The M25, also known as the London Orbital Motorway, is the motorway that circles the city of London. A Columbian Mammoth once arrived on a section of this motorway via an Anomaly, which lead to the Pleistocene epoch. The creature turned overs cars and vans, causing much chaos and panic until the Anomaly Research Centre team contained it, however the Anomaly closed before the Mammoth could be returned. It was subsequently taken back to the ARC. (Episode 2.6)


  • Another Motorway Anomaly opened on an unnamed Motorway during Convergence; a Columbian Mammoth also came through and wreaked havoc. It is possible that the Motorway is the M25, and the Anomaly that opened there, is the same Anomaly, having reopened during the 2011 convergence. (Episode 5.5)
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