter was convinced that there may have been references to the Anomaly in them that the two had previously failed to notice before discovering the Anomaly. Cutter also did not tell Stephen or any of the others about seeing Helen at the University the night after the Forest of Dean Anomaly closed. Later, when Claudia came to Cutter's University office, the two discussed Helen, with Claudia believing her to be dead, but Cutter being uncertain (though he still did not tell Claudia about seeing Helen). Claudia and Cutter later discussed what to do about the discovery of the Anomaly; Cutter wanted to reveal the discovery to the public, but Claudia was against this and instead decided to cover it up. Stephen then informed Cutter and Claudia that Abby had texted him to say that she and Connor were investigating a possible new Anomaly in the New Forest, and so when Connor did not answer his phone that evening, the police were sent to find Abby and Connor.

The next morning, Cutter apologised to the police for Connor's and Abby's actions in trespassing in the New Forest, then confronted Abby and Connor, furious at them for their recklessness by going unarmed and without backup against a possible creature. Cutter threw Connor off the team and told him to resume his old work at the University, but he let Abby stay on the team due to her use to it and the fact that she kept quiet about the Anomalies, unlike Connor. Later the same day, Cutter and Claudia investigated an attack on a pest controller in the London Underground, and visited the hospital where the pest controller was admitted. After the two learned from Dr. Lewis that fatal venom had been injected into the pest controller's bloodstream, and Cutter recognised the pest controller's injury as a giant insect bite, Cutter and Claudia became certain that there was a venomous creature from another Anomaly on the loose in the Underground.

Cutter and Stephen in the London Underground driving the Carboniferous Arachnids away. (Episode 1.2)

Cutter and Claudia subsequently went to Lester about this, and Cutter wanted Lester to get the Underground system shut down to stop the new creature poisoning any more victims, but Lester was outright against this decision due to the chaos it would cause. Claudia suggested only closing down the area of the Underground where the pest controller was attacked, to which Lester agreed. Cutter, Claudia, Abby, and Stephen subsequently travelled to the street outside Arsenal Station where the pest controller had been attacked, but Claudia refused to let Cutter or the team in and instead sent the Special Forces led by Captain Ryan in first to see what creature they were up against.

After Ryan and his men returned from the Underground after being attacked by Carboniferous Arachnids, Ryan explained what had happened to the team when they encountered the Arachnids; Cutter and Stephen recognised signs that there were higher levels of oxygen in the Underground, and Cutter concluded that there was indeed another Anomaly in the Underground, but this one linked to the Carboniferous period instead of the Permian. Cutter also declared that he and the team had to see for themselves what the creatures were, and Claudia agreed to let them go down into the Underground. Cutter, Stephen, and Abby subsequently armed up and equipped themselves with powerful torches (to test Cutter's theory that the Arachnids were light-sensitive), then went down into the Underground, to the abandoned shelter by the tunnel where Ryan's men had encountered the Arachnids. After seeing that the Carboniferous Arachnids were indeed light-sensitive and that the light from their torches drove them away, Cutter, Stephen, and Abby then found the Anomaly in a storage area by the shelter.

Moments later, the trio noticed an Arthropleura nearby, which attacked them and separated Cutter from Abby and Stephen. Cutter had Abby and Stephen flee, leaving him trapped with the Arthropleura, and to escape the centipede Cutter fled into and locked himself in a sealed empty tunnel system. In the empty tunnels, Cutter heard and glimpsed Helen and went through the tunnels looking for her, but did not find Helen and only reached dead ends. Cutter subsequently left the empty tunnel system, and returned to the old shelter to find Stephen there, having been bitten by the Arthropleura and poisoned like the pest controller had been. Stephen revealed to Cutter that the former had seen Helen who had left a message for Cutter: she was waiting on the other side of the Anomaly for him, and he was to go through and find her if he wanted answers. Cutter subsequently took Stephen out of the Underground and to Captain Ryan and the Special Forces outside Arsenal Station, who then had Stephen taken to hospital, and tried to cover Stephen's claims of seeing Helen as delusions from the poisoning.

The Arthropleura attempts to bite Cutter. (Episode 1.2)

While Captain Ryan and his soldiers cleared the Underground of the Carboniferous Arachnids by driving them back through the Anomaly, Cutter discussed how to save Stephen with Connor, Claudia, and Abby outside the station. Cutter decided that the only way to save Stephen was by gaining a pure sample of the Arthropleura's venom from which to locate an antivenom for him, and came up with a plan to track down the Arthropleura and trick it into injecting its venom into an absorbant pad on his body by aggravating the centipede into trying to bite him. When Connor got a protective armband for Cutter which would be effective for this, Cutter ordered Ryan to ensure the Arthropleura didn't escape back through the Anomaly, then went down back to the Anomaly site in the Underground with Claudia and Abby. When the team were unable to find the Arthropleura anywhere in the area, Cutter initially assumed that the Arthropleura had gone back through the Anomaly and thus they had no chance of saving Stephen.

As Cutter lamented and blamed himself over this, Connor remembered that Arthropleura were burrowers and thus the centipede could have escaped by burrowing through the walls and still be in the present. This was confirmed when the team found a hole burrowed in one of the Underground shelter's walls, and Cutter decided to crawl through the hole with Ryan and Connor to find where the Arthropleura had gone to. The trio did this, and came out in a wide maintenance area, and went up to an electrics room on the top level in search of the Arthropleura. The team found the centipede there, and Cutter aggravated it into trying to bite him and injecting a pure venom sample into the pads on his armband. The Arthropleura was then killed when Connor jammed a stool between its mandibles which caused the creature to get electrocuted while trying to get rid of it, and Cutter and the team then had the venom sample sent to the hospital where Stephen was.

After Stephen recovered from the Arthropleura poisoning (albeit with no memory of what happened after the time when he was bitten), Cutter stayed in the Underground at the Anomaly site, and while he was talking with Connor, he admitted that Connor had done a good job and gave him a second chance on the team. Once Connor had left, Cutter thought to himself about what Helen wanted, but apparently did not decide to go through the Anomaly in search of her.

Episode 1.3

Helen Cutter: "I offer you the key to time. The key to time, Nick! And you turn your back on it. Call yourself a scientist!?"
Nick Cutter: "I call myself a human being."
―Nick makes it clear he's not like his wife.

Following the London Underground Anomaly incursion, after Cutter, Claudia, Lester, and several Home Office officials received news from Connor that the Underground Anomaly was not showing signs of weakening, Cutter began to come up with theories that the Anomalies were intermittent and never truly ceased to exist and had opened before in the near past. Cutter also tried to stress to the government officials that they seriously needed to more quickly establish an official Anomaly-combating project, but Lester remained calm and optimistic about the threat the Anomalies posed.

When Cutter and Claudia learned that Anthony Barton was mysteriously killed at the Crystal Palace Diving Institute but the police suspected that Diane Johnson had murdered Anthony, they and the team suspected that it was another Anomaly incursion and investigated; Cutter concluded that a marine predator had used the Anomaly to briefly come into Crystal Palace's swimming pool and kill Anthony, and was unconcerned about keeping the incursion covered up and at one point told the detective inspector the truth to try and show Diane Johnson was innocent.

Later, after a bolus of Anthony Barton's devoured remains was found at a reservoir twenty miles away from the Crystal Palace Diving Institute and delivered to the Home Office, Cutter theorised that the explanation to this was that the present side of the Anomaly was mobile, and had moved to the reservoir and reopened there. Cutter, the team, and the Special Forces subsequently travelled to the reservoir to investigate and contain the Anomaly incursion, and Cutter and Connor learned that the Anomaly was indeed still open in the reservoir when the water levels began to fall. Cutter subsequently thought alone to himself about Helen, when Claudia came over and became suspicious about Stephen claiming to have seen Helen when he was bitten; but Cutter dismissed her suspicions, and then located the Anomaly in the reservoir from the steam rising from the reservoir waters.

Cutter and Stephen went out diving into the reservoir with the Special Forces to find the Anomaly, and Stephen, Cutter, and a Special Forces diver found the Anomaly themselves when the diver accidentally swam through and did not return. After informing the others of the Anomaly's location, Stephen and Cutter stayed in the reservoir waters watching the Anomaly for a time, until the creature (a small Mosasaur) arrived and swam back through the Anomaly, which then closed. Afterward, Cutter and Stephen returned to shore, and Cutter discussed the Mosasaur with Connor, and then talked with Claudia about losing the Special Forces diver that swam through the Anomaly. Following the reservoir incursion, Cutter theorised to Lester, Claudia, and Stephen that the underwater Anomaly was following a temporal fault line, and could reopen anywhere along a line on the map which the swimming pool and reservoir were both on. Cutter confessed that his theory was conjectural, but was also certain it was right.

Shortly afterward, Cutter learned that Stephen had regained his memory of seeing Helen in the Underground, and the two discussed in private why Cutter was keeping the Helen situation a secret; Cutter was convinced that it would be better to never know than to have to face the truth about Helen, and Stephen reluctantly agreed to keep it between him and Cutter. Cutter's temporal fault line theory was subsequently proven correct when the Home Office learned that the Anomaly had reopened at the Dexter house and flooded the cellar, and Nick and the rest of the team went to the house to investigate. At the house, Claudia and the rest of the team learned about Helen and how Nick had been keeping it secret, when a handkerchief with Helen's initials on it came through the Anomaly, and Claudia confronted Cutter about it; Cutter tried to defend his actions as he felt that the fact Helen was involved made it personal to him, but Claudia warned him that that was no excuse as this affected the entire team.

Cutter admits the truth about Helen to Claudia. (Episode 1.3)

Lester subsequently came to the Anomaly site to discuss the news concerning Helen with the team and declared that they had to gain Helen's greater knowledge on the Anomalies for their benefit in the Anomaly-combating operation. Lester also ordered Cutter to be the one to go through the Anomaly and make contact with Helen, threatening to completely remove him from the Anomaly operation if he refused; Cutter begrudgingly agreed to this, on the conditions that he went through alone without military protection, and that Helen would not be forced to come back if she did not want to.

Cutter in the Cretaceous waters, attempting to fend off a Mosasaur. (Episode 1.3)

Cutter subsequently geared up in the flooded cellar to swim through the Anomaly, taking Stephen's harpoon gun to defend himself against any predators on the other side of the Anomaly. Cutter then swam through the Anomaly into a bay in the Cretaceous and made his way to shore in search of Helen. There, Cutter made his way through a rookery of Hesperornis, until he found Helen swimming in a nearby rock pool and the two made contact. Cutter was deeply upset, bitter, and angry with Helen for how she had left him and let him grieve for her eight years when she was actually alive and well, and demanded to know why she had left and what she now wanted. Helen revealed that she now wanted to share the beautiful sights of the past that her travels through the Anomalies offered her with Nick, but Cutter was unwilling to just swiftly abandon his friends and his life in the present and was disgusted at how Helen saw the Anomaly crisis on the present and the threat to humanity as nothing more than natural progress. Seeing that Helen was no longer the woman he knew and that she would not help the team in containing the Anomalies, Cutter indirectly deemed Helen as no longer human, and refused her offer to come with her on her travels through the Anomalies.

Cutter subsequently went back into the Cretaceous waters to return through the Anomaly to the present, but was attacked by the small Mosasaur from the swimming pool and the reservoir. Cutter initially tried to fend the Mosasaur off, then resorted to trying to reach the Anomaly before the creature could launch its next attack, but he was crippled in the waters when the Mosasaur destroyed his scuba gear and left him with no air supply. A larger Mosasaur then devoured the smaller creature before the latter Mosasaur could kill Cutter, but Cutter then drowned in the waters without his scuba tank. Moments later, Stephen pulled Cutter by rope back through the Anomaly to the Dexter house in the present, and Claudia managed to revive Cutter with CPR. Cutter was subsequently taken out to an ambulance outside the house to recover, but after Cutter made a full recovery, he saw to his horror that Lester and Claudia had gone against their agreement with him and had sent the Special Forces to bring Helen back to the present by force anyway.

Episode 1.4

« "There's a handful of people in the whole world who know what's going on here, what we're grappling with, and you're one of them. That would have made his day; he'd have loved it. So you can't back out now." »
— Cutter comforts Connor after Tom's death.[src]

While Helen was questioned by Lester and Claudia at the Home Office, Cutter and the team along with Ryan and the Special Forces responded to a creature call at a block of flats in Central London, but found that the creature was actually an illegally-imported python. Shortly afterward, while Stephen, Connor, and Abby took care of the python, Cutter got a call from Claudia about Helen's interrogation, asking him to go to the Home Office and help get Helen to tell the Home Office what she knew about the Anomalies.

Cutter subsequently went to Helen in interrogation at the Home Office, and tried to get her to tell him what she knew about the Anomalies. Helen instead claimed to Nick that there was an open Anomaly in Central London which would let a pride of Smilodon through within the next few hours. A horrified Nick went to Lester and Claudia about what Helen had told him, and while they suspected Helen was lying and trying to manipulate them, Nick was convinced that Helen wasn't as cold as Lester and Claudia viewed her and was telling the truth for once. Cutter managed to win Lester and Claudia over by warning them of the destruction a Smilodon rampage in London would cause if Helen was telling the truth, and Helen subsequently led Cutter, Claudia, the team, and the Special Forces to a football stadium were the Anomaly supposedly was.

Cutter with the Dodos. (Episode 1.4)

At the stadium, Cutter and the team found there was indeed an Anomaly in the stadium kitchens, but while Cutter and the team were clearing the food away from the Anomaly, Helen escaped through the Anomaly from the team. Cutter tried to go through to stop her, but Claudia and the Special Forces stopped him due to suspicion Nick would follow Helen, and so Ryan and Stephen went through instead. When Stephen and Ryan came back, they confirmed to Cutter and Claudia that there were no Smilodon on the other side of the Anomaly and that the Anomaly was part of a whole Spaghetti Junction of Anomalies. A flock of Dodos then came through the Anomaly and scattered across the kitchen, prompting Cutter and the team to round them up and capture them in the nurse's office.

Cutter was especially happy to see and study the Dodos and fond of them, before sending them back through the Anomaly with the team. However, when only one Dodo was left to be sent back through, it mysteriously died to the team's sadness. Cutter, Stephen, and Abby subsequently took the dead Dodo back to the Home Office for an autopsy, but just as they were about to begin the autopsy, a giant, parasitic cestoid crawled out of the dead creature before dying. Cutter subsequently studied the Parasite, and learned its life cycle and how it passed itself on.

Shortly afterward, when Connor called the team to tell them that Tom and Duncan had found and stolen another infected Dodo from the football stadium which had passed the Parasite onto Tom, Cutter, the team, and the Special Forces went to Tom and Duncan's flat in search of Tom, but found Tom had fled and the infected Dodo had died. Cutter concluded from what the team found and what Duncan told them that Tom could not be saved from the Parasite, but wherever he was he would be trying to stay in the dark due to the Parasite's light sensitivity. Cutter, Stephen, and Claudia went to Lester at the Home Office about Tom and the Parasite pandemic Tom could spark, and after learning how the Parasite spread, Lester believed that Helen had deliberately sent the infected Dodos through the Anomaly to spark a pandemic. Nick tried to defend his wife and was convinced that it was chance that the Dodos were infected, but Lester believed Helen had abandoned them, leaving Cutter silently fuming as Lester sent him and the team off to find Tom.

When a doctor reported being bitten by Tom to the Home Office, Cutter, Claudia and Stephen went to the doctor at the hospital, but found that Tom had gone, and Cutter ordered the doctor to have the Parasite surgically removed ASAP. Nick and the team subsequently discussed how they could track down Tom, and Cutter decided that they would have to think as Tom would to learn where he was. At Stephen's suggestion, Cutter and he decided to go to Connor and Duncan and ask about where Tom could go. During this, Cutter and Connor discovered from Duncan that he and Tom had bugged Connor, and Cutter was initially assured that Tom would unintentionally come straight to the team by following the transmitter to Connor. However, Duncan then explained that the dead Dodo had swallowed the transmitter, and Cutter and Stephen then realised that Tom was following the transmitter to Abby.

Cutter comforts Connor over Tom's death. (Episode 1.4)

Cutter and the team immediately went to Cutter's University study where Abby and the dead Dodo were, but found that Tom had already arrived there and taken Abby and the Dodo. Cutter subsequently set about using the transmitter in the dead Dodo to track Tom and Abby down, and the team tracked them down to the football stadium and immediately returned to there with the Special Forces in time to stop Tom from infecting Abby. Cutter allowed Connor to try and coerce Tom into letting Abby go, and as Connor and Tom discussed and remembered happy times, Tom almost gave in to the Parasite as the team watched, but fought it off, leaving them emotionally stunned. Tom then died from the Parasite in Connor's arms; afterward, Cutter went down to an emotionally devastated Connor, and encouraged Connor to go on with the Anomaly team for Tom because of how proud Tom would have been of him for being part of it. Cutter then softened up to Connor and comforted him over losing Tom.

Episode 1.5

A month after the Parasite incursion, when a golfer was ripped apart at the Forest Heights Country Club golf course, Cutter, Claudia, and Ryan went to investigate, suspecting an Anomaly incursion even though Cutter admitted to Claudia that he still wasn't uncertain. Upon seeing the golfer's corpse at the golf course's hotel, Cutter confirmed that the predator responsible was indeed a creature incursion, and that it would have taken a creature of massive power and savagery to do this to the golfer.

Cutter, Abby, and Stephen subsequently went out onto the golf course in search of the Anomaly, and when they found a magnetic field but no Anomaly within sight, Cutter realised from the lack of bird song where the Anomaly was and they saw it was twenty-thirty feet above ground in the air. The team also realised from this that the predator was aerial, and as Cutter contemplated what the creature could be and where it could be by now, a large pterosaur arrived, which Cutter identified as a Pteranodon. Stephen was convinced the Pteranodon was probably the creature that killed the golfer, but Cutter was uncertain and doubtful since Pteranodon was supposed to eat small fish and reptiles. Connor then arrived a quarter-mile down the golf course, and when the Pteranodon circled and went after him, the team feared that it regarded Connor as prey and Claudia ordered Ryan to shoot to kill. However, Cutter was still uncertain and so stopped Ryan from killing the Pteranodon as Connor successfully escaped the creature. Just afterward, Cutter and the team learned that Rex had been with Connor, having never stayed in the Permian, and that Abby had been harbouring him the entire time. While Abby and Connor went to get Rex back, Cutter and Stephen tracked the Pteranodon to an office block rooftop in the city and immediately went with Claudia to try and reach the Pteranodon and capture it alive before Ryan and the Special Forces got to the creature with deadly force.

Cutter kisses Claudia during the Anurognathus attack. (Episode 1.5)

Upon reaching the office block and heading up to the roof as the Pteranodon flew around, Cutter realised that it would be attracted to the colour red, and so used a makeshift red flag to draw the Pteranodon straight towards them for Stephen to tranquilise it. Just as the creature was almost atop them, Stephen successfully tranquilised it, although Claudia was almost hurt in the process and was then knocked out by the tranquilised Pteranodon. The unconscious Pteranodon was subsequently taken back to the golf course, while Cutter stayed with a concussive Claudia at the hotel and tried to help her with the temporary blindness her concussion had caused. Cutter then received a phone call from Stephen before his phone's power ran out that Cutter was right about the Pteranodon being innocent, and Cutter realised that the creature had been after Rex and not Connor when it had chased them on the golf course. Cutter told this about Claudia and was fearful about how the Pteranodon's innocence meant that the real predator was still out there. Just then, Cutter and Claudia became alerted that the predators, a swarm of Anurognathus were coming when they heard screams outside, prompting Cutter to seal them in the hotel and go to find a phone to call Ryan for help.

However, the hotel's phone line was dead, and the Anurognathus began breaking into the hotel and attacking and pursuing Cutter and Claudia until Cutter locked himself and Claudia in the lounge. Cutter decided that their only hope of calling for help was if he went out to the ambulance in the hotel grounds to use its phone to alert Ryan to the Anurognathus attack, and told Claudia to stay safe in the lounge and wait for him, before running out to the ambulance. After sealing himself in the ambulance from the Anurognathus, Cutter called Ryan over the phone about the Anurognathus, and Ryan instructed Cutter to wait for the Special Forces to arrive.

Cutter luring the Pteranodon back through the Anomaly. (Episode 1.5)

However, unable to afford to wait that long when the Anurognathus returned to the hotel where Claudia still was, Cutter used a lighter and a bottle of flammable gas in the ambulance to make a makeshift mini-flamethrower against the creatures. Cutter then went out back towards the ambulance, using the makeshift flamethrower against the few lone Anurognathus he encountered along the way, until the hotel was suddenly blown up by a gas explosion which also wiped out the Anurognathus swarm. Claudia survived the explosion unharmed, and revealed to a shocked Cutter that Helen had arrived and saved her from the Anurognathus, as Ryan and the Special Forces arrived.

Afterward, the team met up at the aerial Anomaly with the tranquilised but awakening Pteranodon in tow, and Cutter went in a lift up to level with the Anomaly in the air. As the Pteranodon awoke and took flight, Cutter used a red flag to successfully lure the creature towards him and back through the Anomaly just as the Anomaly closed, and Cutter bid the creature a safe journey as the team cheered and celebrated.

Episode 1.6

Following the Anurognathus incursion in which Helen had saved Claudia's life and Cutter and Claudia had kissed for the first time, Claudia wanted Cutter to work on improving their knowledge on the Anomalies to find a more effective approach to the crisis. Cutter was apparently also by this point more or less over Helen, but had more trouble speaking about his feelings for Claudia or about whether or not he still loved Helen. Claudia approached Cutter at the University about his research into learning more about the Anomalies, with Cutter requesting more time to work on his theories, and he was awkward when Claudia jokingly brought up their kiss at the golf course's hotel. Shortly thereafter, Cutter, Stephen, Ryan, and the team went to respond when the original Anomaly in the Forest of Dean reopened and a creature came through, but they were unable to find any tracks and so had to assume that the creature had gone back through before they'd arrived.

One or more days later, after three disappearances coinciding with the Forest of Dean Anomaly's reappearance had occurred, Stephen revealed to the team that Helen had contacted him with a message demanding that they meet her without backup to discuss the Anomaly-related cause of the disappearances. Cutter, Stephen, and Claudia managed to talk Lester into agreeing to Helen's terms to meet her without any backup or ambushes, and the four subsequently met with Helen as she'd demanded. Helen revealed to Nick and the team that a creature was indeed behind the disappearances and that it was a Predator from not the past but the future. Helen revealed she'd encountered the Predator in the Permian and fled from it back to the present, before deciding to Cutter's chagrin to move back into his house while she was in the present to help deal with the new Future Predator. At their home, Nick forced the truth out of Helen of how she'd accidentally led the Future Predator into the present when fleeing from it from the Permian, and Helen tried to convince Nick that she still loved him and was more human than he thought.

Cutter shoots out greenhouse glass to distract a Future Predator long enough to kill it. (Episode 1.6)

After the team tracked the Future Predator down to Wellington Zoo when Stephen and Abby had a close encounter with it there, Cutter, Ryan, and the team led a large force through the zoo's woodland in search of the Predator; with Cutter planning to have it killed on sight due to the danger it posed and the belief killing a future creature wouldn't alter the past. In the woods, Cutter and the team initially faced extreme difficulty up against the Future Predator due to its high intelligence and fast speed and reactions, until they worked out it was using echolocation as a future descendant of bats. Cutter subsequently had Connor get an oscilloscope, which the team used to track the Predator's lair down to a crate storage hut, finding a litter of Future Predator young there. The parent Predator then attacked the team in its lair; but Cutter managed to defeat it by taking one of the young to lure the adult Predator into a greenhouse, where he scrambled its sonar with shot-out falling glass before shooting the creature dead. The Future Predator infants were subsequently captured, and Helen convinced Lester and the team that they needed to find the future Anomaly in the Permian the Predators had originally come through before it could release any more Predators into the past. Cutter agreed with Helen, out of fear that any more future creatures as deadly, adaptive, and powerful as the Future Predator would get loose in the Permian if the Anomaly wasn't contained and would horribly warp and alter history. Claudia and Lester agreed to warrant a permanent mission through the Forest of Dean Anomaly to locate and contain the future Anomaly on the other side the next day.

The following night, as Nick and Helen were sharing a house again, Helen tried to get Nick to sleep with her again, but Nick bluntly rejected her advances and remained cold and detached from her. The next day, Nick and Helen were part of the mission into the Permian along with Ryan and other soldiers (taking the captured Predator young with them to use them to locate the future Anomaly), but before the two went through the Forest of Dean Anomaly on the mission, Claudia went up to Nick and kissed him in front of Helen and the rest of the team. Nick, Helen, Ryan, and the soldiers then went through the Anomaly back into the Permian to find and contain the future Anomaly. As the men set up camp, Nick took a photo of Helen, and found it was the same as one of the photos on the camera he and Ryan found on the first mission into the Permian. Cutter then discovered that their camp was the same one they found in ruins on the first mission into the Permian; the Anomaly had sent them back to years earlier in the Permian than it had the first time, so they could set up and abandon the camp and the photos to be found by Cutter and Ryan's past selves on the first mission into the Permian. A Future Predator (the second parent of the young) then attacked the team, killing the soldiers and fatally wounding Ryan. A Gorgonopsid then arrived and killed the adult Predator and most of the young as Nick and Helen watched from the sidelines. After the Gorgonopsid had gone, with Ryan and all his men dead and the mission in ruins with the loss of the Predator young, Nick and Helen buried the men at the spot where their bones would be found on the first mission, then went back through the Forest of Dean Anomaly to the present.

Nick realises the team's actions in the past have changed the world so Claudia never existed. (Episode 1.6)

Upon returning to the team in the present, Nick declared the mission's failure and declared no one would be going back through again. However, Helen then reveals to a shocked and deeply hurt Nick that before she'd disappeared eight years ago, she and Stephen had in fact had an affair that Stephen had never told Cutter the truth about. Cutter was too hurt, stunned, and distraught to interfere between Helen and Stephen as Helen asked Stephen to come with her through the Anomalies; but Stephen chose Nick over Helen and turned down Helen, who then went back to find the future Anomaly on her own. Nick then noticed that Claudia was absent, and the rest of the team were clueless about her and didn't have any knowledge or memory of her; a horrified Nick realised that while he and Helen were in the Permian, something had happened there which had changed the past and created an alternate timeline where they didn't know Claudia.

Episode 2.1

Stephen: "Are you sure you're alright?"
Nick: "Under the circumstances, I'd say I was doing very well."
―Stephen questions Cutter's sanity.

Stephan restrains Nick.

Cutter tried to go back through the anomaly, desperate to make things right again, but Stephen and Connor held him back as it closed. Cutter realized the full extent of the changes that have occurred to his world; for one thing, the Home Office was no longer the team base, instead, they have an incredibly hi-tech, highly sophisticated facility called the Anomaly Research Centre, or ARC. There was also a whole new team of secondary staff working for them, primarily Oliver Leek, the man now doing Claudia Brown's job. Cutter tried to tell the team about his theory of the past is changed, but everyone thought he was going mad - except for Connor, who believes him.

The team got a call about an incursion at a shopping centre so Cutter, Stephen, Connor, and Abby went over there and armed themselves with tranquilizers, as Cutter is adamant that they can't kill any more creatures as it risks changing the past. Stephen tried to explain his affair with Helen, but Cutter was unwilling to confront the issue. They eventually find three Deinonychus in the mall: two adults and one child, and are attacked. When Connor and Abby go off to evacuate a cleaner, Cutter and Stephen are attacked by one of the raptors, but when Cutter tries to tranquilize it the gun jams. Stephen accused him of intentionally allowing the creature to kill him in revenge, but Cutter rebuffed the claim on the grounds that if he wanted Stephen dead, he'd have shot him personally. The creature attacked again and it was successfully tranquilized by Stephen only after he realizes that the gun was actually jammed. Nick then forgave Stephen for his affair with Helen, since he didn't go with Helen and stayed when it really mattered.

Connor brings back the baby raptor. The team ties it up, hoping that it would draw in the remaining adult. The plan failed as the tranquilizer wasn't enough and the adult raptor devoured the baby, and Cutter and Stephen argued over using real ammunition. After a lengthy chase, the creature is tranquilized. Cutter noticed that all the radios were suffering from some interference on the 86.7FM frequency, and he suspected it to be connected to the anomaly. He theorized that they could build a receiver tuned in to that frequency that would alert them whenever any interference occurs - an anomaly detector.

Cutter and Connor realise they can track Anomalies.

Cutter decided to take the raptors back through the anomaly but alone. After freeing the creatures he stops he starts to walk away from the anomaly and his past life, but Stephen, having expected Cutter to do something like this, tries to get him to come back. Cutter stated that he wanted to travel through the anomalies, find out what went wrong, and put it right, but Stephen convinced him to return, on account of the fact he has work to do, and the fear that by meddling with the anomalies he could potentially change things for the worse - even wipe out humanity - and still not get Claudia back. They start to go back, but the now awake raptors come after them. They eventually get back through safely. Back at the ARC, Lester introduces them to a new member of their team, a PR professional named Jenny Lewis and Cutter was shocked when he saw that Jenny Lewis is a complete copy of Claudia Brown...

Episode 2.2

« "Stop looking at me like that" »
— Jenny dislikes Cutter "knowing her"

Cutter struggled to cope with the appearance of Jenny Lewis and began to expand on this idea to the team, but Connor prevented his professor from embarrassing himself even further and urged him not to mention the subject again until he had proof. Cutter and Connor later got down to the serious work of trying to build an anomaly detector system. Lester was skeptical but reluctantly agreed to give them a budget. As Cutter decided to talk to Jenny, the team received a creature alert in a high-rise city centre office block.

Cutter was intrigued by Jenny's demeanor when they arrived, and he and Stephen entered the building to find it filled with a thick fog. Rescuing a firewoman from a giant, carnivorous Worm, Cutter speculated the anomaly leads to somewhere in the Precambrian and that the worms can't breathes without the fog. While trying to make their way up, Stephen gets lost and Cutter has to flee. Jenny, who was completely disbelieving about the team fighting prehistoric creatures, entered the building and had to be rescued by Cutter, who used a samurai sword to attack a worm. Though initially furious at her, for defying his orders and for replacing Claudia, he came to respect her determination to help.

Nick talks with Stephen.

While sending Connor and Abby to turn up the heating in the building to remove the fog, he and Jenny went to find Stephen, who was surrounded by worms. As the fog lifted, the heat caused the creatures to explode, shooting their parasitic young all over the room. Cutter warned everyone not to let them break the skin, and after setting off the building's fire control system, the worms fall to the ground where they die. Later Stephen offered his opinion that the anomaly's were a test for humanity, but Cutter dismissed him. That night Cutter went to Jenny's house and offered to explain everything to her but he quickly apologized and left when her fiancé came to the door.

Episode 2.3

« "You said something, something that made her think we were to blame"
"I didn't say anything but I wish I had" »
— Cutter and Stephen: the rivalries continues

Connor presented his Anomaly Detection Device to the team, and Cutter was impressed by his work, although it appeared to not work as the team learned that a paintballer at Blue Sky Theme Park had been mauled to death. Examining the body, he and Abby realised it was a big cat, and though insistent that the park should be shut down, Jenny and Park Manager Peter Campbell refused, believing it would draw too much attention from the press. The team went looking for the creature, and took a detour with Jenny to investigate West, a man who used to illegally breed lions but no longer did, and was unimpressed by Jenny's methods of flirting.

Campbell was killed at a nearby railway station by the beast, and the incident was recorded on video by a trainspotter. Upon examining the footage Cutter discovers that the killer is an enormous Smilodon. The team prepared traps to catch the creature, but Cutter noticed a man's body buried in the pit. They were then attacked by the creature, who was patrolling its territory. Abby distracted it with a mechanical digger while Cutter climbed onto a zipline slung between the trees, and used it to get it into a safe position for Abby to tranquilize it, only for it to escape.

Valerie sets her Smilodon on Nick

Examining the body, Cutter determined the Smilodon had done it, but someone knew about it and had buried the body. While the others went to check on West, Cutter found a photo of Valerie Irwin, the park's deputy manager, in the dead man's wallet. While searching her house he realised the creature had come through an anomaly years before and she had been looking after it. He was cornered by Valerie, who assumed the team had genetically created the creature and were there to kill her pet, and set the Smilodon on him. After a desperate race through the house with the Smilodon in pursuit, Cutter managed to escape outside, and while arming himself, Valerie was killed when she got too close to the frenzied creature while trying to settle it down. Cutter prepared to attack, but the team arrived just in time and tranquilized it. Cutter accused Stephen of telling Valerie what they were doing, but Stephen retorted and said that he wishes he had.

Back at the ARC, Leek informed Cutter the Smilodon had died while being transported and Cutter didn't believe him, and asked to do his own postmortem, but Leek said that the body was on its way to be destroyed after blaming Abby for overdosing the tranquilizer which Cutter quickly snapped at.

Shadow of the Jaguar

Nick travels to Peru, where he faces a Thylacosmilus, and a dangerous Future Bird.

The Lost Island

Nick and the team get trapped on the other side of a Cretaceous anomaly, and they must fight to survive.

Episode 2.4

Jenny: "So, do you have someone?"
Nick: "Erm, no. I'm not particularly good at that. My wife left me eight and a half years ago to travel through the anomalies, and the next woman I liked, she... She left. Yeah, I don't seem to be a particularly attractive romantic proposition at the moment And on that note, if you'll excuse me, I've got a hot date with a dead shark."
―Cutter explains his relationship history to Jenny.

When an anomaly opened on the Isle of Dogs a teenage boy, Lucien Hope, was dragged into a flooded drain. Cutter and Stephen searched for him in the drains, but only heard a strange mammalian song and were lead to a nearby canal. The team scoured the canal for evidence of a creature, and Jenny was attacked by a strange kind of shark, however, Cutter and Stephen arrived and killed the shark.

The team examines the futuristic shark.

After comforting Jenny and admitting he was not very good with women after calling her Claudia Brown, he began the creature's postmortem. After finding out that there was nobody and that sharks take days to digest their food he states that the future evolution of a shark and had not killed Lucien, and Lester assumed the crisis was over, but while Stephen believed there was a second Future Shark, Cutter thought it was a marine mammal after the team finds shed skin (similar to a modern-day marine mammals) and that they were looking it in the wrong place.

Despite orders from Lester, Cutter decided to follow his hunch, but came across what looked like one of their special forces, and pursued him, and realized him to be the Cleaner that was meant to have been killed in the mall. He knocked Cutter out and Cutter voiced his suspicions to Abby and Connor that they were being watched by someone. Cutter, with Connor and Abby, put into action a plan to lure the creature to them, however, it jumps out of the water and grabs Abby, dragging her beneath the water. The team searched for Abby but could find no trace of either her or the creature. Stephen and Cutter presumed her dead and called off the search, at which Connor started yelling at Cutter. Lester arrived and told Cutter to go home for disobeying orders, however, he remained nearby to work on his own.

In secret, Jenny provided Cutter with information about a flooded warehouse, which Cutter realized could be the lair of the creatures. Cutter contacted Connor and convinced him to help, and while searching the warehouse that they find Abby and Lucien are still alive: the creatures were storing them for food. This excitement is short-lived when Abby is taken by a creature, 'the Mer'. Connor went off to search for her, while Lucien and Cutter were left to fight the remaining Mer on their own. Fortunately, Stephen arrived to save them.

After figuring out that Connor went through the future anomaly to rescue Abby, Cutter and Stephen followed and turned up in time to save him and Abby from the gargantuan MerQueen, which they gunned down. Lester reluctantly thanked Cutter for disobeying orders, and Abby asked Cutter if what they saw was their future. He explained humanity will be extinct long before then, or perhaps simply return to the waters from where they came: the Mer could potentially be descended from humans.

Episode 2.5

« "Damn it!" »
— Cutter's evidence is stolen

The anomaly detector registered an anomaly but there was an apparent power surge, and when Connor rebooted the Detector, it registered no anomalies. Cutter suspected someone tapped the power and stole the location of the anomaly using spyware, possibly the Cleaner. After clearing the system they discovered the anomaly's location and Cutter, accompanied by Jenny, went to investigate. When they found the anomaly a small dog ran out and Cutter feared the owner might have gone through.

Nick checking the contents of a camera on a pair of night-vision goggles.

Connor sent his remote control camera buggy through the anomaly, and the arid desert landscape lead Cutter to deduce the anomaly led to the Silurian. On the screen, they saw a girl, and Cutter and Stephen decided to go through to retrieve her. On the other side, they came across the remnants of a group of mercenaries' battle with an unknown creature, which Cutter viewed on a pair of night-vision goggles that had recorded the whole thing. Stephen pointed this out to be evidence of a traitor's presence in the ARC and accused Cutter of withholding the information and they were supposed to be working as a team. Moving on, they head in the direction of the girl and narrowly reach her position on a rocky outcrop, just ahead of a mysterious creature pursuing them beneath the sand. Cutter, Stephen, and Taylor attempted to get back to the fading anomaly but were unable to reach it due to more creatures blocking their path under the sand, and it closed. While waiting to see what would happen, they were relieved when the portable anomaly detector registered another anomaly.

After enduring a sandstorm, the group were confronted by the Cleaner, who forced the trio to hand over their water and the anomaly detector at gunpoint. Cutter tricked him into attracting one of the sand creatures with vibrations, which killed the mercenary. When forced to cross a series of sand dunes slowly, Taylor accidentally drew one of the creatures, which took Stephen. Fortunately, they managed to get it above ground, revealing it to be a giant scorpion, and a second, bigger scorpion attacked it. Stephen fell, and Cutter grabbed the night vision goggles for the proof of the traitor's identity. The trio raced down the dune and ran through the anomaly.

The trio wonder which time period they have arrived in...

On the other side of the anomaly, the group found themselves in what they thought to be the days of the caveman. An early human appears and Cutter swiftly knocked him out with a well-placed punch, however, it was only an actor. Abby and Connor arrived to meet them and Lester was also present but Cutter, wary of treachery, dealt with him coldly. After returning Taylor home, Cutter left the night-vision goggles in his office when he went to get a cup of coffee: on his return, he found they had been stolen...

Episode 2.6

« "Your still cross with me?"
"You held a gun to my head"
"I had overwhelming evidence you were a traitor, what was I supposed to think?"
"You could have trusted me"
"I don't know what you're cross about, no one got hurt, the plan worked... in a roundabout kind of way" »
— Cutter and Jenny: despite that, Jenny still has feelings for him

Cutter called Stephen, Abby, and Connor together to discuss exposing the traitor, his suspicions falling on Lester and Jenny. He was about to explain his plan when they were interrupted by the anomaly detector. A Columbian Mammoth had appeared and was rampaging on the M25 in broad daylight. Cutter and the team responded, and Cutter went to help a woman trapped in her car. Then Cutter tried using female elephant urine to lure the Mammoth to the anomaly but it closed, so Cutter quickly decided to lead it into the back of a lorry.

Cutter was angry with Stephen when he finally turned up with Helen, claiming she was there to help with the traitor. Cutter refused to talk to either of them, abruptly firing Stephen and dismissing any notion that Helen had come to help. At the ARC, Stephen attempted to bring Cutter around to his way of thinking, but Cutter refused to listen, and Stephen called Cutter arrogant and stubborn and remarked "No wonder Helen turned to me!". Outraged, Cutter punched Stephen in the face and set work with Connor on tracking down their enemy, refusing to talk about Stephen or Helen. They installed a virus into the ADD to sabotage whoever is hacking into the system, faking the appearance of an anomaly and see who would go to it first, knowing that it would be the traitor. The plan apparently worked, and Jenny arrived at the fake location. When he confronted her, she claimed to have no idea what he is talking about - she had been ordered to go there. After threatening to shoot her, and despite soldiers pointing their own guns at him, Jenny told Cutter that Oliver Leek had sent her: he was is the traitor.

Leek was hoping Cutter and the team would find him rather than Lester.

The team returned to find Lester badly wounded after a vicious battle with a Future Predator Leek had let loose in the ARC. While trying to hack into his personal files they activated a bomb hidden in the ARC, and with Connor's help he only just managed to deactivate it by removing the car battery it was attached to as a power source. After tracing the signal from a neural clamp used to control the Predator, Lester left to deal with Leek, and Cutter, Connor, Abby, and Jenny tracked down Caroline Steel (Connor's ex-girlfriend) hoping to recover Rex after she had taken him. Arriving at a strange facility, they found Leek waiting for them, and he captured the team and had Cutter knocked unconscious. When he came around, Cutter learned that Helen had been in a conspiracy with Leek the whole time. The team then takes in their surroundings with horror. They saw Leek's collection of creatures, including Rex, Scutosaurus, Arthropleura, Raptors, the Smilodon, Mer Creatures, and Silurian Scorpions, as well as many Future Predators.

Episode 2.7

Stephen: "Sorry mate. I'm doing this one."
Nick: "No! Open the door, open it!"
―Nick can't bear the thought of watching his friend die

Leek kept Cutter and Jenny in one cell, and Abby and Connor in another. Cutter deduced that Helen was in charge, since Leek "doesn't have the wit to do this", and Cutter falsely admitted to Jenny he still had feelings for Helen; a revelation that had Helen release him so that they could have a chance to talk. She explained that the change to the timeline was an accident, and she had no doing in what happened to Claudia but she wished to replicate the accident as a scientific experiment to see the effects of altering time through the anomalies. Cutter attempted to convince her that changing the timeline was wrong and that they shouldn't disrupt nature's course but she refused. Leek arrived and tortured Cutter by locking Jenny, Abby, Connor, and Caroline in a sealed room and released a Smilodon to attack them. Leek ignores Cutter's pleading, so he desperately turned to Helen but Leek ignored her also. Desperate, Cutter damaged Leek's computer system by pouring water on it: and when it was re-booted, the virus implanted into the ADD system by Connor beforehand wiped out the system.

The group was freed from their captivity and Leek's collection of creatures were unleashed. Helen helped Cutter take down the guards while Leek fled. She offers her help, but he refused; he turned a gun on her and insisted she lead him out of the base, upon which she would be handed over to Lester. Helen rebuffs this, thinking Cutter still had feelings for her, but he retorted that what he said in the cells was an act to get her attention and his release. However, they were jumped by guards and Helen escaped.

Nick faces Leek's Predator.

Cutter made his way through the base, stalked by a Future Predator Leek had sent to kill him. Cutter reached the feeding chamber with the creature in pursuit. He distracted it with blood from a cut on his hand, then tore out the neural clamp, killing the Predator. Leek reappeared and revealed he had control of an entire pack of future Predators, ignoring Cutter's comments that the predators would likely destroy mankind if they ever escaped their captivity. Leek tried to engineer a hostage situation, ordering Lester to call off the soldiers coming to his base or he would order the Predators to kill Cutter. Cutter told Lester to refuse; and before Leek could go through with his threat, Cutter deactivated the neural clamps by inserting one in a circuit box. The electrical charge short-circuited the device, deactivating them all and freeing the predators from Leek's control. Cutter narrowly escaped as the Future Predators descended and devoured Leek.

Stephen arrived and Cutter convinced him Helen had lied to him, and Helen suggested a plan to lure the creatures into the feeding chamber and locking them in where they could destroy each other. However, in the chamber, an attacking raptor destroyed the external door controls, they were only able to lock the chamber from the inside, requiring the sacrifice of one of them to do so. Cutter was prepared to go back, and tells Stephen that Lester is not the enemy but Stephen knocked him to the ground and sealed himself in, ignoring Cutter's desperate pleas to open the door. Cutter and Helen watched in horror as Stephen was surrounded and devoured by the creatures. As Cutter wept over the death of his friend, Helen fled.

The team at Stephen's funeral.

After Stephen's funeral, Jenny offered to go for a drink with Cutter and he agreed but not right now; however, Lester said that there was another anomaly, apologizing for the untimely interruption. As the team left, Cutter pulled out a photo of himself and Claudia Brown. Accepting that the changes to time were permanent and like Stephen, he had lost her forever, he tore up the photo and let the wind take the pieces away as he walked towards the car.

Extinction Event

« "It will be a disaster. An extinction-level event, in two distinct eras. We could lose vast areas of Russia and Continental Europe. To put it mildly, this is going to be a very bad day for mankind." »
— Nick realizes that his world is about to end.

Some months after Stephen's death, a deadly Entelodon came through an anomaly, and rampaged down Oxford Street, killing three people. However, Cutter refused to allow Captain Jake Hemple to kill it. However, after bringing it down with a tranquilizer, a second creature attacked Jenny, and he reluctantly ordered its death in fear of losing another dear friend. At Lester's office, Cutter shared his feelings about having creatures killed, however, Lester was unsympathetic and Jenny furious. Connor meanwhile, had noticed a change in the recent anomalies, and that it was growing, while Cutter wondered as to whether any other countries were dealing with anomalies and thought they should share resources. A few weeks later, while dealing with many Euparkeria at a gas station, Cutter noticed the anomaly was also erratic. Cutter decided to go back to the Central Metropolitan University to check out some of the stuff he had left in his old office, even if it had been written by the version of him from this timeline. While there, a Russian paleontologist named Nikolai Medyevin approached him, and Cutter was suspicious as to how he had known he was going to be there. Then a Russian soldier named Koshkin arrived, holding Connor and Abby at gunpoint. They were all kidnapped and (having been injected with a dose of tranquilizer) woke up to learn they were on their way to Siberia. While speaking with Medyevin, Cutter realizes the Russians also had an anomaly problem.

After arriving at the advance camp, he met Professor Rina Suvova, whom used to be his and Helen's mentor when they were in college. Cutter was introduced to other scientists who believed the creatures were the result of survival and were reluctant to accept the idea of anomalies, however, Connor convinced them to give them a chance to prove themselves. After building a crude detector they set out to find the anomaly, and encounter Torosaurus with an injured calf, leading to Connor and Umarov being injured and the detector ruined. That night there was an explosion, and Koshkin explained it was an event similar to the Tunguska incident, and Cutter insisted on investigating. On the way, they found an enormous herd of dead Anatotitans, which died from shock, and Troodons that were feasting on one of the larger carcasses. When they finally find the impact site, Yushenko was killed and eaten by a female Tyrannosaurus Rex, named Baba Yaga, while everyone was distracted. After an Ankylosaurus crashed through their camp, Cutter's group located the anomaly, and they went through it. However, it closed, leaving them stranded in the past. Cutter feared the strange occurrences were to do with the impending K-T meteor about to strike in the Cretaceous, and while waiting, Helen who came to "help", Jenny, Hemple, and the rest of the Alpha Team arrived, having used Helen as a guide to finding the Russian anomaly. Helen said that the Tunguskan anomalies erratic behavior was to do with the repeated meteor impacts. Cutter asked for Helen's help in closing the anomaly to prevent the K-T impactor from wiping out present-day Earth, but she only wanted him to leave it behind. Refusing, he decided they would take her back to the ARC, but she escaped again as the anomaly opened.

Arriving back, Yuri Torosyan and several other men took them back to the advance camp, where they were kidnapped, handcuffed, and imprisoned under Shvachko's order, who didn't believe in the anomalies. Koshkin freed them and agreed to help, having been convinced by his experience, but then Baba Yaga attacked the camp. Cutter helped the others in trying to bring it down with his tranquilizer gun. and was nearly eaten before Abby finally managed to bring it down. However a second T-Rex, a smaller, yet still very dangerous, male, arrived and attacked, killing Medyevin. Baba Yaga woke up, and killed the male, and then retreated back into the dark, dank forests of Siberia. Meanwhile, Connor and Koshkin managed to successfully fire a Russian EMP weapon that permanently sealed the anomaly. Afterward, Cutter and the others are all sent back home, and have come to an agreement that if the anomaly reopens they only need to ask for their help.

Primeval Evolved Intro

You have just joined the ARC team when Eve contacts you through your television, and tells you about how Nick changed history. She recruits you on a mission to stop it from happening again, and says that, if you don't succeed, the ARC, and possibly the whole world, would be in grave danger.

Episode 3.1

Jenny: "But you can't change the past."
Nick: "You don't know the half of it, Claudia Brown."
―At least he can still joke

The team look for the creature in the Thames

In the ARC, Jenny tried to dissuade Cutter from blaming himself for Stephen's death, asking him out for a drink when the ADD went off, detecting an anomaly in the British Museum. Cutter, Jenny, Connor, and Abby, along with their newest team member and security chief Captain Becker, entered the museum, found the body of an attacked woman, and start searching for the anomaly. They encountered Sarah Page, an employee of the British Museum who accused Cutter of being a thief, then ran off upon seeing Marion dead. The team followed her, and in the room containing the Sun Cage (an Ancient Egyptian artifact made of magnetite) they found the anomaly while a giant crocodile-like creature escaped through an open door. Cutter and Abby followed the beast through the town, and Cutter was disheartened when Abby states that Stephen could have tracked it better than them. Connor identified the creature as a Pristichampsus and they pursued it into a shopping outlet, where Cutter rescued a cleaning lady from the creature's jaws and severely injured it in the process. Arriving back at the British Museum and, thanks to some quick thinking by Sarah, the Pristichampsus was returned back through the anomaly.

Back at the ARC, Sarah made a remark about Pristichampus being the Egyptian goddess Ammut, which gave Cutter an idea: a connection between legends and anomalies. To do research on that, he asked Lester to get Sarah onto the team, which Sarah accepted, and set her the task of researching mythological beasts and seeing if they correspond to creatures that may have come through anomalies. He also sets Connor to work on experimenting on the effects of magnetite and electricity on anomalies (magnetite can allow anomalies to be contained and moved, and electricity can temporarily close them-all found out by Connor while the rest of the team were chasing the Pristichampus). The team also argue about the fate of the Sun Cage: Cutter argues it is now too dangerous to be put on public display; however, Lester informs him the artifact has left the British Museum, and is now being shipped to Pyongyang, North Korea.

Primeval Evolved Week 1

Eve tells you about a new theory that Cutter is working on. She doesn't know what it is yet, but she knows it will bring about bad consequences. But the only way to convince Cutter to stop is if she shows him hard proof. Eve instructs you to sneak into Cutter's office, take photos of whatever is there and send them to her. You proceed to enter Cutter's office, where you connect points that mark famous mythological creatures on a map, but without crossing the same path twice.

Cutter makes a non-digital, timeline matrix.

Episode 3.2

« "Connor, touch that and you could alter the course of history" »
— Cutter does not like people touching his stuff

Cutter, using Sarah's research, came up with a way to use the data by putting it into a 'Matrix', an intricate graph device designed to be a 3-D representation of all anomalies throughout history. Cutter explained to Jenny that the Matrix's aim was to try and predict where and when the next anomaly would appear. Using the latest information, Cutter predicted that the next anomaly would appear in an abandoned house, but he is uncertain of the time it will open. Cutter sends Jenny, Abby, and Connor to investigate, and when Sarah wants to go he insists she stay with him to continue researching.

Later, Cutter was deep in thought when the alarm went off, caused by the invasion by the Cleaner, the one killed in the Silurian, and had tried breaking into Cutter's locker, but shot dead by Becker. Cutter recognized the impossible and realized there was only one logical explanation for the intrusion: Helen, saying "Something inexplicable happens, Helen's usually behind it." Connor later called, having dealt with a Camouflage Beast from the Future, confirming Cutter's prediction. At the end of the day, Cutter returned to his home, unaware Helen was there too and narrowly missed catching her when he finds his front door open despite having shut it.

Episode 3.3

« "Connor, tell Claudia Brown... Never mind. Doesn't matter." »
— Cutter's last words

Cutter explained the Matrix's function to Lester and his and Connor's idea to use electricity to lock anomalies. Then an anomaly was detected opening in the middle of a crowded hospital so Cutter, Connor, Abby and Becker went to investigate. After some investigation, the team discovers that a group of cute but not completely harmless Diictodon have emerged through an anomaly from the Late Permian, chewing through electrical wires and playing havoc with the hospital's electrical systems. Cutter and Abby fell afoul of journalist Mick Harper, who locked them in an operating theatre with the anomaly and a young woman going into labor. Cutter helped Abby deliver the woman's baby and in attracting the Diictodon back to the anomaly.

Upon their return to the ARC, Cutter, Connor, and Abby were ambushed by some clones of the Cleaner, as the ARC had been invaded by Helen. She used a clone of Cutter to infiltrate the facility and then ordered her clones into an all-out attack. Helen and the Nick Clone interrogated Cutter, explaining that the ARC's work would ultimately result in the creation of the Future Predators and the eventual destruction of the life on earth unless she stopped it, ignoring Cutter's warnings her interference would never yield the result she desired. Helen then produced the Artifact claiming that Cutter knew its purpose. Though unaware of what it was or what it did, Cutter pretended to know its purpose, but refused to tell Helen. She ordered the Cutter Clone to shoot Cutter unless he agreed to speak, and though Cutter tried to appeal to the clone by telling it has free will and the right to make its own decisions, the clone remained focused on its task. Cutter decided to give in to Helen's demands, just as the others managed to break Helen's control over all the clones except Cutter's. She ordered it to complete its mission, then flees into the ARC. The Cutter clone takes prepared to detonate a bomb, and Cutter urged it to want to live, but the clone, having no fear of death, was unmoved but told Cutter to save himself. Once he was gone, the Cutter clone detonated the bomb, killing itself and the Cleaner clones, along with causing massive damage to the ARC.

A dying Cutter talks with Connor and gives him the Artefact.

The ARC was evacuated, but in the aftermath, Cutter realized Helen was not present. Despite the pleading of Jenny not to go back, Cutter ran back into the ARC and found a semi-conscious Helen and the artefact. He took it from her and hid it, and offered to take Helen out of the ARC. However, she pulled a gun on Cutter, telling him "The future is more important than either of us!". Helen apologized but claimed it is the only way to save the future. Cutter coldly taunted her by saying "You know what, Helen? You're not as smart as I thought you were". Helen shot him in the chest, then ran off. Soon Connor came looking for Cutter, only to find him dying on the floor. Cutter didn't want to be moved, and asked Connor to stay with him. Handing him the artifact, he asked Connor to unravel its secrets, knowing it was important somehow. Before he finally died in Connor's arm, Cutter began asking Connor to pass on a message to Claudia Brown, but changed his mind, claiming it didn't matter.


Nick Cutter was buried at the Kensal Green Cemetery, the same place as Stephen Hart. (Fire and Water)

A dead Cutter with Jenny mourning beside him. (Episode 3.3)

Cutter's death left an empty space for the team leader position at the ARC. Jenny was temporarily made team leader until a permanent appointment could be made. Christine Johnson tried to get a person with military backgrounds into the position, particularly her man Captain Wilder, so she could get her hands on the Artifact and control over the Anomalies. (Episode 3.4, 3.5) However, ex-policeman Detective Constable Danny Quinn, who had previously encountered the ARC and Anomalies, started helping the team with incursions before they eventually came round to accepting him and Jenny suggested that Lester made him Cutter's replacement as team leader. (Episode 3.2, 3.4, 3.5) Danny, whilst a good person and leader, caused some friction with Christine, and he was set to be arrested by Christine before her illegal operations were exposed and he became marooned in the past. (Episode 3.6, 3.9, 3.10) The ARC later found a more long-term team leader in Matt Anderson. (Series 4 Prequel Webisodes, Series 4, Series 5)

Cutter's death was one of the reasons Jenny decided to leave the ARC (Episode 3.5) and later on when the Minister temporarily closed the whole ARC operation and later brought about a rule against recruiting any more civilians. (Series 4 Prequel Webisodes, Episode 4.1)

Connor became set on carrying on Cutter's legacy, promising to continue his work. (Episode 3.3 3.4, 4.1, 4.2, Series 5)

Other references

Episode 1.2

Lester questioned Claudia about her feelings on Cutter as their expert and she just said she trusted him.

Episode 1.3

Lester commented to Claudia on his dislike for Cutter after his temporal fault line Anomaly theory proved correct.

Episode 1.6

Lester grew inpatient with Cutter and demanded that Claudia got results from the Professor about dealing with the Anomalies.

Episode 2.1

As Lester stated how deranged he thought Cutter was, Oliver Leek agreed that Cutter is unusual, but was still a brilliant man.

Episode 2.5

Leek thought that Lester and Cutter were great friends and tried to sympathise with his boss about losing Cutter through an Anomaly. However, Lester reminded Leek that he and Cutter loathed each other.

Episode 3.2

Connor told Cutter over the phone that he has correctly predicted the Brooks house Anomaly. When Jenny asked Connor what Cutter had said, he mimics the professor saying "Of course I was right".

Episode 3.3

Jenny and Lester talked about how odd Cutter was acting, not realising it was the clone version of him.

Primeval Evolved Week 3

One day after Helen's siege, Sarah is talking to you about the events of yesterday and informs you how lucky you are to have your lab still intact, unlike Cutter's office. She confides in you the fact that she wishes she knew Nick better, due to the fact that he was responsible for her employment at the ARC. Sarah leaves, after letting you know of her plans to carry on Cutter's work - if only she knew where to start. You receive an email from Lester officially informing you of Cutter's death. He states that despite this the ARC will continue as normal, though their will be a staff memorial to be held. Connor uses this week's vlog to talk about heroes. Despite not actually mentioning him, it is obvious that Connor is talking about Nick. You find that Abby has left a voice mail on your telephone, asking you to try and cheer up Connor, as Cutter was a mentor to him.

Episode 3.4

The team are still struggling to come to terms with Cutter's death. Connor is overworked, with unraveling the Artifact added to his workload of building an Anomaly Locking Mechanism. Lester appoints Jenny as the temporary field team leader. After fighting off a Giganotosaurus, Jenny and Connor congratulate each other on a job well done. Jenny says, "Cutter would have been proud of you." Connor replies, "And you."

Episode 3.5

Jenny is given Cutter's personal items, since he has no family to pass them onto. She is horrified to discover a photo of Claudia Brown, extremely confused and frightened at the meaning of it. Lester's boss Christine Johnson insists that he take on military officer Captain Wilder as Cutter's permanent replacement. Danny Quinn has been following the team. After defeating a Fungus Creature he is made the permanent team leader. Jenny resigns from the ARC, traumatized by recent events, including Nick's death. She says that she wants to try for a life where she can 'just forget the ARC, the creatures, the anomalies and above all, forget about Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown'.

Episode 3.6

The 'anomaly map' from the artifact

Connor and Sarah begin experimenting with the Artifact. On unlocking it with a laser beam they discover a series of lights projected out that look just like Cutter's Matrix. They then theorize that the Artifact is a device used to predict anomalies.

Episode 3.9

When Sarah is reading Eve's notebook she finds a disturbing name - Claudia Brown. She shows Connor and Becker, and Connor realizes that, besides Cutter, Helen was the only one who knew about Claudia. This means that Eve is actually Helen in disguise.

Episode 3.10

Helen is confronted by Danny, Connor, and Abby in the future, where she used the artifact to plot a route to Site 333 in the Pliocene epoch. Connor was amazed, and he and Abby realized that Cutter had been right and that there was a pattern in the anomalies. When Helen and Danny were in the middle of a stand-off, Danny says that despite her efforts to kill the Australopithecus the human race would survive in some way, Helen noted that he sounded just like Nick, and that they were both wrong. Almost immediately after, Helen was pushed off a cliff by a Deinonychus, killing Nick's former wife.

Webisode 3

New team leader Matt Anderson is arguing with Becker about the uniform of the soldiers. Matt thinks that they should be in civilian clothes, but Becker believes that they should be in uniform, as it promotes unity and confidence in the field, noting that Cutter and Danny never had a problem with the uniform.

Webisode 4

Matt is talking to his new team. He tells them how dangerous their job is, and refers to the deaths of Nick, Stephen, and Sarah.

Episode 4.1

In Lester's opening monologue, he talks about how the ARC's leading research scientist was murdered by his insane wife Helen. A flashback of Nick's death is seen. Connor and Abby have just returned from a year stranded in the Cretaceous to find themselves being fired by a new ARC co-owner Philip Burton. A new directive has been implemented meaning all field team members must be from a strictly military background, meaning no civilian hiring. Connor is outraged, shouting that the whole reason they made the sacrifices and fought to get back home is to carry on Cutter's work.

Episode 4.6

When Connor and Abby meet Jenny again, she says again that after leaving the ARC that she wanted to start afresh and forget about Cutter. She later mentions Nick to her fiance when she comes clean about her work at the ARC, saying that there was this man she loved who died in action. When she is asked if she is finished with Nick, she affirms it and she is soon married.

Episode 5.4

After Matt and Abby discover that Connor has made the first artificial anomaly, Abby confronts Connor about it, to which Connor retorts its for progress and could change the future. Abby then tells Connor that Cutter wouldn't like what he was doing; Connor disagrees and says that he would like that he wants to change the future since he erroneously believes Cutter wanted to himself. Abby is quick to remind Connor that Cutter didn't (especially after what happened to Claudia after messing with time) and that it was Helen who wanted to do so. Later, Connor is disheartened by Philip's acquaintanceship with Helen Cutter and apologises to Abby, thinking that he was only continuing Cutter's work.


Nick Cutter was a hard-bitten and sardonic maverick, who struggled with rules and authority to the extent that he didn't even turn up for his own lectures. Having gone through a lot of personal grief and torment within the spate of less than a decade (Helen's disappearance and betrayal, and the losses of Claudia and later Stephen), Cutter could outwardly appear very bitter, cold, cynical, blunt and reserved, but was in fact very determined and set on protecting the people and creatures alike and preserving time to stop the world from unravelling any further. Cutter preferred fossils to live animals and was slightly more cold and ruthless in the handling of the creatures than Abby, but he still recognised how the creatures were only lost animals following instinct who hadn't committed any real evil to be deserving of death, and he was still capable of admiring and appreciating the evolutionary perfection and beauty of some of the greater creatures and predators that the team encountered, though this attitude did not extend to animals from the future such as the Future Predator.

Cutter was a complex and conflicted leader. He blamed and tore up himself when he failed to save people from dying at the creatures' hands; yet he could also at times make very risky and dangerous guesses and chances based on hunches to avoid killing the creatures when it didn't yet seem absolutely necessary, although he was aware of how dangerous and risky these moves were on his part, and really did put a lot of pressure on himself by taking them. Cutter also believed in people's rights to know the truth, as shown by his disdain at the Anomaly cover-up and his disgust over the fact that the victims' families were being told cover-up lies about their loved ones' deaths; although, unlike Stephen, Cutter kept this belief controlled and in check, particularly after Claudia was erased, as he was resolved that the Anomalies delicate and dangerous natural forces far beyond their current understanding which no-one would be safe from until they understood what the Anomalies meant,

When confronted with a person he didn't like, Cutter would make no effort to hide his negative opinion towards them, being casually rather open, blunt, and out-with-it about what he thought of them. He was also largely indifferent to and slightly defiant towards authority and lacked faith in the government's intelligence and ability. Although he could be rather cold and unforgiving when he hadn't yet gotten to know someone very well, underneath his sardonic and cynical exterior, he trusted, and deeply cared a lot about, his students, team members, and friends. He never bowed to nor tolerated threats and blackmail from others as a method of gaining his cooperation, and he could be highly standoffish and fierce when his friends were threatened. However, when one of the people closest to him hurt, betrayed, and let him down in just the wrong way, Cutter could be extremely cold, unforgiving, and dark; shown by his relationship with Helen after she'd both left him to grieve for eight years while she was travelling through the Anomalies and had used and betrayed him and everyone else on an inhuman level for her own selfish gain, and by how he responded to discovering that Stephen was still seeing and listening to Helen and how it tarnished their friendship and respect.


Helen Cutter

Nick and Helen had several issues before Helen's disappearance, but Cutter was still devastated after she was presumed dead. After reuniting with Helen after eight years, Nick saw that she had greatly changed and was no longer the woman he fell in love with and seemed to moodily reject her attempts to rekindle their old relationship, but he still searched for the hope that Helen was not truly the ruthless evil mastermind that Lester believed her to be. After Nick saw how amoral and uncaring the new Helen truly was, he severed emotional ties with her and coldly rejected all her remaining feelings for him.

Stephen Hart

Despite Stephen having an unbeknownst affair with Helen, Stephen and Nick were loyal and good friends and had a strong bond with each other. Although on the rare occasion that Stephen disagreed with Cutter on something then he would not hesitate to oppose Cutter on the subject. After Nick learned of Stephen's affair with Helen, he initially forgave him. Unfortunately, because of this, the two became more distant, and when Cutter discovered that Stephen was still meeting Helen, the two lost all belief in and rejected each other. It did not help with Helen trying to driving a wedge between the two. Despite this, Stephen still remained loyal to Cutter, sacrificing himself so that Cutter would not have to. Nick was still grieving a year or so later.

Connor Temple

Although initially finding Connor annoying, Connor and Cuter developed a strong mentor-student bond with Cutter, and Connor looked up to and was deeply loyal to Cutter. After Cutter's death, Connor was left grief-stricken and devastated, and became determined to finish Cutter's work for him and prove that Cutter was right to trust him.

Claudia Brown

Although Claudia disagreed with Cutter's maverick methods, after Nick moved on from Helen, he developed a romantic interest in Claudia and vice versa. After Claudia was erased from time, this deeply affected Cutter, who initially desperately wanted to try and get her back at the risk of his own life. However, after Stephen's death, Cutter accepted that Claudia was gone forever and decided to move on.

Jenny Lewis

Upon first meeting Jenny, Cutter tried to convince her of her former life as Claudia Brown and kept seeing her as Claudia, although he gradually came to see that Jenny was a completely different person. After accepting that Claudia was permanently lost, Cutter tried to move on from her with Jenny and tried to pursue a romantic relationship with her (but this was cut short by Cutter's death).

James Lester

Cutter and Lester openly disliked each other. Cutter viewing him as a "Civil Service pen-pusher" and expressing irritation at Lester's position over the Anomaly operation, sometimes acting out just to annoy the government official. However, after Oliver Leek's betrayal was revealed they developed a grudging respect for each other because Cutter understood, unlike Stephen, that Lester was not an enemy and Lester came to respect Cutter's leadership.



Series 1 Nick Cutter action figure

Series 2 Nick Cutter action figure



  • The three Anomaly Research Centre's team leaders all originated from three different countries of the British Isles; England, Scotland, and Ireland. Cutter came from Scotland.
  • Though Helen and Nick always said that they were still married after she disappeared for eight years; because Helen was officially declared deceased, that would mean Nick was no longer married and was a widower. However, like with the disappearance of Claudia and Helen's interrogation words being different in Episode 3.3, she may not have been declared "deceased" in the new timeline.
  • ITV continuity announcers repeatedly referred to him as "Nick Cutler".
  • Nick Cutter was one of the 5inch Primeval action figures made by Character Options. There were two releases, one for Series 1 and the other for Series 2.




  1. The Primeval site
  2. Nick was 36 at the time he died, the same age as his wife (whom the producers confirmed to be 36). Both died in 2009, meaning both were born in 1973.