The Future Maggot was a large, maggot-like creature from the future. It is uncertain whether or not it was the same species as Megopteran.


The Future Maggot was a maggot or maggot-like worm, about the size of a dog. It spat a green slime, and it was shown to live in dark, underground bunkers in the future city where Megopteran nests were located.

Incursions and encounters

Episode 3.8


The Maggot before being pushed away by Danny.

When Jack Maitland was trapped in an old underground bunker in the future city, a Future Maggot arrived through old pipes regularly and squirted slime in Jack's face. When Danny Quinn came into the bunker to save Jack, he disgustedly pushed the Maggot away.

Behind the scenes

  • According to the producers of Primeval, and Abby's sketchbook in Primeval Evolved, the Future Maggot is in fact a Megopteran larva. However, it was shown in Episode 3.8 that Megopteran hatchlings are miniature versions of the adults when they emerge from their hosts. Due to this, fans have questioned whether the Megopteran and the Future Maggot are indeed the same species.
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