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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).
Character Helen Cutter
Date of birth 17th December 1965
Place of birth Fleet, Hampshire, England
Appearances Series 1
Episode 2.2
Episode 2.4
Episode 2.5
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
Episode 3.1
Episode 3.2
Episode 3.3
Episode 3.9
Episode 3.10
Episode 5.4 (voice, photo)

Juliet Aubrey (born 17th December 1965) portrayed Helen Cutter in Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 of Primeval.

Born in Fleet, Hampshire, Aubrey is a half Welsh, half English actress. She is married to Steve Richie with two children. Aubrey is very appreciative of the character Helen Cutter and in April 2009 she defended Helen's actions, by stating that her desire to save the world from destructive influences makes her an extremely positive role model. Aubrey stated that she identifies with Helen in her crazed aims to stop human beings from destroying the planet as that's how she strongly feels.

Although Helen was killed off in Episode 3.10, Juliet returned to voice a brief recording by her character, in Episode 5.4.

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