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The London Underground disused tunnels were a network of subterranean passages no longer used by the London Underground. Just off the main trainline tunnel near Arsenal Station, there was a bunker-like set up with beds which lead into the disused tunnels. There was an underground power station nearby.


Episode 1.2

An Arthropleura and a large nest of Carboniferous Arachnids came through an Anomaly into the London Underground beneath Arsenal Station, and infested the Anomaly site.

The Home Office became aware of the creature incursion after the Arthropleura bit and poisoned a pest controller in the Underground, and James Lester subsequently closed down the Arsenal Station area of the Underground and the Home Office investigated. The Carboniferous Arachnids were driven back through the Anomaly with bright torches by the Special Forces, and the Arthropleura dug a burrow to the power plant was electrocuted.

Episode 1.3

Following the Carboniferous incursion in the Underground, the Home Office secured the Anomaly site beneath Arsenal Station. Later, Connor Temple and some scientists monitored and studyed the Anomaly there.

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