The New Dawn Prototype was a machine built by Connor Temple to test if New Dawn would work. A larger model was located at New Dawn Facility. It created the First Man-made Anomaly, which let Future Beetles and Mutated Future Predators into the Anomaly Research Centre.


Episode 5.3

Connor and April Leonard used it to created the First Man-made Anomaly, which led to the distant future.


Opening the first man-made Anomaly (Episode 5.3)

Episode 5.4

The Anomaly allowed a swarm of Future Beetles and their Queen through, which then killed a Prospero Solider, and then proceed to invade the ARC. The Prototype's controls were destroyed when it was shot by Matt Anderson's EMD, but later rebuilt by Connor. Connor later caused the machine's Anomaly to create a Gamma ray, which wiped out the Beetles and all other unprotected life in the ARC. The only rooms to withstand the blast were the Menagerie and the Panic Room.

Episode 5.5

Connor sabotaged the Prototype and pretended that it was broken and that he needed Philip Burton to fix it, in an attempt to stall Philip.

Episode 5.6


The First Man-made Anomaly and it's housing

As the First Man-made Anomaly was tied to the New Dawn Anomaly, shortly after the New Dawn Anomaly was created, the First Man-made Anomaly reopened, allowing through a pair of Mutated Future Predators.

Later, using a magnetic case, the First Man-made Anomaly was moved from the New Dawn Prototype into the New Dawn Anomaly.