James Lester: "How many men do you have with you?"
Captain Becker: "Just me. Should be enough."
―Becker thinks he is a one man army.[src]

Captain Hilary Becker[1] was the Head of Security at the Anomaly Research Centre. He was recruited by James Lester to protect the field team following Stephen Hart's untimely demise. He was known for being more inclined to shoot first, and ask questions later.



Hilary Becker was born circa 1985[2], coming from a military family and background. He trained at Sandhurst; one of his mentors was Joseph Wilder, who commented that Becker was one of his very best students. (Episode 3.5) Becker afterwards built up a distinguished military record, working in Special Ops.

Becker joined the Anomaly Research Centre as Head of Security after Captain Jake Hemple left for unknown reasons. (Episode 3.1, Extinction Event)

Episode 3.1

« "This is Captain Becker. He's here to protect us so do as he says, unless I think he's wrong." »
— Cutter introduces Becker and shows his thoughts all at the same time.[src]

When Becker was first seen, he was being briefed by Lester, who didn't want anyone else to get killed, saying that they couldn’t ‘have another Stephan Hart’. Becker was introduced to the team by Nick Cutter and was left with Connor Temple and Sarah Page, an Egyptologist from the museum, where the anomaly has been detected. When Cutter called and told them they had found the creature, Becker went to join them, with Connor telling them that "action man" was coming. Becker helped them get the Pristichampsus, a huge armoured crocodile, back to the museum. Once there, the team get into a bit of trouble trying to get the creature back. Sarah tells them to kneel before the beast and Becker refused at first, but changed his mind when the creature came nearer.

Episode 3.2

« "Alright, it's his identical twin."
"What's he doing here going through my laundry"
"You killed his brother so he steals your shirt" »
— Becker doubts Cutter's story of the Cleaner

Becker offered to go with Jenny Lewis when Cutter predicted an anomaly to open, but she told him it might be nothing. He didn't let Sarah in after she lost her ID Card to get into the ARC, until one of his security men said that the card had been used earlier. He cornered the Cleaner Clone when he was breaking into Cutter's locker and was forced to shoot him when he refused to put down his pistol. Cutter saw the Cleaner after he is shot, and says that it is impossible because he saw The Cleaner die in the Silurian. Becker was reluctant to believe Cutter, suggesting it might have been his twin brother. Cutter then said he used to work for Helen Cutter, and that she must have done something to bring him back from the dead. At this, Becker said Helen was scarier than he'd first thought.

Episode 3.3

« "They should have checked our passes"
"Yeah your guys are getting slack"
"Go ahead, I'll have a little word with security" »
— Becker and Cutter: little does Becker know it's not his security

Becker went with the team when an anomaly was detected in a London hospital. He and Connor were searching for the creatures when Cutter rang them and asked that they find him and Abby Maitland, as they were trapped in a room with a woman in labour. Becker was sure he could find the operating theatre ("I'm a trained soldier. I can find my way around a hospital!"), but he couldn't find it, but instead he and Connor caught a Diictodon, a very cute but nuisance-causing creature from the Permian. When Becker got to the operating theatre, he asked Cutter who locked had them in there, but Cutter didn't know. When they got back to the ARC, he noticed his security team didn't check their ID, and went to have a word with security. He then went inside and found Abby, Sarah, Jenny, Lester and Connor being held in a storage room guarded by a Cleaner Clone, whom he knocked out. He then escorted Connor to get a disk onto the sound system intended to render Helen's people useless. They were caught by one of Helen's clones and Becker and Connor were forced to fight it before Connor got the audio clip on, which made the clone stand down, along with the others. As Helen's Cutter Clone set off a bomb, he and Connor returned to help the others evacuate the ARC. He looked on as the others cried at the death of Cutter.

Episode 3.4

« "Ohh, Connor thats my..." »
— Connor sits on Becker's lap in Abby's car

Becker went with the team to a new anomaly site, but he was surprised to see Captain Wilder, a fellow soldier who once trained Becker, standing in their way. Wilder's boss Christine Johnson had the team sent away, but before they left, she noted that Becker was an old colleague of her bodyguard, and implied that they could have the opportunity to work together again. He and his men got stuck in traffic while transporting Connor's Anomaly Locking Mechanism to an airport, and by the time they arrived, Jenny and Connor had been rescued by Danny Quinn from a pair of journalists, who themselves had been attacked by a creature. Jenny ordered him to arrest Quinn after he has secured the journalists, but before he could, the creature, a Giganotosaurus, returned and escaped onto the runway. Becker went with Jenny to help save the crew of a 747 airplane and got stuck under the plane as the dinosaur attacked, but Connor provided a distraction. When Connor was pinned on the runway, Danny distracted the Giganotosaurus in a helicopter, and Becker and Jenny went in Abby's car to collect Connor, who was forced to sit on Becker's lap. As Danny was pursued by the dinosaur through the anomaly, Becker tried to convince Jenny to lock the anomaly, but she wanted to give Danny a chance, a mistake in Becker's mind. Fortunately he returned and the anomaly was locked, so Becker apologised to Jenny, and went to arrest the 'Kamikaze pilot', only for him to escape on his motorbike.

Episode 3.5

« "Prepare to shoot on sight." »
— Jenny orders Becker to shoot "Helen"

Becker was alerted when an alarm goes off in the ARC and when Jenny assumed it was Helen again, he prepares to shoot on sight, but it turned out to be Danny and was not happy with the break-in. He took Danny to Lester who was not happy and asked if Becker could pistol-whip him. Becker went with the team to an apartment where an anomaly had opened, and when a deadly fungus was discovered, he went with Abby and Jenny to search for the apartment owner, Sir Richard Bentley in case he had been infected. Despite searches of a train station, they were led to an underground tunnel where Bentley had turned into a Fungus Creature. Danny arrived with flamethrowers, and Becker and the others try to attack and kill the monster before Sarah called them up to say heat didn't work. They finally got the creature trapped in a van, and when they returned to the ARC with it, where it was later with the cold. Becker was present as Danny was appointed the new team leader.

Episode 3.6

« "With respect, I don't work for you"
"You do now" »
— Christine takes charge as Becker's boss
Becker and Danny were testing security at the ARC, and was berated by Lester for allowing Quinn to abseil down a ventilation shaft. When Danny said that a camera in there was a waste of time, Becker said there wasn't one, and

Becker confronts Christine Johnson and her men. (Episode 3.6)

the two realised someone was watching them. Another camera found in Lester's office made them realise it was Christine Johnson, and as the team prepared to escape with the Artefact Becker warned them that she was already outside, and then he helped them get outside via the shaft Danny had broken into. Being the only one not held at Christine's soldier's weapons, he ordered them to lower their weapons, and when he respectfully told Christine he didn't answer to her, was handed an official document stating she was now in charge. as Lester was escorted out of the ARC, Christine offered him a rapid promotion if he helped capture the team and the Artifact. He stays at the ARC when a new Anomaly is detected, and when her men fail, offers to go himself as they had been informed the team were also there and that he knew how Quinn's mind worked. Christine agreed, and Becker asked why she didn't inform the Minister, as Lester had always informed him of mission updates, and she told him she didn't want to and then insulted the Minister. Becker arrived at the anomaly site and found the team and said that they were under arrest; Connor asked if he was Johnson's man now, and replied he was just following orders, like a good little soldier boy as Danny described him. At the ARC, Lester arrived and when Christine asked Becker to escort Lester out, Becker said he couldn't do that, and revealed that he had recorded her insulting of the Minister and sent a copy to Lester, who had in turn sent it to the Minister himself. Lester had been reinstated and Christine ordered to meet with the Minister. Becker was given appreciation by Lester and kissed on the cheek by Sarah. Also, Danny apologised despite not being the apologetic kind.

Episode 3.7

« "Oh, dinosaur transportation?" »
— Becker after being told what he's pretty much there for
Becker joined Abby on the hunt for the rampant Dracorex while Connor and Danny searched for the knight, Sir William de Mornay, who was after the dinosaur, thinking it to be a dragon. Becker and Abby pursued the creature, and he insisted on shooting the creature several times, but Abby repeatedly said she didn't want it harmed, and when it was cornered in a strawberry farm, she threatened to shoot him. It charged at him and after falling through a stack of crates he aimed his shotgun, only for the creature to collapse. He told Abby to take a look at it, and she told Becker that moving it was 'his job', which he wasn't happy about that. He helped Abby pull a wooden spike out of the dinosaur and they began to operate on it. When de

Becker and two ARC soldiers wielding G36Cs to get back Rex. (Episode 3.7)

Mornay threatened to kill Abby and the Dracorex, he ordered the knight to put down his weapon, but Sarah convinced the knight to yield, and he watched as de Mornay returned through the anomaly. Connor turned up at a friend of Abby's brother, Tony, place to get Rex back from Tony who won it off Jack in a game of poker. Connor said he was going to take Rex and leave, and Tony says, "Oh yeah? You and whose army?". Connor stepped back to bring Becker and two of his soldiers into view holding their guns and says, "Mine, actually."

Episode 3.8

« "If I told you, Becker would have to kill you and he's already looking for an excuse." »
— Abby on the seriousness of Becker's job
Becker reluctantly went with Connor, Abby and Danny through an anomaly to the Future while trying to save Jack Maitland, despite his insistence that they wait for backup. The team come under attack from a Future Predator, and Becker shot it with his shotgun. As they took cover, Abby angrily said that the sound of his shot would have attracted the attention of every predator around for miles, and Connor explained that they saw sound, so Becker added a silencer to his pistol. Though he once again pointed out they needed backup, Danny said they would continue on, and Becker said that Danny was supposed to make the tough decisions and that Jack was almost certainly dead. Once a

Becker in the Future.

gain taking cover inside a building, Becker told Abby that getting herself killed wouldn't help her brother, and though she ran off with Danny, Connor lured a nearby Predator inside, and Becker shot it in the head. The pair eventually reunited with the others who had begun pulling Jack out of a shaft he had fallen into. As several more Predators approached, Becker distracted them by shooting at them with his pistol without the silencer, and ran into an abandoned building while being closely pursued. This leads the team to believe he's dead, but he later turns up alive inside an rusted car, and killed a Predator chasing them. They escaped through the Anomaly, which was quickly locked by Sarah to prevent more creatures coming through. When Jack later asked Abby what was going on, she said that she couldn't or Becker would have to kill him, and he was already looking for an excuse.

Episode 3.9

« "Quinn, who is she"
"Long story" »
— Becker asks the question

Becker helps Abby, Connor and Sarah returned some of the Embolotherium to the anomaly, but was unable to do much when the anomaly closed. Though he and his soldiers shot at the charging creatures which threatened the campsite, they were saved by the mysterious Eve Danny had brought with him, who opened another anomaly, which the creatures ran through. Becker later returned to the ARC with Connor and Sarah, and they saw the name Claudia Brown in Eve's diary, and asked who she was, but Connor said that only two people knew about that name, one of which was the now dead Cutter. They apparently explained what was going on to Becker, as he burst into the operations room with his gun pointed at Eve. He proceeded to take part in a standoff with his soldiers and Captain Wilder with Helen Cutter, who had disguised herself as Eve and was now holding Christine at gunpoint and demanding the Artefact. They reluctantly lower their weapons at Lester's orders, and once Helen had fled with Christine, Becker went with the team to Johnson's base of operations. Before he can could on the Predator attacking Christine Johnson, the anomaly closed, and they prepared to head to the Race Track Anomaly to go back to the future, as that was where Helen had gone to.

Episode 3.10

« "I'll call the backup team, tell them exactly where we are." »
— Becker there's no time for that

While Danny Abby and Connor went to search for Helen in the future, Becker went with Sarah to the Johnson's HQ, as the anomaly there had reopened. While investigating, Becker and Sarah ended up fighting for their lives against three Megopteran. Becker managed to severely wound one, before they got trapped in a cage by the other two. Becker managed to electrocute the Megopterans with exposed wires conducted on the metal. Back at the Race Circuit, Becker and Sarah waited for Danny and the others to return. After a long time waiting, and not realising they had followed Helen to the Cretaceous and the Pliocene to keep her from wiping out homonids and prevent humankind's evolution, Sarah said to Becker that she had an idea to try and find them in the Future.

Between Series 3 and Series 4

Becker led four attempts at rescue missions in the Future to try and rescue Danny, Abby and Connor. However on the last attempt, Sarah was attacked and probably killed by, a Future Predator. Her death was a hard blow for Becker, who was now feeling responsible for what happened to the team, and returned to the present and gave his resignation to the ARC.

Webisode 1

« "Whatever happened to the others after they went through the anomaly I don't know. But I think about it every day." »
— Becker admits his guilt
PrequelEpisode1 4

Becker being interviewed

Becker is interviewed concerning the disappearance of Danny, Abby and Connor. He gives his name and is asked if he believes they are still alive, and he simply says that they haven't found any bodies. He explains that he tried looking for them, but stopped after the last attempt, which resulted in Sarah's death. He says he doesn't know what happened to the others after they went through, but he thinks about it everyday. He is asked if he will withdraw his resignation, he says that he doesn't think so, but is told that Lester believes they are still alive. Becker is told that they need Lester, and that Lester wants him, before being told that he will be briefed shortly and that the ARC will continue its work.

Webisode 2

Becker arrives at the new ARC where is met by the new field coordinator, Jess Parker, who welcomes him back. He is surprised at her age, her behavior and her dress style, all unusual for a field coordinator. Jess explains that she's been here on her own for the past two weeks, just her and the creatures. She explains that she's been going through all the old mission reports, she says that she already feels like she knows him, Abby, Connor and Danny, this makes Becker feel awkward.

Jess shows Becker files about the new team leader, Matt Anderson, as Lester wants him to look it over to see if everything is okay. This intrigues Becker that Lester still chooses the staff as he thought that the ARC was now privately owned. Jess explains that it's "50-50 government and private". He asks if Lester still reports to the Minister rather than "this Nobel Prize winning bloke from Prospero". Jess tells him that he's called Philip Burton and that Lester has to keep both of them happy. When Becker looks through Matt's rather impressive CV, Jess notes that with all the things he's done you'd think he'd be old and crusty but he's young, "fit too" as she adds. Becker looks on and asks if he is the only candidate. Jess asks if he's got to "the bit about Everest", Becker doesn't care much for people who feel the need to boast about things.

Jess insults Becker by saying that if he's going to "put the brakes" on him because he's too good it would be "pretty lame". He insists that he isn't, and Jess says that Matt is perfect for the job as he is ex-military, decorated for heroism and an expert on animal behaviour with countless references. Becker tries to brush off her accusations when she says that someone would think he wouldn't want his boss to be better than him. Becker deduces that she's making fun of him, she chuckles and says she's checking him he can crack a smile, since he does, that means that so far he's better company than the Mammoth. Becker gets the last laugh when he tricks her into thinking she's got something on her face.

Webisode 3

In Matt's first meeting with Jess, Becker arrives and welcomes him, albeit grudgingly. They have their first dispute when Matt says that the Special Forces should wear civilian clothes as the uniforms are a bit conspicuous. Becker argues that the uniform promotes unity and gives his men authority in the field. When Matt says that the "big guns" would have the same effect Becker says that the uniforms promote public confidence especially when weapons are involved and neither Nick nor Danny had a problem with them. Matt decides that the will talk about it later but first asks him to show him around. Becker agrees and decides to show him around the armoury, as Becker leaves, Jess tells Matt that Becker is actually nice.

Webisode 4

As Jess and Matt are walking together, Becker catches up with them, asking if it's true he's ordered non-lethal weapons. This outrages him as he says the team need real guns as they're not "collecting for a petting zoo", warning that the creatures aren't just interesting they're also deadly. Matt assures him he knows, Becker asks if he knows what happens when they cut corners: "people get hurt, people die". Matt tells him to give the new weapons a chance, saying that he might be pleasantly surprised. When Matt leaves, Jess assures that he's alright, but Becker doesn't trust him and promises the rest of the team won't either. Becker and Jess both attend Matt's speech to the ARC staff, with Lester also present, when Matt says he does not believe that Connor, Abby and Danny are dead and there is still hope for them and he is rejecting the government's findings, Jess uses this to assure Becker that Matt is okay.

Webisode 5

Becker and Matt take a look at new tracking units given to them by Jess, who explains that they collect data on the anomalies and are part of the new comm system and with these, she can monitor and record everything they say while out in the field. When Matt asks if it's necessary, Becker says if they get into trouble, it will be known about immediately. When Jess says that the device will stop feeding back when they go through an anomaly, Becker asks why that is an issue as the new policy is strict: no one goes through for no reason. As he leaves, Jess says to Matt that she wasn't saying that anyone should go through, Matt explains that he knows, as Becker is affected by the loss of his friends. Later on, Jess apologises for earlier, but he also apologises for overreacting. He tells her it's okay with her asking about the old team and she can ask him, she asks him one thing even though she assumes it's classified. Jess is confused because she thought the old team followed Helen Cutter into the Future but she's heard people talking about the past and early Humans. Becker explains that when the others didn't return, Sarah deciphered something in Helen Cutter's diary about Site 333 in the Great Rift Valley, where the ancestors of Humanity evolved. Sarah was always certain that Helen was trying to find her way back somehow to murder Humanity's ancestors, wipe out the Human race before it even started. Becker and Matt later face an Iguanodon at a beauty school, Matt would later remark to Gideon that although Becker is a pain he's good at what he does.

Episode 4.1

Becker: "You trust me, right?"
Matt: "Yeah, with my life."
―Becker needs to know others trust his judgement

Matt shoots Becker with an EMD to demonstrate it’s power. (Episode 4.1)

Becker and his men were alerted to the escape of the Dracorex, which was running wild around the ARC. He and his men prepared to catch it, but Matt lured it into Lester's office with a water dispenser as it was thirsty, and then he tranquilized it so that the dinosaur could be returned to the Menagerie. When he heard Matt's non-lethal EMD weapons had arrived, Becker mocked the idea of using 'tasers' to handle the creatures, and even allowed himself to be shot by one at its lowest setting. Becker was surprised by the EMD's power, and apologised to Matt, who told him that the pain would go away, but the humiliation would take longer. As a new Anomaly was detected, the team went to the site, and found Abby and Connor, who had just come through the Anomaly, forced onto the ground by his own men. He helped them both up and hugged them both, relieved they were still alive. As Connor began to show off a strange device to show that he could close the Anomaly, it accidentally unlocked it and set a Spinosaurus loose into the city. Becker and Matt pursued it, and along the way Becker took the phone a civilian owned so that he couldn't spread the taken photo around. They managed to corral it into an Arena, where Becker and Matt prepared EMDs, only to find Connor was messing around with the device again and shot the creature. It soon got up again and swallowed the device which imploded as an Anomaly. Becker escorted Abby and Connor back to the ARC, and could only watch as Philip and Lester informed them that they may no longer have a job.

Episode 4.2

Becker witnesses Connor leaving the ARC, and the pair have an unspoken goodbye. When Abby goes to the docks and Matt follows her, Becker overhears Jess ask Matt to bring her back some chocolate without any orange in it. Jess talks to Becker, saying that Matt's acting weird, and she doesn't really know him, despite the fact that she's worked with him for eight months and read his file. Becker asks her about reading Matt's file, and she replies that she's read everyone's file, but then, following an awkward silence, goes on to say that she hasn't read Becker's file, or at least, "the personal stuff, about wives, or girlfriends, or boyfriends..." and then asks him if he'd be more inclined to girls over boys. Becker doesn't answer her, and tells her to leave the Matt situation. Jess ignores him and tracks his black box, and explains that both Abby and Matt are at the docks and Matt isn't answering his phone, and that Matt's weird pattern of movement looks like he's chasing something. Becker suggests seriously that he could be being chased and tells as he leaves to help he admits that she's brilliant. He arrives on the cargo ship just in time to shoot the Kaprosuchus as it bears down on Matt, and tells him that he's sorry that he's late and that he "caught every red light." Becker supervises the operation to transport the creature back to the shore, and is the first to notice that it's awake, and tells Matt that the container is coming loose, and rushes down to them, but the Kaprosuchus has already escaped. He tells his men that their EMDs are not great in these circumstances, as they could ricochet against the containers. When Connor and Abby find the Kaprosuchus, Becker covers the entrance and tells them to keep it coming his way. Connor and Abby meet up with Matt, and tell Becker that it has to be right in front of him, but Becker insists that it isn't, but Matt realises it's above them and he, Connor and Abby shoot it as it tries to jump on Becker, and it is killed. Becker then arrives back at the ARC, and gives Jess a bar of chocolate without orange in it, which Matt forgot, making her flushed. When Connor gets back on the team and gets angry at Lester, Becker gives Connor a hi-five, before Abby and Connor go back to Jess' house where she lets them stay, and starts asking them obsessively about Becker.

Episode 4.3

« "You going through the anomaly put everyone in danger. I've seen too many people die that way." »
— Becker confronts Matt about going through the anomaly
When an anomaly opens in a theatre, and Matt leaves his tracking device as he goes through it chasing a mystery woman, Becker and Abby arrive at the anomaly site and lock it, thinking that Matt is still in the theatre. Becker looks around for any sign of a creature incursion, and refuses to accept that Matt would have gone through the anomaly when the policy is strict - nobody goes through for any reason. He insists that they need to search the entire building, despite the fact that Matt's tracking device is by the anomaly and the rest of the team think he's gone through. Becker reluctantly opens the anomaly and Matt comes through followed closely by a creature which Becker shoots back through. Becker helps Matt take the unconscious mystery woman to hospital. Becker makes it quite clear that he wants to take her into secure custody, unaware that she has knocked out the guard and is listening in on their conversation. Matt disagrees, saying that she's a human being and can't be treated like that. Becker then confronts Matt, telling him that he put everyone in danger by going through the anomaly. The argument ends when Becker gets a call from someone at the theatre, telling him that there is a creature has killed one of his men, and he goes to deal with it with Abby, leaving Matt at the hospital. After dealing with the creature, Matt persuades Abby to cover for him and the mystery woman, who reveals herself to be called Emily Merchant. Abby and Matt lie to Becker, telling him that they have no idea where Emily is, although she is really hiding around the corner.

Episode 4.4

Jess Parker: "You can't save everyone."
Becker: "We should have done better"
―Becker regrets not being able to save lives[src]

Becker went with Connor and Matt to the McKinnon School when a new Anomaly was detected, and as Connor complained about school's smelling the same, Becker admitted he used to like school. Shortly after finding the body of a dead teacher who had being paralyzed by a creature's venom, he and Matt were separated from Connor. Jess reported that two kids were heading straight for the creature and while they couldn't find them, Jess warned them of a girl being attacked, but they were too late to save her. Soon Matt was attacked by the creature and Becker shot it, and asked what it was and when Matt said that the Therocephalian was half-mammal, half-reptile, Becker noted it was all ugly. Learning of more creatures coming through the Anomaly, Becker vetted to lock it while Matt went in search of the other students. Becker found four of the creatures in the kitchen, and accidentally woke them before using the EMD on them. However he uncovered a nest of them, before he was attacked and bitten by one. He retreated back into the kitchen, and Matt arrived to drag him into a cupboard, where he delayed the venom's effect by using a tourniquet and poured salt on the wound. Forcing himself to stay awake, Becker helped take down more Therocephalian before Connor and the students smoke-bombed them, which was when Becker blacked out. However he was still alive, and medics soon bring him back to the ARC, where he quickly recovered. As he prepared to head home he had some difficulty getting changed, and Jess helped him, but not without accidentally kicking his wound. Jess congratulated him on his efforts, but Becker still regretted the loss of the two people they couldn't save, and despite her saying they couldn't save everyone, he said they should have done better.

Episode 4.5

Becker was away on medical leave following his injury.

Episode 4.6

When the team are trying to find Ethan, Becker volunteers to look for him, searching through old police records, and discovers that Ethan was an anarchist who murdered over half a dozen people. Discovering his MO was to move into a house near his target, watch them for several days, and then kidnap them when they were alone, Becker leads a small group searching all empty flats near where Matt lives. He finds the one where Ethan had been living, and realises that he had been there recently when he finds a hot soldering iron. So Becker sets up a surveillance operation and goes down to the car for a stake-out, having been Jess patch the feed from the CCTV in the building through to the car, and Becker prepares himself for a long night. He jumps when Jess knocks on the window with take-away Chinese. He reprimands her, but she says that she was "just on her way home" and dropped by. This confuses Becker, as she lives miles away, but he yields and takes some prawn crackers, and lets Jess into the car. As she goes to sleep on Becker's shoulder, Becker finds it hard to stay awake, but his self-discipline pays off when he sees Ethan on his way up to the flat. He instantly springs into action, waking Jess, who calls for backup.

Becker storms Ethan's flat, unaware that he has set up a bomb, and hits a tripwire which starts a metronome and sends a heavy weight down. Becker catches the weight and realises that, covered by paper, there's a pressure pad underneath him, and that's attached to the metronome, which is attached to a big thing he suspects is a bomb. When Jess arrives, Becker tells her to be really careful, and asks her to confirm his suspicion. When she does, Becker tells her to get out, but she refuses to leave him, and asks him to tell her how to defuse the bomb. As Becker realises that he can't hold the weight, Jess defuses the bomb. Becker hugs her, telling her that she's brilliant, and then, as his men arrive, he tells them to search the area for Ethan.

Picture This

Becker teams up with Jess to deal with a Tyrannosaurus Rex in an art gallery.

Episode 4.7

Becker helps Abby search the prison for signs of a creature incursion when a tourist goes missing, but there are no signs of one, something Becker doesn't get. Connor attempted to date the anomaly, saying it led to 1867, but the anomaly somehow unlocked itself. Thinking Connor's new toy was the cause he ordered him to shut it off despite the apparent lack of danger, but it didn't work and a Terror Bird came through. Becker and the others managed to force it back, and Becker blamed the Dating Calculator of being off by a few million years. While Connor checked the Locking Mechanism, Becker and Abby investigated a creature's cry and found another, unusual looking, anomaly. The Terror Bird came through and Becker held the door shut before it went back and the anomaly closed. Soon afterwards Danny came through the original anomaly and Becker unhelpfully assisted in rousing him before the team shared a happy reunion. Ethan was on his way to the prison and Becker found one of his men knocked out, meaning Ethan was already inside. After Connor gave away his position he and Matt went after him before he escaped into the courtyard and held Danny at gunpoint as it was revealed he was Danny's brother Patrick. Becker used his calm state to bring him into custody and despite Danny's pleading Becker told him Matt wanted to talk to him first, but assured him he would do what he could to allow them to talk. Later Patrick escaped the interrogation room, and Becker, not caring whether his name was Patrick or Ethan, ordered him to put down his EMD, but he instead pointed it at Emily. Becker was forced to lower his, and was shot by Patrick, and then again at point-blank range, rendering him unconscious after which Ethan runs away with Emily as his hostage, and Becker was left in the corridor.

Episode 5.1

« "A tank, really?" »
— Becker takes Lester's joke seriously

Becker did survive, and joined Matt and Abby at the roadworks site, trying to find out what took a worker. When a Giant Burrowing Insect comes along, Becker is the first to realise that the EMDs don't work on it. Matt decided they needed lethal weapons, so Becker called Lester. Lester sarcastically suggested a tank as well, making Becker excited at the thought of using one, but Lester told him he can't have one. Becker then met the others at the site of the next attack with the guns and successfully lure it out but the creature takes Connor. When they find the nest, Connor suggested blowing up the building and so Becker got hold of detonators and lined them up the outside of the building. When one of the creatures tries to escape, Matt tells Becker to blow up the building, despite the fact that he and Connor weren't at a safe enough distance. Abby tries to tell him not to, but then Lester tells him to do it and so he pulls her down onto the ground. Once the blast is over, Becker and Abby go inside to look for Matt and Connor but cannot find them at first, but they turn up in a metal box. Becker tells them to run quicker next time and then helps Connor to walk back to the medics.

Episode 5.2

Becker was not called in for the North Sea Anomaly incursion as no weapons/military personnel were allowed in the Submarine.

Episode 5.3

Becker responded to an anomaly alert with Matt and Abby, and at the art gallery he revealed he had a taste in some arts, a fact which scared Matt. Before they could lock the anomaly they encountered a raptor, which seemed focused more on Becker. He assumed it was because the alpha-male between him and Matt and that the creature was threatened, so he had the creature chase him and let it rush past him through the anomaly. However they discovered that the anomaly led to the late 1860's, and allowed Matt to go through since he considered it their fault that the creature would inevitably kill more people. He kept an eye on the anomaly himself, and Matt eventually returned with the unconscious raptor. Emily soon followed, having been shot in the shoulder by her husband Henry Merchant, who held Matt at gunpoint. When the raptor woke up and attacked Henry, Becker shot it twice with his EMD, bring it back down. Later at the ARC he teased Matt about bringing back Emily as well as the raptor.

Episode 5.4

After the ARC entered lockdown due to a swarm of Future Beetles coming through an anomaly Connor had created, Becker ordered the non-essential staff and Emily out before the building was sealed. After being filled in to the situation, Becker went with Abby to get pesticides to kill the creatures, and wasn't happy that Emily had disobeyed him and remained behind. While following Matt's plan to trap the queen and kill the rest, Jess was bitten by one so he stopped to help her before going against Matt's orders and killed the queen. Becker and Emily attempted to find a way to help Jess when she began having an allergic reaction to the bite by locating adrenaline, however they had to move go to her car. When Jess felt cold and was delusional, Becker helped to comfort her, ignoring her angry remarks and listening to what she said she liked about him. They escaped to the panic room when Connor planned to emit a gamma pulse to wipe out the beetles, and once the crisis was over he risked not waiting to find adrenaline for her. He was pleased to see her beginning to recover, and made an excuse to escape the nice moment.

Episode 5.5

5x5 Abby+BeckerPlayRockPaperScissors

Becker and Abby decide who should go deal with the Precambrian Worms first by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, with Abby winning. (Episode 5.5)

Becker was present when Matt admitted to everyone that he was from the future trying to stop a catastrophe, and ultimately Philip. Lester asked Becker why security checks hadn't picked it up, and he sarcastically replied their machine to determine whether or not people were from the future was out of order. When an anomaly alert went off, Becker went with Abby and Emily to the location where a Tyrannosaurus was on the loose, they searched for the creature and arrived after Matt had brought it down, and took back his earlier comments that EMDs couldn't take down a T-Rex. Jess then informed the team that several anomalies were opening all over the world as part of the convergence, he went with Abby to deal with a Precambrian Worm incursion at a preschool. When they were done, Becker headed off to another location to help with the expanding threat. At one of these, he told Jess and Lester that he was almost done with the situation, however something happened and the line went dead.

Episode 5.6

He was fine, and Becker called the ARC after electricity went down all across the city and the car was being fixed up by his team. Lester ordered him to get to New Dawn as they didn't know what was happening, and after the car was working he headed off. Becker arrived in time to witness Philip self-destruct the facility in an attempt to destroy the anomaly after realising he had been tricked by Helen, however this failed. As the team learned that Mutated Future Predators were in the ARC because of Connor's reopened anomaly, Matt and Connor came up with a plan to use his anomaly to make the New Dawn one unstable. Becker helped a wounded Lester into the medical bay and searched for the Predators in the ARC. He arrived in the hub in time to blast a Predator that had Abby pinned with his EMD to unconsciousness. When the other attacked, Abby used a high-frequency from a computer to scramble the creature's sonar, and Becker shot the paralysed Predator directly in the head, killing it. After Connor had secured his anomaly, Becker was worried about the chances of succeeding. Matt drove the truck through the anomaly, and the gigantic anomaly was closed. When Matt was revealed to be alive, Becker asked what had happened to the truck and made a remark that they would have to walk back to the ARC. The team was contemplating the possibility of there being no more anomalies when they received a report of one, and Becker and the others set out to deal with it.


Becker was a slightly strict but fiercely brave and protective man, and was somewhat by-the-book about orders, missions and the chain of command, due to which he was sometimes somewhat socially awkward among the team. However, while strict about following orders and protecting others, Becker was not exactly uptight or pompous; being able to still exercise a semi-dry sense of humour and sarcasm, still bonding and getting along well with the rest of the team, and still being able to think for himself and the team and exploit his superiors' political weaknesses when he morally felt what said superiors were doing was unjust.

Becker considered the team's lives (and, by extension, the lives of civilians caught up in Anomaly incursions) to be his responsibility, and thus he would put their lives as a very high priority when they were seriously endangered, and he took it seriously to heart whenever he directly or indirectly failed to keep any of his team members safe. Becker also a few times exhibited a slightly eccentric and childish side to his personality - he was apparently affectionate of his guns and weapons (even having a favourite gun among his arsenal) (Episode 3.10) as well as his military vehicles, (Episode 5.6) and he had an eagerness towards the proposal of using tanks. (Episode 5.1)

Becker was used to 'shooting first and asking questions later,' and thus he personally preferred the approach of killing the creatures immediately to the more risky objective of trying to get the creatures back to where they belonged, although he was normally tolerant of the team's preference to try and send the creatures back alive rather than have to kill them. After Sarah's death and the subsequent disbandment and revival of the ARC, Becker had become much more fierce and protective of others' lives, and was deeply haunted by losing Danny, Connor and Abby before the latter two returned, and by Sarah's death. Becker was also now more openly against trying to send the creatures back alive, as he'd come to feel that not killing the creatures as soon as they got the chance was what got people and innocents killed.


Christine Johnson

During Johnson's brief reign over the ARC after overthrowing Lester, Becker initially appeared to obey her orders and demands ("like a good little soldier-boy" as Danny pointed out) to track down and capture the field team, and Johnson seemed to try and tempt Becker with promises of reward for his services to her. However, Becker was in actuality still loyal to Lester and to the team, and was able to wittily humiliate Johnson and remove her from the ARC by recording her negative comments on the Minister and sending a copy to Whitehall. However, while Becker and the rest of the team strongly disliked Johnson and recognised her as untrustworthy and an opponent to the ARC, they still didn't hate her enough to allow her to die, and unsuccessfully attempted to save her from a Future Predator before she was dragged through an Anomaly to her death.

Danny Quinn

During Danny and Becker's first couple of encounters before Danny joined the ARC as team leader, Becker was repeatedly tasked with either arresting Danny or taking him into custody, often only managing to do so temporarily if that before Danny snuck away. Becker also at the aforementioned time didn't seem to think positively of Danny, being exasperated by Danny's stubborn and persistent pursuit of the team. However, very soon after Danny became team leader, he and Becker developed a teasing but very close bond. Danny enjoyed joking around at Becker and poking jokes at him, at one point even calling him "a good little soldier-boy" to Becker's annoyance. Danny's disappearance along with Connor and Abby's was one of the main factors that left Becker heavily haunted for over a year during and after the time of the ARC's disbandment and revival.

Emily Merchant

When Emily first came to the present, Becker was initially suspicious of her and wanted her contained as a hazard when the team pieced together that she wasn't from their time, despite Matt and Abby's insistence that she was a human being and not a creature. Becker and Emily did not seem to interact much after this, although Becker did still care about Emily's life, as he lowered his EMD (and got shot unconscious by Patrick as a result) when the latter threatened Emily's life. After Emily returned to the ARC at the time of New Dawn, Becker displayed a level of awe and irk at Emily's independence and stubbornness, seen when Emily deliberately stayed behind during the Future Beetle incursion because she hadn't seen the logic in Becker's order that she should evacuate.

Jess Parker

Jess had a crush on Becker, and would go as far as visiting him for a meal even when Becker was in the middle of a stakeout, though it was unclear whether or not Becker was actually aware of Jess's feelings for him. While it is uncertain if Becker reciprocated Jess's feelings, he was still very protective of her life when she was in serious danger, and it is clear that Jess's life mattered to Becker very much - when stuck in a situation with a bomb, Becker wanted Jess to get out and save herself even though it meant leaving him; and when Jess was dying from her insect-bite allergy during the Future Beetle incursion, Becker was very concerned and comforting with her, and almost desperate to save her life, putting it before containing the Beetles and even taking risks to his safety to try and save her.

Matt Anderson

For the first year since the ARC's revival, Becker and Matt's relationship was frictional and turbulent; Becker felt that Matt was endangering people's lives through his recklessness and through his methods of non-lethal force against the creatures, and didn't feel that Matt understood like he did what the consequences of messing up could be. Becker also was not always conceited about his negative feelings concerning Matt's methods and approach, at times snapping at Matt when protocol was in any way riskily violated via Matt's choices, or when Becker was unimpressed at the new technology introduced by Matt. However, over the time after Connor and Abby's return, Matt and Becker's relationship stabilised and grew more friendly, and by the time of New Dawn, they'd developed an almost brotherly friendship.

Patrick Quinn

When Patrick/Ethan was on a killing spree in the present, after learning about Patrick's earlier killing spree in 1902, Becker became determined to track Patrick down and bring him into custody before he could cause any more death and damage than he already had. Becker and the team eventually succeeded in capturing Patrick, though Patrick would escape and flee through an Anomaly. When Patrick was briefly in the ARC's custody, Becker was sympathetic towards Danny after it was discovered Patrick was Danny's brother, but Becker was still serious and unbiased about dealing with Patrick, and recognised that he was a serious danger and insane murderer who had to be contained.





  • Becker was the only recurring character introduced in Series 3 to stay in the series; Danny Quinn was MIA, Jack Maitland left and Sarah Page, Christine Johnson, Captain Wilder and Ross were all killed off.
  • The only episodes/stories Becker was not in during his time with the ARC, was Episode 4.5, Eye Strain and Episode 5.2.


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  2. He's 26 in Series 5 which is set in 2011.