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The New Dawn Anomaly was a man-made Anomaly, created by Prospero Industries using the New Dawn Machine. It links to the Future and was responsible for the devastation of the Earth's surface in an alternate timeline. The Anomaly closed after Matt Anderson merged it with the First Man-made Anomaly. According to Connor Temple, as man-made Anomalies such as the New Dawn Anomaly are stable, the Anomaly cannot close by itself.


Episode 5.5

The New Dawn Anomaly was created by the New Dawn Machine during Convergence, in the process closing all the Anomalies that had opened for Convergence. Seconds after the Anomaly formed, a horrified Connor Temple fell through into the Sterile Earth.

Episode 5.6


The New Dawn Anomaly forming. (Episode 5.5)

Shortly after Connor fell through the New Dawn Anomaly, Matt Anderson, followed by Abby Maitland, went through the Anomaly into the Future after Connor. The Anomaly then started expanding too quickly for the facility's staff to control it, and began to wreak havoc on Earth's atmosphere.

Eventually, Matt, Connor and Abby narrowly escaped from a pack of Mutated Future Predators and back through the New Dawn Anomaly to the Present, to find that the growing Anomaly's magnetic field was beginning to weaken and break down the building around it.

The three, along with Emily Merchant, escaped the building while Philip stayed behind to self-destruct the facility. The building, along with the New Dawn Machine, was obliterated, and most of its remains sucked into the Anomaly.

The New Dawn Anomaly's effects on Earth's atmosphere. (Episode 5.6)

However, by this point the New Dawn Anomaly had grown powerful enough to self-sustain without the machine.

The team later returned to the New Dawn Anomaly, with the First Man-made Anomaly in tow. Matt drove in Hilary Becker's SUV (with the First Man-made Anomaly in a magnetic case) into the growing Anomaly, merging the First Man-made Anomaly and the New Dawn Anomaly. As the two Anomalies were both man-made via the same means, the merging of the two Anomalies caused them to de-stabilise and close, stopping the atmospheric changes the New Dawn Anomaly was causing.



The Anomaly de-stabilising and closing as the First Man-made Anomaly merges with it. (Episode 5.6)

  • Exactly how the New Dawn Anomaly caused the atmospheric changes which ravaged and destroyed the surface of the Earth in the Sterile Earth timeline is unclear, though numerous theories have been put forward by fans.