This pest controller was hired to clean the London Underground of vermin.


Episode 1.2

Over the day, while the pest controller was searching and spraying the Underground tunnels beneath Arsenal Station for rats and other vermin. Unnoticed to him, he was stalked by a Carboniferous Arachnid, which eventually attacked him in the night.

The pest controller was afterwards bitten and poisoned by an Arthropleura and was found in the tunnels the next morning and admitted to hospital. There, the pest controller tried to tell about the creatures he'd encountered in the Underground before losing consciousness from the venom. Some time later that day, according to Claudia Brown, the pest controller died from the venom.

1x2 UndergroundPestControllerInHospital

The pest controller in hospital. (Episode 1.2)


  • Some viewers have expressed confusion and believed that the pest controller was actually poisoned by the Carboniferous Arachnid (as he was only ever shown being attacked by the Arachnid and not the Arthropleura). It is presumed that after the Arachnid attacked the pest controller, he also encountered and was bitten by the Arthropleura.
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