« "Rule number one: anything inexplicable happens, Helen's usually behind it." »
Nick Cutter's later life rule about his wife.[src]

Helen Cutter (née Ambrose[1]) was a scientist with clear and controversial ideas about life on Earth. She disappeared on travels through the Anomalies, leaving her husband Nick Cutter to spend the next eight years searching for her. Unfortunately in her later life, Helen's studies, combined with witnessing a bleak future, led her to believe that humanity was to blame for the destruction of everything beautiful on Earth, so she set out to solve the problem...


Helen Ambrose was born circa 1973[2], and had at least one aunt. Helen and Nick Cutter met in college and they soon had a speedy romance, before getting married; at some point, Cutter met Helen's aunt, who began giving them monographed handkerchiefs as presents every Christmas and birthdays, which caused Nick to think Helen's aunt was mad. (Series 1, Episode 1.3) After the Cutters became zoology professors at the Central Metropolitan University, Stephen Hart was one of Nick and Helen's students, and he later got a job as Cutter's lab technician. Helen and Nick's marriage ran into difficulty through arguments between them, and unbeknownst to Nick, Helen had an affair with Stephen. (Series 1, Episode 1.2, 1.6)

Helen also became obsessed with "evolutionary puzzles" which could not be explained by conventional science. She came up with theories that Cutter found ridiculous, leading to them growing apart even more. (Episode 1.2) Apparently, Helen discovered the Anomalies but did not tell Nick, as she wanted to study them on her own and knew that if Nick found out about them, he would want to expose the Anomalies to the wider scientific community. (Episode 1.3)

Episode 1.1

Episode1.1 3

Helen hiding from the Gorgonopsid. (Episode 1.1)

Circa 1998, Helen came across an Anomaly to the Permian period in the Forest of Dean. She was chased into an Asda supermarket car park by a Gorgonopsid, before fleeing back into the Forest and through the Anomaly into the Permian.

Instead of returning to Nick in the present, Helen subsequently spent eight years travelling through the Anomalies to different eras throughout Earth's past. She also sometimes briefly returned to the present. (Series 1)

One night after Cutter's team's first Anomaly incursion, Helen left an Ammonite on Nick's desk at the Central Metropolitan University as a calling card, and then left (though not before Nick saw her outside in the street).

Episode 1.2

When an Arthropleura trapped Nick Cutter in a side tunnel in the London Underground, he heard Helen whispering his name, and despite searching, she was nowhere to be found. After Stephen was poisoned by the Arthropleura, Helen visited him and gave him a message to give to Nick; that if he wanted to know the truth he had to go through the Underground Anomaly into the Carboniferous, where Helen would be waiting for him. Nick ultimately decided against going through after Helen.

Episode 1.3

While at a shoreline in the Cretaceous, Helen found the body of a Special Forces diver who had come through an Anomaly. She sent it back through along with a handkerchief with her initials on as a message to Nick.

1x3 HelenCaptured

Helen is captured by the Home Office. (Episode 1.3)

Nick subsequently went through the Anomaly to find Helen, who was swimming in a nearby lagoon, and the two had an unhappy reunion at a Hesperornis rookery. Nick tried to convince Helen to come back to the present with him to help with the Anomaly crisis, but Helen instead asked Nick to join her on her travels through the Anomalies and to see the many wonders of the past. However, Nick was unable to forgive Helen for letting him think that she was dead all this time, and Helen was left visibly hurt and enraged by Nick's rejection. Nick then returned through the Anomaly, recognising that the Helen he had known was gone.

Shortly after, before Helen could move on, a squad of Special Forces divers captured her and brought her back through the Anomaly to the present, where she was put into custody by the Home Office.

Episode 1.4

Helen was taken to the Home Office and interrogated by James Lester and Claudia Brown, but she refused to speak to anyone other than Nick. Nick was brought in, and he and Helen argued about the situation; with Helen accusing him of authorising her capture, and Nick denying it and asking her for her information on the Anomalies. Helen lied to Nick that a pack of Smilodon threatened to rampage through London via an Anomaly at a football stadium, so that the Home Office would let Helen lead them to there and therefore unknowingly give Helen a chance to escape through the Anomaly into a Spaghetti Junction.

1x4 Helen+CutterInInterrogation

Helen and Nick are confronted with each other in interrogation. (Episode 1.4)

The ploy worked, with the team taking Helen to football stadium, where Helen led them to the Anomaly in the stadium kitchens. There, while Nick and the others were distracted moving food away from the Anomaly (so that the food didn't attract the Smilodon supposedly on the other side), Helen escaped through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction, and from there she went through another Anomaly before the team could follow her.

Episode 1.5

When the Forest Heights Country Club hotel came under attack by a swarm of Anurognathus with Claudia trapped inside, Helen arrived and saved Claudia from the attacking Anurognathus. Helen led Claudia out of the hotel to safety in the grounds, then lured the Anurognathus swarm into the hotel kitchen, and turned on the ovens and a microwave with metal utensils inside; triggering a gas explosion which destroyed the hotel and killed the Anurognathus, with Helen escaping the explosion and then fleeing and disappearing again.

1x5 HelenRescuesClaudia

Helen saves Claudia from the Anurognathus. (Episode 1.5)

Episode 1.6

At some point, while Helen was in the Permian, she discovered a Future Predator feeding, and was amazed by the creature. However, her amazement caused her to let her guard down, and the Predator noticed Helen and chased her. Helen fled back to the present from the Future Predator through the Forest of Dean Anomaly, but the Predator followed her through. She later came to realise from the Future Predator's lack of resemblance to any prehistoric creature that the only possible explanation was that the Predator was from the future.

After the Future Predator caused three disappearances in the present, Helen - secretly wanting to gain the Home Office team's help, so that she could find the Anomaly in the Permian that the Predator had come through from the future - met up with Stephen at the Central Metropolitan University, and convinced him over a cold beer to set up a meeting with Nick and Lester over the disappearances.

1x6 HelenDemandsMeetingOverBeer

Helen reunites with Stephen to demand a meeting about the new Future Predator incursion. (Episode 1.6)

Helen later met up with Nick, Stephen, Lester and Claudia at a park and told them what she knew about the Future Predator, and made Nick guess that it was a creature from the future. Helen subsequently decided to stay with Nick at his house until the incursion was dealt with, where Helen admitted to Nick that the Future Predator came to the present because it was following her. Later, while Helen and the Home Office team were tracking the Future Predator in the woodland at Wellington Zoo, Claudia thanked Helen for saving her life, and the two argued about Nick's feelings towards them.

Helen and the team later found the Predator's lair at a rural crate storage area, and found that the creature was raising five young there. After the Future Predator was killed and its young captured, Helen convinced Lester to have them used to locate the future Anomaly in the Permian, and convinced him and Nick that the Future Predators were too dangerous for more to be allowed to come through the Anomaly into the Permian and risk changing the past.

That night, Helen tried to get Nick to sleep with her, but he coldly rejected it. The following day, when Helen, Nick, Captain Tom Ryan and two other Special Forces soldiers were preparing to go into the Permian through the Forest of Dean Anomaly, Helen watched in shock as Nick and Claudia kissed passionately, and assumed that Nick had only kissed Claudia to punish her. While the Special Forces soldiers were setting up camp in the Permian, Helen had Nick take a photo of her and Nick realised from it that he had seen the future remains of their camp.

1x6 HelenTriesToGetNickToComeWithHer

Helen, in the aftermath of the soldiers' deaths, argues with Nick about finding the future. (Episode 1.6)

When Helen became excited at the prospect of seeing the future via the Anomaly, a disgusted Nick realised Helen's true motives behind helping the Home Office find the future Anomaly, and angrily rejected Helen's attempt to kiss him. The other parent of the Future Predator young then attacked, killing Captain Ryan and the Special Forces soldier before itself being killed by a Gorgonopsid. After Nick and Helen buried the soldiers' bodies, Helen tried to convince Nick to continue searching for the future Anomaly with her, but Nick decided to return to the present and Helen followed him back through the Anomaly.

After Nick and Helen arrived back in the Forest of Dean in the present, Helen revealed in front of everyone how she'd had an affair with Stephen in the past, and tried to get him to come with her as she didn't want to travel alone anymore. But Stephen refused, and recognising Nick no longer wanted to be with her, Helen returned through the Forest of Dean Anomaly to the Permian to find the future Anomaly on her own.


At some point, Helen apparently managed to travel to the future, and retrieved numerous Future Predators and Neural Clamp technology from there. (Episode 2.7) She also at some point contacted and made a deal with Oliver Leek (who was a Home Office official in charge of the Anomaly operation instead of Claudia Brown in a new timeline that was created while Nick and Helen were searching for the future Anomaly in the Permian), giving him creatures to use in a creature army which Leek intended to use to gain power, and in return Helen would be given the means she needed to conduct her research on the Anomalies and how meddling with them could change the future. (Episode 2.6, 2.7)

Episode 2.2

While in the Cretaceous, Helen was badly injured by a Pteranodon while trying to steal one of its eggs as food. She travelled to Stephen's flat in the Present to seek help from him, and Stephen agreed to help her recover but wanted her gone by the time he returned from dealing with a new Anomaly incursion.


Stephen checks Helen's injury. (Episode 2.2)

Helen did leave, and that night she watched from a car as Nick tried to convince Jenny Lewis (Claudia Brown's doppelganger in the new timeline) of who she was in Nick's timeline.

Episode 2.3

Helen texted Stephen to thank him and to say that she missed him, but he didn't reply.

Episode 2.4

Helen met with Oliver Leek in his car and discussed whether or not Leek was indeed capable of fulfilling his part of their deal. Leek assured Helen that he could indeed do it, and Helen then left.


Helen talks with Stephen about the conspiracy within the ARC. (Episode 2.5)

Episode 2.5

Helen returned to Stephen's flat for a shower, having been slimed while in the Devonian. When Stephen found her, he was very surprised. Helen then tried to convince Stephen that the government couldn't cover up the Anomalies forever, and that there was a conspiracy within the ARC that Nick was aware of. Leek later called Helen to inform her that the mercenaries he had sent through an Anomaly hadn't returned, and that the ARC team had found the Anomaly. Helen then hung up on Leek and was concerned that this could mean Nick would find out about their plans.

Episode 2.6

While Stephen was preparing to head to the M25 to deal with a Columbian Mammoth incursion, Helen visited him and convinced him that Lester was the traitor on the ARC. She also convinced Stephen that they had to expose the Anomalies and the Anomaly operation to the public in order to stop Lester. Stephen planned to tell Nick about how he and Helen had been working against the conspiracy, despite Helen's warnings that Nick would not listen.

Stephen and Helen later met up with the rest of the ARC team on the M25 in the aftermath of the Mammoth incursion, and Nick fired Stephen for being involved with Helen. After Nick hit Stephen during an argument at the ARC, Helen found it ironic that Nick was jealous after claiming not to care about her anymore. Leek later phoned Helen to tell her about his attempt to blow up the ARC with a bomb, and Helen threatened to leave him on his own if he did such a thing again. Helen then left to confront Leek, lying to Stephen that she was going to see an old friend.

After Nick, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland and Jenny were captured by Leek at the latter’s Creature Prison, Helen revealed to Nick that she was working with Leek, and she then showed Leek's creature army to the team.

Episode 2.7

« "Be patient, Stephen. Things can change... More than you'll ever know." »
— Helen Cutter talking to Stephen Hart's grave[src]
Helen watched Nick and Jenny speak about Helen in their cell via a hidden camera. When Helen came to believe from Nick's words that he still loved her, she had Nick and Jenny brought to her and expressed fascination at the similarity and variation between Jenny Lewis and Claudia Brown. Helen also explained to Nick how she wanted to experiment with the Anomalies and how the timeline was capable of changing, and took Nick to the bunker's control room.

Helen discovers Nick was acting when he claimed to still love her. (Episode 2.7)

When Leek had Connor, Abby, Jenny and Caroline Steel placed in a room with a Smilodon, Helen ordered him to save the four but Leek refused and claimed to no longer answer to her. When the Creature Prison's mainframe was disabled by a computer virus, Helen knocked one of Leek's guards out and then found out from Nick that he had been lying in the cell about still being in love with her. Nick would also hand Helen over to Lester once it was over, but Helen escaped when the guard recovered and attacked Nick, allowing Helen to escape while Nick was distracted.

Helen hid in a storage room and called Stephen. She lied to him that she was being held captive by Lester and his men at the Creature Prison, and that Lester had had the team killed. She then told Stephen to come and get her, and waited for him. Shortly after, Stephen arrived and Helen tried to convince him to wait with her on the other side of an Anomaly until it was safe to return to the Present; but Stephen was insistent that they confront Lester.

When Helen and Stephen found Nick, the latter forced Helen to reveal the truth to Stephen, and the three set about trying to stop the creatures escaping the bunker. Helen came up with a plan to use the bunker's food siren to lure the creatures back to the cage room and lock them inside to destroy each other. But while Helen was sealing the cage room's door so that the creatures didn't get back out, a Raptor attacked her, causing her to accidentally break the locking mechanism in the process, until Stephen shot it. Nick then decided that he had to go back into the cage room to lock it from inside despite Helen's pleas, and Stephen went in instead. Helen left sadly as the creatures in the cage room killed Stephen and Nick grieved.


Helen, smiling at the Cleaner Clones. (Episode 2.7)

At some point after the Cleaner's death, Helen apparently used technology she stole from the Future to create dozens of clones of him. After Stephen's funeral, Helen visited his grave and placed an Ammonite on it. She told Stephen that things could change, then looked to her army of Cleaner Clones as they gathered around her.

Extinction Event

Helen watched as Nick left an Anomaly site but didn't approach. She later appeared in Jenny Lewis' car and demanded to know where Nick was, as she hadn't seen him lately and needed to speak with him. Jenny told her he was missing, but Helen didn't believe her and began to leave, only to be caught by Jake Hemple. In the interrogation room of the ARC, Lester and the others wanted to know why Helen wanted to talk to Nick but she refused to say anything. When her interrogators let slip that Nick was in Russia, Helen thought it was interesting and asked if he was in Tunguska.

After some deliberation, they asked Helen what she knew, but she still refused to talk, instead offering to take them into Russia in exchange for her freedom. They reluctantly agreed and Helen led them to a new Anomaly leading to the Early Permian, and despite some trouble from a large number of Dimetrodon, the group went through another Anomaly into a Spaghetti Junction. Helen told them the Spaghetti Junction was one of many and she had never taken time to explore, and didn't share her theories of what the Spaghetti Junctions meant. Helen was unsympathetic when one of the soldiers was dying from a bacterial infection from a Dimetrodon's bite, and recommended the soldiers be merciful and end his misery, but they refused.

Helen led the group through another Anomaly into the Late Cretaceous, and when a Tyrannosaurus attacked, she abandoned them only to be recaptured. They then came across Nick, Abby and some Russians. After greeting her old friend Rina Suvova, Helen told Nick that every Anomaly was becoming more erratic due to the K-T Asteroid heading for the Tunguska Anomaly, but wasn't sure why it was happening exactly, pointing out that she was still a linear being despite her experience. Helen saw no hope for saving the Present if the heavily recurring Anomaly was still open when the meteor hit on the other side, and offered to show Nick the wonders of the Past as she still cared about him, but he refused.

Nick intended to hand Helen over to Lester, but she fled before he could capture her. Helen watched from afar as the group went through the Anomaly and at some point left the Cretaceous herself. Her prediction was wrong and the team managed to close the Anomaly before the asteroid impact.

Primeval Evolved Intro

After the previous incident, Helen hatched a plan and disguised herself using a device that covered her face in a digital mask she found in the Future, and called herself Eve. She then contacted You, the new lab assistant in the ARC. She told You about how Nick Cutter changed history, and enlisted you on a mission to stop history changing again, and warning You to look out for the Artifact.

Episode 3.1

Helen and two of her Cleaner Clones travelled into a Future in which the ARC had created Future Predators which had wiped Humanity out. She watched a squad of soldiers led by Ross were attacked by Predators while trying to retrieve the Artifact, and took the Artifact when Ross left it behind and fled. Helen and one of her Cleaner Clones then fled the Future through an Anomaly.

Helen and her Cleaner Clones returned to the Present, and Helen set about trying to change the Future by stopping the ARC from creating the Future Predators, in order to stop the Predators from destroying Earth's remaining beauty. She set up a base in an abandoned building.

Primeval Evolved Week 1


Helen orders a Cleaner Clone to infiltrate the ARC. (Episode 3.2)

Disguised as Eve, Helen contacted You disguised as Eve and told You about a new theory that Nick was working on. She warned that it would bring about bad consequences, and instructed You to sneak into Cutter's office, take photos of whatever was there and send them to her. After You sent the photos to Helen, she warned You of Christine Johnson and that she was apparently extremely dangerous.

Episode 3.2

« "Qilin, a magical creature from 5th Century China. Amazing what people used to believe, isn't it?" »
— Helen when looking at Sarah's files.
Helen bumped into new ARC employee Sarah Page and took her ID card so that she could use it to gain access to the ARC. She sent a Cleaner Clone into the ARC with the ID card to steal some of Nick's belongings (so that Helen could create a clone of Nick with DNA samples from them), but the Cleaner Clone was killed by Hilary Becker.

A couple nights later, Helen snuck into Nick's house and took DNA samples from a hair and a glass Nick had drunk from. Nick then returned home, but Helen slipped outside before he could find her. She subsequently used the DNA samples she took to clone Nick.

Primeval Evolved Week 2

Disguised as Eve, Helen had You go to Connor's lab and complete his experiment with the Anomalies, then send her photos of the results. Afterwards, Helen expressed worry about the consequences of the ARC being able to influence the Anomalies.


Helen shows Nick the Artifact. (Episode 3.3)

Episode 3.3

« "If you'd seen what I have, you'd understand! I'm sorry, Nick... I wish there was another way!" »
— Helen as she is about to shoot her husband Nick.[src]
Helen prepared her Cleaner Clones for an invasion of the ARC, even forcing one to jump to its death after a drill to prove its loyalty. When a new Anomaly was detected, Helen led her Clones to the ARC, and also took the clone of Nick. She used the clone of Nick to infiltrate the ARC, and then had the Cleaner Clones attack. Helen confronted Lester and Jenny and had them locked up in a storage room with Sarah.

Helen then waited until Nick returned to the ARC, and had Connor and Abby taken away and then confronted Nick about the ARC creating Future Predators in the Future. She also asked him about the Artifact, but Nick lied that he didn't know anything about it. Helen ordered her clone of Nick to shoot the original Nick if he didn't comply, and Nick reluctantly agreed. But at that moment, the ARC team sent a recording of Helen's voice, ordering the clones to do nothing, over the intercom and the Cleaner Clones stood down. Helen then had the Cutter clone detonate a bomb in the ARC and tried to flee, but was knocked out by the explosion.


Helen prepares to kill Nick. (Episode 3.3)

Nick found Helen and took the Artifact off of her, then woke her up. Helen was grateful that Nick had come back for her, but she then pulled a gun on him, claiming that she had to kill him regardless to save the Future. Nick then coldly remarked to Helen that she wasn't as intelligent as he had originally thought, and Helen shot him. She then fled the ARC, weeping over her husband's death.


Primeval Evolved Week 3

Disguised as Eve, Helen instructed You to hack into Christine Johnson's security system and create three uplinks for her. After You discovered that Johnson had a hidden Anomaly in her HQ, Helen warned You not to mention it to anyone.

Helen appeared as Eve several times and gave You secret missions to complete. (Primeval Evolved Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7)

Episode 3.8

With Nick's death having failed to change the Future, Helen blamed Christine Johnson for the Future Predators' creation in the Future. When Captain Joseph Wilder went into the Future, he captured Helen, then disguised as Eve, and took her back through Johnson's Anomaly to the Present. Helen was held captive in Johnson's HQ and her Anomaly Opening Device taken.

Episode 3.9

Johnson later interrogated Helen, who was still disguised as Eve, on who she was and what her Anomaly Opening Device did. Helen asked Johnson to take her to the ARC to warn her of an imminent danger, and was taken back to her cell. Danny Quinn subsequently freed Helen and offered to take her to the ARC after he and the ARC team dealt with an Anomaly incursion.

3.9 danny and eve

Helen in her Eve disguise with Danny. (Episode 3.9)

When the Anomaly closed and a herd of Embolotherium charged towards a campsite, Helen used her Anomaly Opening Device to open a new Anomaly in front of the herd, causing the Embolotherium to charge through. Helen was then taken to the ARC, but not before secretly taking a gun off a soldier. There, Johnson confronted Helen and Sarah, Connor and Becker worked out who Helen was. Helen then took Johnson hostage with the gun she had taken, and her digital mask deactivated to reveal to everyone that it was her. After warning the ARC of their Future role in the Future Predators' creation, Helen fled the ARC with the Artifact and a hostage Johnson, and travelled in a stolen car to Johnson's HQ.

Johnson tried to bribe Helen into letting her go, but Helen told Johnson that she wasn't doing what she was doing for profit. Helen then took Johnson to the latter's Future Anomaly and pushed her through into the Future. The ARC team then arrived, but before they could stop Helen, she went into the Future through the Anomaly and closed it behind her.

Episode 3.10

As the Future still did not change after Johnson's death, Helen decided that the only way to stop the Future Predators from being created was by travelling to the Pliocene and exterminating the first Australopithecus so that Humanity wouldn't evolve to create the Predators in the first place. She also at some point contacted Philip Burton and convinced him to start New Dawn (a project to create a stable, man-made Anomaly as an endless energy resource), most likely as a backup plan in case her mission to wipe out the early Australopithecus failed.


Helen gives the ARC team a warning about their upcoming erasure from time. (Episode 3.10)

When Danny, Connor and Abby found Helen preparing to start her plan in the Future Anomaly Research Centre, Helen captured them and used the Artifact to plot her route through the Anomalies to Pliocene Site 333. Helen then used her Anomaly Opening Device to open an Anomaly to the Cretaceous, and smashed the Artifact. Helen went through the Anomaly and then closed it behind her to stop the ARC team from following her through.

In the Cretaceous, Helen opened another Anomaly in a Pteranodon nest to the Great Rift Valley in the Pliocene, and went through (though not before a Pteranodon attacked her and caused her to lose her Anomaly Opening Device). In the Pliocene, Helen travelled across the Rift Valley to Site 333, where she found a group of twelve Australopithecus by a river and killed them by poisoning the river water.


Helen falls to her death. (Episode 3.10)

When Danny arrived and found the dead Australopithecus, Helen talked with him from atop a nearby cliff, and the two threw words at each about what they thought about humanity and nature; Helen believed that Humanity was a stain on the Earth and that she could stop their evolution, while Danny believed that no matter what Helen did she would not achieve her goal.

Helen was then about to continue on her mission and find and kill the other Australopithecus, when a Raptor arrived and pounced at her; inadvertently knocking them both off the cliff to their deaths. Danny then checked Helen's body for a pulse and found none.

Episode 4.7

After he was marooned in the Pliocene, Danny found Helen's documents about Philip Burton on her body.


Although Helen Cutter was dead, her reign of terror and her destructive crusade to manipulate the Anomalies and destroy humanity would continue through the New Dawn project that she had manipulated Philip into creating. (Episode 4.7, Series 5) New Dawn almost succeeded in destroying life on Earth and bringing about Helen's posthumous victory, but through the efforts of Matt Anderson and the ARC team, New Dawn was successfully stopped and the future saved. (Episode 5.6)

Other references


Nick and the Home Office look at Helen's pictures. (Episode 1.1)

Episode 1.1

  • Nick kept pictures of Helen on his desk and in his wallet.
  • Connor mentioned Helen when trying to convince Nick to come with him to the Forest of Dean.
  • Stephen explained to Connor the nature of Helen's disappearance eight years previously.
  • The next day, Nick and Stephen discussed Helen's disappearance in relation to the Permian Anomaly they had just found.
  • Nick went on a mission to the Permian in hopes of finding Helen but he only found Helen's camera and returned it to the present. The Home Office developed the film and looked at pictures of her on there.

Episode 1.2

Nick and Stephen decided to review Helen's old research papers for references to the Anomaly. When Claudia speculated that Helen was dead after being lost 250 million years in the past, Nick hinted to her that Helen was still alive. Stephen later told Nick and Claudia that he had seen Helen, but Nick pretended that he was hallucinating from the Arthropleura venom. Later Claudia asked Stephen about his encounter with Helen but he had amnesia.

Episode 1.3

Stephen partially remembered seeing Helen and asked Nick why he hadn't told the team yet, Nick explain that he wanted to find out the truth telling anyone and wait for Helen to come back to him instead of searching for her. After Claudia discovered Helen was still alive, she confronted Nick about his knowledge of it, and he explained about Helen's mad old aunt's handkerchief presents. The Home Office team later talked about the revelation of Helen's survival and Lester arranged for Nick and later, the Special Forces divers to go get her from the Cretaceous.

Episode 1.4

Stephen went to Abby's flat to tell her and Connor that Helen was talking about the Anomalies to Nick. After Helen escaped and a flock of Dodos carrying Parasites came to the present through the stadium Anomaly, Lester believed that Helen had deliberately sent them to the present to spark a Parasite pandemic, while Nick denied that Helen was responsible.

Episode 1.5

Claudia told Nick how Helen saved her from the Anurognathus and disappeared like a ghost.

Episode 1.6

Claudia asked Nick if he still loved Helen, but he did not answer, and she then explained about how Helen saving her complicated the situation compared to when she was "the enemy". Stephen told Nick, Lester and Claudia that Helen wanted a civil meeting with them and make a deal that if she helped them she get of the Home Office wanted list.

Episode 2.1

When Nick and Stephen were discussing the latter's past affair with Helen, Nick called Helen mad and claimed that she had never truly cared about either of them.

Episode 2.2

When Stephen returned to his flat, he called out for Helen and was relieved that she was not still there.

Episode 2.5

When Stephen confronted Nick about a traitor within the ARC, Nick jokingly said "You sound like Helen".


The old Home Office recording of Helen's interrogation (Episode 3.3/1.4

Episode 3.2 and 3.3

Nick correctly theorised that Helen was behind the creation of the Cleaner clones and expected to encounter her soon.

Later on when locking in a storage cupboard, Lester got Sarah to use the recording of Helen Cutter's interrogation from when the Home Office captured her, to recreate her voice to stop the Cleaner clones.

Episode 3.5

When Danny Quinn broke into the ARC, Jenny Lewis initially feared that the intruder was Helen.

Webisode 1

Lester said that although the rescue attempts to retrieve Connor, Abby and Danny had failed, the mission achieved its goal as there was no sign of Helen; he said about her "nasty woman, wore a lot of khaki".

Webisode 5

When Jess Parker was confused because she thought the old team followed Helen Cutter into the future but had heard people talking about the past and early humans, Becker explained in private that when the others didn't return, Sarah deciphered something in Helen Cutter's diary about Site 333 in the Great Rift Valley, where the ancestors of humanity evolved; Sarah was always certain that Helen was trying to find her way back to the Pliocene to murder humanity's ancestors, which would negate humanity's evolution. Jess remarked that Helen was "seriously messed up".

Episode 4.1

Connor found Helen's Anomaly Opening Device in a Raptor nest and used it to return him and Abby home.


Danny checking Helen's body for a pulse. (Episode 3.10)

Episode 4.5

Gideon Anderson claimed that Helen had been a great danger to humanity due to her knowledge of the Anomalies and her mission to wipe out humanity's ancestors.

Episode 4.7

When Lester asked Danny if Helen Cutter was dead, he replied "as a Dodo." Later, Danny warned Matt Anderson of the documents on Helen's body that mentioned Philip.

Episode 5.1

When discussing Connor's loyalties with April Leonard, Philip instructed April to figure out if Danny had told anybody else about his alliance with Helen Cutter.

Episode 5.3

Abby warned Connor that according to Danny, Helen and Philip knew each other; but Connor already knew from Philip himself, and biasedly rejected Abby's accusations, believing that Helen had simply heard of him, because he was a famous scientist.

Helen Series 5

New Dawn's file on Helen. (Episode 5.4)

Episode 5.4

In the New Dawn Facility, Connor found a photo and a voice recording of Helen Cutter on the database, which confirmed that Philip had indeed been in an alliance with Helen.

Episode 5.6

After the New Dawn Anomaly was created by Philip, Connor initially felt that Helen had posthumously won because of him. When the Anomaly started expanding out of control, Philip realised that Helen had, by exploiting his ambition and ego, tricked him into destroying humanity.


Helen was a great genius, but she was unfortunately also a nihilistic social darwinist and a misanthropic sociopath, whose intellect wound up becoming a tool for her futile efforts to control the Anomalies. Cold, callous and insensitive, Helen showed practically no empathy or pity towards others' deaths and suffering, and was entirely unconcerned about human life; she saw humans as just another race of animals, that could and would eventually die off and which were expendable and replaceable to nature. Due to Helen's sociopathic apathy towards human life and death and the way she thought of love, empathy and goodness as abstract concepts invented by humans, Helen was not only considered insane by many, but was also called out by Nick Cutter and Jake Hemple as being practically unworthy to be called a human being; an observation which invoked silent rage and offence from her.

Helen's will was extremely powerful, and she could simultaneously act naive and innocent to those she wanted to manipulate, whilst secretly carrying out her own plans. She could also manipulate and trick other people by using their own egos and other personality traits against them. Helen knew when other highly intelligent and forceful people would themselves have their own agendas and act on them as mercilessly as her; but Helen could simply integrate such people into her grand schemes, and manipulate them. Helen mastered the bigger picture, for instance bypassing ARC security on more than one occasion, and overthrowing anyone or anything in the way of her plans; no matter how so and how long it took. Only Nick Cutter thought as fast as Helen, or at times faster; and Helen was, in many subtle ways, inferior to Nick Cutter in terms of foresight and insight, as well as consistency in keeping an open mind and overall ethics of course. This angered Helen, especially when she wanted to know something Nick refused to share or laughed off in his dour manner.

Helen could not see that her own scheming was no match for the reality of nature, and the constant harmony of balance that nature has already without any radical solutions and disturbances; she wanted to change the world in many profound ways, even retorting Nick's question of what if she destroys Humanity in her 'experiments', with the flippant claim that she'd bring it back again. Helen was also arrogant about her belief that she could control her actions' consequences, and considered her own power limitless.

Helen possessed an unspecified level of knowledge of the Anomalies, enough to be able to almost perfectly predict and travel through them to any time periods she wished. Helen was also long known as a kind of maverick, within her original profession of Evolutionary Zoology/Palaeontology. Her theories on evolution began to draw significant negative attention from her colleagues none more so than her own husband. This led to both her alienation in terms of her profession, and in terms of her marriage with Nick Cutter; the latter caused Helen to cheat on her husband with Stephen Hart, a student friend to them both.

Dangerous in terms of her firm grasp of science and theoretical thought, and an exemplary human survivalist, Helen was well able to survive in highly deadly and hostile time periods, including the Permian and the Cretaceous. Her reflexes and fighting abilities were varied and vicious. Helen became virtually fearless of most animals. and she rarely showed emotion, but she did love her husband, as she was tearful about killing him to try and change the future, and wept after shooting him dead.

In her later life, sometime after Stephen's death, Helen travelled to a future world where humanity and everything else was apparently extinct because of man-made Predators. She appeared to become unstable and she became convinced that she had to restore nature in the future at at any cost by doing thinks she would not have previously done, including killing her much loved husband Nick (whom she had previously made Leek promise not to hurt him), setting off a bomb in the Anomaly Research Centre, (which she had previously scolded Leek for trying to do), kidnapping Christine Johnson before allowing her to be killed by the predators (which she now despised, despite previously being obsessed with them). When none of those worked, she fell back on her disdain for humanity and became set on wiping out the entire race back when they were hominids. She even believed and did not care that her actions would wipe herself from time despite having previous knowledge that because she was in the past when changing the timeline she would be safe, apparently she forgot this, indicating she was not of her usual sound mind. It was unknown what caused Helen to obsess over the future disaster, especially since she'd previously looked upon bigger extinction events than humanity's end as being nothing to nature and something there was no point trying to fight or delay. This willingness to see to humanity's demise would lead her to conspire with Philip Burton to create the New Dawn Anomaly; ironically, in trying to save the planet by eradicating humanity, Helen had nearly ensured the permanent demise of all life on Earth by turning it into a sterile wasteland.





  • Helen Cutter's exact knowledge of the Anomalies has never been made clear and how she came by her knowledge; sometimes she claimed to be able to control them and know exactly when they were about to open. However she never really demonstrated her knowledge.
  • It was never stated what kind of scientist Helen was, what she taught at the Central Metropolitan University and whether she was a professor or not.
  • Series 1 is the only series where Helen appears in every episode.
  • The reason for the changes in Helen's personality (and sanity) between Series 1-Series 2 compared to Series 3 is never properly explained, however the producers said they wanted to turn her in to a villain, that she was now crazy and beyond therapy. [3]


  1. Confirmed by the producers
  2. Circa 1973, as Helen Cutter was confirmed to be 36 in 2009 by the producers. However, Helen spent an unconfirmed amount of time traveling through the Anomalies so her age would almost certainly be distorted from the number of years in the 'present' since she was born.
  3. As stated by the producers in the Audio commentaries for Episode 3.3 and 3.10


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