The New Westminster train yard - Cenozoic forest Anomaly was an Anomaly, linking a warehouse district's construction lot on Braid Street in present day New Westminster to a forest in the Early Pliocene - Early Pleistocene epoch.


When this Anomaly opened up, three Titanis walleri (two adults and one juvenile) came through from the Cenozoic to the New West Warehouse district in the present. After the Special Projects Group and Ken Leeds arrived to deal with the rampant Terror Birds, Leeds and Toby Nance located the Anomaly.

Once the incursion was contained, Leeds had the captured adult Terror Birds (one of which was dead) sent back through the Anomaly, but he secretly kept and stole Leggy and sent an empty cardboard box through the Anomaly in Leggy's place to fool the SPG. Afterwards Leeds had Project Magnet fence the Anomaly site off until the Anomaly closed, and Toby was permitted to in the meantime study the Anomaly while it was still open. (Angry Birds)

Sometime later, the Anomaly closed, as the SPG could not return Leggy the Terror bird when they discovered he was still in the present. (The Great Escape)

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