Eye Strain is the first ever comic strip story based on the ITV science-fiction series Primeval. It was released in Totally Primeval.


An anomaly leading to the Cretaceous opens at London's south bank next to Big Ben, and a rogue pterosaur comes through. Matt Anderson, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland quickly arrive and try to get the pterosaur back through. Somehow, Matt manages to mount the creature and tries to fly it back through. The pterosaur lands on Big Ben, letting Matt fall off, and he is left hanging on for dear life. Connor and Abby quickly hack into the London Eye's computer system and turn on its Christmas lights.

The pterosaur flies off the building and goes to investigate the strange lights. Once the creature gets close Connor turns up the lights to full power, blinding the creature and sending it flying back through the anomaly. Once the creature goes back through, Connor and Abby covered up the incident by telling a news reporter that it was a hoax terrorist attack.


  • Writer: Rik Hoskin
  • Artist: Brian Williamson
  • Colourist: Digikore
  • Letterer: Jimmy Betancourt
  • Editor: Hannah Tibbetts
  • Producer: Titan Comics for Totally...








  • This is the first comic strip story based on Primeval.
  • During an interview with Titan Magazines they revealed that Eye Strain, along with Picture This!, took place between Episode 4.6 and Episode 4.7.
  • Matt's profile claims he is from the Present, despite this story being published long after the revelation that he is from the Future in Episode 4.7.

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