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The Home Office was the location of the government department of the same name, and the base of operations of the Home Office Anomaly research team.

Original timeline

Episode 1.1

Following the discovery of an Anomaly in the Forest of Dean and the subsequent establishment of the Anomaly research team led by Nick Cutter, the Home Office became the team's headquarters. James Lester had Rex tested on at the Home Office to confirm Cutter's theory that the Anomaly was a gateway to the past, but Rex escaped the lab and flew around the Home Office, causing some panic and chaos among the staff, until Abby Maitland stopped him from escaping by coercing him.

Episode 1.2


Episode 1.3


Episode 1.4

After being captured, Helen Cutter was detained and questioned at the Home Office, until she tricked the Anomaly research team into taking her to an Anomaly at a football stadium which she escaped through.

Episode 1.6


New timeline

Episode 2.1

In the new timeline that was created during the Home Office team's second mission through the Forest of Dean Anomaly, at some point long before the time of the mission, the Anomaly research team left the Home Office to move to the Anomaly Research Centre.


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