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« "Unless I missed my guess; we're looking at the future evolution of a shark." »
Nick Cutter[src]

The Future Shark was an unnamed shark species from the future. They apparently lived near the shoreline inhabited by Mer Creatures.


Future Sharks were tan/brown in colour and were close to the size of an average car and had a similar anatomy to modern day sharks, though they additionally had a cartilaginous spikes on both their dorsal fins, both pectoral fins but none on their pelvic fins. The Sharks had evolved an extendable proboscis in its jaws, described as a tongue covered in teeth, which it used to grab prey and pull it into its jaws.


Episode 2.4

A Future Shark came through an Anomaly to a warehouse in the Isle of Dogs in the present and made its way through pipelines to a nearby canal. Later that night, while the Anomaly Research Centre team were scouring for creatures, the Future Shark started swimming towards Jenny Lewis when she fell into the water. However, Stephen Hart managed to shoot and kill the Shark before it could reach Jenny.

The Future Shark's body was subsequently taken back to the Anomaly Research Centre, where the team theorised, from its proboscis, that it was from the future. Nick Cutter then cut the Shark's body open to seach the contents of its stomach for evidence of Lucien Hope, however the Shark had only consumed his basketball and his shoe. The Shark's body was presumably destroyed afterwards.



The Future Shark prosthetic model.

  • The Future Shark was completely portrayed by a prosthetic model without any CGI animation.
  • The Future Shark prosthetic model had a "zipper" on its belly to simulate being cut open and could have a water hose connected to the back in order to release "gastric juices".
  • The dorsal fin of the Future shark bears a striking resemblance to that of Hybodus; a genus of shark from the Jurassic Period.

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