Jane Dexter was a mother of two young children, who lived in a house in urban London that was on a mobile Anomaly's temporal fault line.


Episode 1.3

One day, when Jane was getting her children ready for school, after loading the morning's washing into the Dexter home's cellar's washing machine, she noticed that the cellar was rapidly beginning to flood due to an anomaly; believing that a leak in the washing machine was responsible, Jane called a plumber in to find the cause of the flood in the basement. There, the plumber was attacked by a Hesperornis, and Jane came down into the cellar to investigate the commotion and asked the plumber what had happened. As the exhausted and battered plumber started to climb the stairs, he was suddenly catapulted back into the water by the creature, causing Jane to scream in terror. Jane subsequently sent a report of the Hesperornis attack which reached the Home Office and she and her children were presumably relocated to a temporary residence while the anomaly remained open, though when they were able to move back into their house is unknown.

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