Kieran Coles is a field team member of the Anomaly Research Centre in the near Future.


The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

At some point in the near Future when Kieran was new to the ARC, he and the rest of the field team led by Connor Temple chased an Albertosaurus rampaging through urban London back through an Anomaly. When an amazed Kieran went up to the Anomaly, the Albertosaurus forced him through into a Spaghetti Junction with it.

The Albertosaurus then took Kieran with it through one of the other Anomalies in the Spaghetti Junction to an empty facility in 2006, where Kieran was injured by the creature but apparently managed to escape it. Connor, along with Evan Cross and Dylan Weir from 2012, later found and rescued Kieran, and after explaining where they were to him, they took him with them back into the Spaghetti Junction.

Kieran and Connor were subsequently taken by Project Magnet back through another Anomaly from the Junction to Britannia Beach in 2012. After Kieran recovered from the injuries he had suffered from the Albertosaurus, Angelika Finch allowed him and Connor to return through the Anomaly to the Spaghetti Junction, and go back to their time from there.

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