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Evan Cross is a wealthy visionary inventor who lived in Vancouver, and the president of Cross Photonics and the old friend and business partner of Angelika Finch. Evan is also the founder and leader of the Cross Photonics Special Projects Group, an Anomaly containment project, after his wife was killed by an Albertosaurus.



As a child, Evan was apparently one of the last to be picked for sports teams in P.E. at school. (Undone) In Evan's adult years, he and his old partner Angelika Finch made four attempts to start their own business. The first three companies they started went bankrupt, but the fourth, Cross Photonics, was successful. (Fear of Flying) At some point in his life, Evan met and married Brooke.

2006 Albertosaurus incursion

On 15 September, 2006, when Evan and Brooke were returning home from a vacation on an island, Evan decided to drive through and check out an industrial district on the way home. (The Sound of Thunder: Part 1) There, Evan's cellphone picked up magnetic interference from within a for-lease warehouse, and he and Brooke then investigated despite Brooke's reluctance. The two broke into the building, and found an Anomaly there. (The New World)

An Albertosaurus then attacked Brooke and Evan, and killed Brooke despite Evan's attempts to save her. The Albertosaurus next attacked Evan, but he was saved and pulled out of the creature's way by Mac Rendell. (The New World) After forcing the Albertosaurus back through the Anomaly, Mac told Evan that the Anomaly was a portal to his home and begged Evan to send him back through; but the Anomaly then closed before Evan could drag Mac through, and Mac then died in Evan's arms of his injuries. (Truth)

NW1x1 EvanWatchesBrookeDie

Evan attempts to save Brooke as the Albertosaurus kills her. (The New World)

After Brooke's death

Following the Albertosaurus incident, Evan subsequently covered Brooke's death up as being caused by a bear attack. (Fear of Flying) He also had Cross Photonics buy the for-lease facility that had been the Anomaly site, as Cross Photonics' headquarters, and kept Mac's body frozen within the facility.

When Evan went to London to explain Mac's death to his family, he met Mac's 19-year-old self and realised that the Mac that had saved him from the Albertosaurus was from the future. Evan subsequently recruited the 19-year-old Mac as a Cross Photonics security guard in Vancouver (so as to change Mac's future and negate his death by the Albertosaurus, as gratitude for saving Evan from the Albertosaurus), and never told Mac of the former's encounter with Mac's now-alternate future self. (Truth)

Evan spent the next five - six years hunting and trying to study the Anomalies along with his old friend Tony Drake and his Special Projects Group at Cross Photonics. (The New World, Truth) Approximately a year after Brooke's death, when Evan invented a successful device that Howard Kanan had been working on, Kanan believed that Evan had copied Kanan's work and sued him for patent infringement, but the courts sided with Evan. (Breakthrough)

The New World

In December 2011 – January 2012, Evan and Drake were chasing and attempting to study a recurring Anomaly in Stanley Park, but each time the Anomaly opened it would close before Evan and Drake could reach it.

The day after one of Evan and Drake's unsuccessful attempts to reach and study the Stanley Park Anomaly before it closed again, shortly after Evan and Mac arrived at the Cross Photonics building, upon learning that Mac found his current position as security guard quiet, Evan decided that Mac was ready to be promoted to Special Projects Group, and so took him to the Tank. On the way to there, Evan and Mac ran into Ange, who was upset with Evan for missing a meeting with Dave Simmons of UmiGen Technologies that day over Cross Photonics' Anomaly project, but Evan felt that it was necessary and that the Special Projects Group were getting closer to a breakthrough with the Anomaly project. At the Tank, Evan explained the appearance of the Stanley Park Anomaly the previous night to Toby as the two introduced Mac to the Special Projects, and the team decided to set a magnetometer network up in the Park to track the Anomaly. Evan, Toby and Mac then immediately left for Stanley Park, with Evan searching around the Park alone while Mac and Toby set the magnetometer system up.

NW1x1 EvanMeetsConnor

Evan is visited by Connor Temple. (The New World)

In the Park, Evan came across a clearing filled with items, but Dylan Weir arrived before he could investigate any further, and Evan and Dylan discussed Tony Drake and whether or not Predator Control suspected any animal attacks in Stanley Park (which Evan secretly feared were actually caused by creatures from the local Anomaly). Evan and Dylan then noticed a large creature in the nearby vegetation stalking them, and Evan realised that the Stanley Park Anomaly was open nearby when Dylan's phone was disrupted. Evan then used his handheld detector to quickly track the Anomaly to under a bridge (with Dylan following him), and began to study it until a Utahraptor arrived. The raptor attacked and forced Evan and Dylan through the Anomaly into the Cretaceous, and Dylan and Evan then fled back through the Anomaly just before it closed with the Utahraptor on the Cretaceous side.

Evan subsequently took a shocked Dylan with him back to the Tank, where the former revealed his photos of the Anomaly and the Utahraptor to Mac and Dylan and how the Anomalies were temporal portals, and Evan also enthusiastically showed it to Ange and how he had been right all along. Toby and Mac also learned that Evan had seen the Anomalies before, although Evan denied already knowing they were spacetime rifts, and when Ange and Dylan discussed alerting other authorities to the Anomaly phenomenon, Evan decided to call Drake to tell Dylan about Drake's secret with Evan about the Anomalies.

When the group learned that Drake was tracking a new creature at a SkyTrain service tunnel, Evan, Mac and Dylan rushed by van to the scene; but on the way to the tunnel, Drake was attacked by the creature while on the phone with them, and when the trio reached the Service Tunnel, they found that the creature had killed Drake. Evan subsequently watched, both upset and impressed, as Dylan overcame her grief to examine Drake's body and confirm there was another creature on the loose. Connor Temple then arrived to talk with Evan, and Evan demanded to know who he was upon seeing that Connor wore the same insignia the alternate Mac Rendell had. Evan demanded that Connor tell him what he knew about the Anomalies or at least help stop them, but Connor refused; he simply warned Evan of the timeline's fragile state, and told Evan that all Evan and his Special Projects Group could do was put everything that came through the Anomalies back where it belonged to stop history from unravelling, and keep the Anomalies as secret as possible. Connor then left, leaving Evan troubled and wondering about the ARC that Connor and the alternate Mac worked for and about what Connor had told him.

Dylan then explained to Evan and Mac that from what she had seen of the various creature victims including Drake, it would appear that there were two creatures still loose in present day Vancouver: another Utahraptor, and an avian predator. The group then learned from Detective Harlow that the creatures had attacked again in Stanley Park and a boy, Trevor Molison, had been abducted by the creatures, and Evan, Mac and Dylan rushed to the Park to save Trevor, but the police refused to allow Mac or Evan access. Fearing that the unprepared police officers would be massacred by the creatures if they went into the Park themselves in search of Trevor, Evan resorted to calling Ange and getting her to find a way to get him and Mac access to Stanley Park.

NW1x1 EvanHauntedByARC

Evan is troubled by the ARC and the alternate timeline Mac's past. (The New World)

After Evan and Mac got access to the Park, they went in ahead of the police with Dylan, and Evan and Dylan searched together for Trevor while Mac searched separately. Evan, Mac and Dylan managed to track Trevor to a Pteranodon's nest in the Park by a distress call Trevor was sending Evan over the radio, and Evan and Dylan hid from the Pteranodon's sight while Dylan attempted to tranquilise it. When the tranquiliser took too long to take effect, Evan resorted to coming out of hiding and luring the Pteranodon far enough away from the nest to rescue Trevor. Mac then distracted the Pteranodon as it passed out from the tranquiliser, while Evan rescued Trevor from the nest. The remaining Utahraptor then arrived and attacked Evan and Trevor, until the Pteranodon briefly recovered and the two creatures killed each other.

Evan subsequently had the dead Utahraptor and Pteranodon taken back to Cross Photonics and frozen in the freezer room until the Special Projects Group could return the dead creatures to their home time. Afterwards, while Toby took Mac to continue introducing him and showing him around the Tank, Evan stayed to himself, thinking about the original 2006 Albertosaurus incursion that had resulted in Brooke's death. Evan went to the alternate Mac's frozen body in the cold room former Anomaly site, and was troubled by who the ARC were and about what Connor had told him.


After returning to Cross Photonics with Ange one morning from a presentation to UmiGen, Ange introduced Evan to Lieutenant Ken Leeds of Project Magnet, who had helped Evan and the Special Projects Group get past the police in the Stanley Park incursion a week earlier. Evan was unhappy that the military were now in the Anomaly operation as well, and turned away Leeds' offers to help and support Evan's Anomaly project, becoming haunted when Leeds let slip that he knew the truth about how Brooke had died. Evan subsequently went to Mac and Toby in the Tank to activate and test out Toby's new Anomaly detector, and when it picked up dozens of Anomaly signals throughout British Columbia, Evan realised that the majority of them were phantom signals from radio signals and hospital MRI scans. However, Evan and Mac noticed that one signal on a coastline had to have been a real Anomaly, and Mac and Evan immediately left and drove to the area.

There, Evan and Mac tracked the Anomaly along a cliff and found the Anomaly was underwater in the bay at the bottom of the cliff. Dylan then arrived and joined Mac and Evan, having been led to the incursion by Leo John, and the four spotted a Titanoboa swimming in the bay after coming through the Anomaly. When the creature ignored a canoer out on the bay in a kayak, this left Evan and the group confused. Evan also asked for Dylan to help him and Mac with the Anomalies and offered to recruit her into the Special Projects Group. Dylan was reluctant as she was more focused on keeping her job with Predator Control, and when Evan commented that Dylan's life was small with Predator Control, this upset Dylan and she left. Evan then had Mac go get a boat (with, to Evan's chagrin, several Cross Photonics credit cards) and go out into the bay and isolate the Anomaly site, while Evan went down to the bay shore to track the Titanoboa.

NW1x2 EvanFindsTitanoboaVomit

Evan finds the Titanoboa's victims' vomited remains on the shoreline. (Sisiutl)

There, Evan called Toby to tell her that he and Mac had located the Anomaly, and instructed her to send out a warning to boaters to stay away from the bay where the Anomaly and the Titanoboa were. A repulsed Evan eventually found a regurgitated pile of digested bones and items from the Titanoboa's devoured victims, and took a photo of the vomited remains on his phone and sent it to Toby. Evan subsequently phoned Dylan about what he had found, sending her the picture as well, and Dylan warned Evan that the Titanoboa was not an eel but a snake, and could therefore come onto land, and warned Evan to get away. However, Evan went against Dylan's warning and followed the Titanoboa tracks to a storm drain, and decided to go in to find the creature. Evan called Toby and had her find the plans for the sewage system so Evan didn't get lost, before heading in through the storm drain and searching through the sewage tunnels for the Titanoboa.

As Evan searched through the drains, he unintentionally drew the Titanoboa towards his locations when he banged his torch, and when Evan heard the creature coming, he fled from it through the drain tunnels, until Leo pulled him into a pipe where they hid from the Titanoboa as it passed by. Leo and Evan subsequently tried to reach the local Merison Oil loading facility, and eventually came to another storm drain above through which they tried to exit. Evan and Leo climbed up the ladder to the drain cover, but it was locked in place from the outside, and the two were trapped at the top of the drain when the Titanoboa returned and cornered them up there from the bottom of the ladder. Dylan eventually arrived and helped Evan and Leo escape up the drain from the Titanoboa. When the team learned that the Titanoboa hunted by sound and would likely head through the sewers to the oil loading facility, Evan had Toby get the facility evacuated, and Evan and Dylan then rushed to the evacuating facility.

At the facility, when the Titanoboa arrived and cornered Dylan, Evan lured it off through the facility, shutting the facility's machinery down along the way so that there would be less noise to keep the Titanoboa drawn to it, until the Titanoboa cornered Evan and Detective Harlow on a catwalk. The Titanoboa left the oil-loading facility and returned to the drains, and when Evan realised that the drains ran directly under a protest outside the facility, he had Mac work harder from his boat in the bay to make loud enough sound ad vibrations to draw the Titanoboa through the drains back to the Anomaly site.

NW1x2 Evan+LeoHideFromTitanoboa

Evan and Leo hide in the drains from the Titanoboa. (Sisiutl)

Evan and Dylan immediately headed back to the bay where the Anomaly was located, and watched from the cliff above as Mac's motorboat's noise from the motor drew the Titanoboa back into the bay. Evan instructed Mac to try and lure the Titanoboa back through the Anomaly, but when Mac was forced to turn the boat off when the Anomaly briefly faded and interference from the Anomaly then stopped it turning back on, Mac tried to use a box filled with motorised devices to lure the Titanoboa into the Anomaly. Evan was concerned strongly when Mac went into the water to make the box sink, but the plan ultimately worked without Mac beingharmed, and the Titanoboa was returned through the Anomaly, which then closed. Evan, Mac, Dylan and Leo afterwards discussed the incursion, and realised that the Anomaly in the bay must have been recurring for centuries, allowing the Titanoboa through into the bay each time, and it and the Titanoboa must have inspired the legends of Sisiutl and the water moon. Evan and Dylan then left, with Dylan accepting Evan's offer that she join the Special Projects Group.

Fear of Flying

While Evan was out jogging in the morning, Toby called him to inform him of a new Anomaly alert at Spring River Airport on the airport's runway. Evan instructed Toby to hack the local CCTV to get a feed video of the Anomaly, and to call Mac and have him meet up with Evan at the Airport. Evan subsequently went with Dylan to Spring River Airport at the air strip where the giant Anomaly was, and Evan was upset to find that Mac had brought Samantha Sedaris along to the Anomaly incursion and thus Sam now also knew about the Anomalies. Mac assured Evan that he hadn't intended to reveal the Anomalies to Sam, and Evan agreed that they could use Sam's firepower against any creatures that came through the Anomaly.

When Toby sent Evan and the team a video that showed the missing cargo plane Eastern Airlines Flight 443 accidentally flying into the Anomaly as the Anomaly opened, Evan set with the team about going through the Anomaly on a search-and-rescue to find the plane crew on the other side and bring them back through to the present, despite Dylan's reluctance. Evan ordered Mac and Samantha to stay behind to guard the Anomaly in the present while the former and Dylan were on the other side, and Evan and Dylan then went through the Anomaly in search of the missing plane's crew.

NW1x3 EvanWorkingOnPlane

Evan repairing the beetle-besieged plane from the inside in the Jurassic. (Fear of Flying)

Upon coming out on the other side of the Anomaly, Dylan and Evan found that it was a dark desert in the Jurassic, with the plane landed a short distance away, and that the other side of the Anomaly was aerial and therefore they would have to find a means of heading up to it to get back through to the present. Evan and Dylan then made their way across the desert to the plane, where they were greeted and let on board by the laid-back veteran pilot Jim and his co-pilot Pallavi Grewal. Evan decided with Jim to try and repair the plane so that they could use it to fly back through the Anomaly to the present, and Evan and Jim then went out to repair the plane's wheel strut while Dylan and Pallavi replaced the circuitry inside.

While Evan and Jim were outside the plane working, as they finished fixing the wheel strut, swarms of carnivorous Jurassic Beetles attacked, killing Jim. When Dylan caused a fire out by Evan, Evan escaped past the swarms back onto the plane, and he, Dylan and Pallavi then sealed themselves inside from the Beetles. Evan and Dylan subsequently set about finishing the repairs to the plane from inside to fly in it back through the Anomaly, and began stripping and cannibalising wire to repair the plane's circuitry. As Evan and Dylan did this, they discussed how Dylan knew to repel the Beetles with fire and how light attracted them, and the trio also found that the Jurassic Beetles outside were eating the plane's window seals and thus they had a limited time to repair the plane and fly it back out of the Jurassic before the Beetles ate into and infested the plane.

After learning from Pallavi where the plane's batteries were, Evan began breaking with icepicks into the floor to reach the plane batteries to continue the repairs to the circuitry. Afterwards, as Evan continued fixing the plane's wiring, he and Dylan discussed what would happen to them if the Anomaly closed and left them marooned in the past before they could fly the plane back through, and Evan jokingly suggested to Dylan, who laughs it off, that they could end up having children in the past and starting the human race. Just afterwards, Pallavi began to lose composure further, which upset Evan due to the trio needing her to fly the plane back through the Anomaly once the plane was repaired, and Dylan and Evan began discussing how Dylan had handled Drake's death.

NW1x3 EvanOnFire

Evan and Dylan run on fire across the Jurassic desert from the killer beetles. (Fear of Flying)

After Evan and Dylan finished the repairs, they calmed Pallavi into trying to start the plane up to fly it back through the Anomaly, but found that the plane was out of fuel due to a leak in the fuel tanks. Evan was initially upset about this, until he and Dylan realised that they could siphon gasoline from a generator onboard the plane and fill the empty fuel tank up with it. Evan and Dylan subsequently began breaking through the plane floor into the fuel tank, and as they did, Dylan discussed Evan's past with him and began to work out the truth behind Brooke's death and that a creature had been responsible.

After Evan and Dylan began refilling the plane's fuel tank with gasoline and sealing the tank up, Evan convinced Pallavi that they could now fly the plane back through the Anomaly. However, just as Pallavi was about to start the plane up, the Jurassic Beetles broke into the cockpit through the windshield, overrunning it and killing Pallavi while Evan and Dylan sealed the cockpit to stop the Beetles reaching them. With the plan to use the plane to fly back through the Anomaly now impossible, Evan and Dylan came up with a new plan - to use blankets doused in a layer of water under gasoline and then set them on fire to repel the beetles while the two ran out across the desert back to the Anomaly.

Evan and Dylan set this plan into motion, using it to successfully get out of the plane, past the Beetles to the Anomaly, and Dylan and Evan then used the burning blankets to form a protective circle under the Anomaly to keep the Beetles out and away from the duo. Evan began throwing a makeshift anchor up through the Anomaly to try and hoist himself and Dylan up to the Anomaly and back through to the Airport in the present. Just in time as the fires went out and the Beetles began to overrun them, Evan and Dylan were pulled by Mac with the makeshift anchor up from the Beetle-infested desert and back through the Anomaly to the Airport in the present, as Mac and Samantha fought a giant, flying queen beetle there and managed to send it back through the Anomaly. Afterwards, with the incursion dealt with, Evan set about ensuring Jim and Pallavi weren't forgotten by keeping a last message to her family Pallavi had written in the Jurassic.

Angry Birds


Evan and Dylan are taken hostage after stumbling upon a marijuana grow-op. (Angry Birds)

When a new Anomaly was detected in New Westminster, Evan blew off his most important UmiGen meeting to deal with the new Anomaly with the Special Projects Group. Evan ordered Toby to wait for Mac and then come with him to deal with the Anomaly, while Evan and Dylan went ahead to the Anomaly site. At New West, Dylan and Evan tracked the Anomaly to an abandoned train yard, where they unintentionally stumbled upon a professional cannabis-growing operation. They were found and taken hostage by Blake and Skeezer, the duo behind the weed crop, who took their cellphones, wildlife tasers and Anomaly detectors off them. As Evan and Dylan tried to convince Blake and Skeezer that they didn't care anything about the weed, they learned that Skeezer and Blake had already seen something - Skeezer's new bird, Leggy, turned out to be a Titanis walleri, having no doubt come through the Anomaly.

Dylan predicted that there would probably also be predatory adults on the loose around the place, which Evan used as an excuse for Blake and Skeezer to release them so they could get rid of the creatures. Blake agreed to let Evan go out to find any other Terror Birds, but forced Dylan to stay with him and Skeezer as a bargaining chip. Evan went out in search of any other Terror Birds, armed only with a rebar, and found there were indeed adult Birds on the loose when one of them attacked and pursued him among the train carriages. The Terror Bird was stopped when Mac arrived and overdosed it with transquiliser shots - but not before the creature badly injured Evan by cutting his leg with its beak - just before another Terror Bird attacked, forcing Evan, Mac and Ken Leeds (who'd been led to Evan and Dylan's location by Ange) to lock themselves in a train cart against the creature.

NW1x4 Evan+LeedsVsTerrorBird

Evan and Leeds run into each-other while being hunted by a Terror Bird. (Angry Birds)

While Leeds patched up Evan's leg wound, the trio set about finding a way of fighting off the Terror Bird before it managed to break in (with Mac having used up his ammo on the other Bird), and resorted to using screwdrivers as darts against the creature. Fortunately, the Terror Bird eventually went off in search of other prey, allowing Evan, Mac and Leeds to escape the train cart without a fight, and meet back up with Dylan and Toby. When the Terror Bird killed Blake and resumed its pursuit of the others, Evan, Dylan and Leeds set about finding a way to trap and neutralise the Bird, while Toby and Leeds went off to find and contain the Anomaly. The trio came up with the idea of turning the train cart containing the cannabis crop into a hot box, then luring the Terror Bird in and trapping it to become doped and pass out. Dylan lured the Terror Bird into the hot box before Evan and Mac sealed it in, and their plan worked.

After the Terror Birds were all neutralised, Evan and the Special Projects Group had Leeds send them (included the corpse of the one killed by Mac) back through the Anomaly, then isolate the site until the Anomaly closed. At the end of the day, as the group all discussed Leeds' role in cleaning up the Terror Bird incursion, Evan decided that he was probably wrong and that Leeds could indeed be helpful in cleaning up Anomaly incursions, but made it clear that it still didn't make them friends.



Clean Up on Aisle Three


Babes in the Woods






The Great Escape


The Inquisition


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1


The Sound of Thunder: Part 2



Evan Cross was a very intelligent, inventive and fast-thinking man, who became devoted to investigating the Anomalies following the 2006 Albertosaurus incursion which resulted in Brooke's death. Evan was usually composed, witty and collected, although he was willing to be more impulsive when innocent people's lives were in immediate mortal danger. However, underneath his intelligence and exterior, Evan had been left deeply haunted and scarred by a combination of Brooke's death and his self-blame for failing to save her; due to watching his wife's death by an Albertosaurus in the 2006 incursion, Evan was strongly focused on and devoted to saving others from the Anomalies and the creatures at all costs, even at the risk of his own life, and on trying to spare others from the grief and suffering he'd endured when Brooke was killed. This in turn meant that others suffering the consequences of mistakes Evan had made was Evan's Achilles heel; a notable example of this side of Evan surfacing at its most prominent was when Samantha Sedaris and Bill Pierson were killed by a Lycaenops that Evan had kept alive, which left Evan deeply guilt-ridden for a time, although he recovered and got over it a little quicker than Mac.

After being warned about the Anomalies' history-altering ability, Evan was determined to send everything that came through the Anomalies back to where they belonged at all costs, due to fear of how greatly not doing so could change history for the worse. However, unlike Dylan, Evan admitted that he felt no personal sympathy for the creatures, and was only determined to keep them alive to avoid changing history, and he also once confessed that he would personally prefer to kill every creature they encountered, due to Brooke's death. Evan was known to have a problem with and lack of regard for authority - towards which he was defiant, stubborn and indifferent - and to have a habit of ignoring and forgetting about appointments and meetings. He also wouldn't submit to threats or tolerate being bossed around by others, unless his friends were in serious trouble and surrendering was the last, only way to get them out.


Dylan Weir

Evan was impressed at Dylan's ability to do her job in spite of heavy emotional blows, and encouraged her to expand her life to beyond Predator Control. After Dylan joined the SPG, she and Evan frequently worked together as partners in the field and developed a strong trust and faith in each-other. However, Evan seemed to be either unaware of or ignoring Dylan's romantic interest in him.

Mac Rendell

After recruiting Mac as gratitude for Mac's alternate self saving his life in 2006, Evan developed a strong friendship and with Mac, and Evan became upset at himself when he failed Mac because of his actions (i.e., letting a Lycaenops live at the cost of Samantha's life, and the emotional repercussions when Mac learned about Evan changing his future). After Mac learned the truth about his alternate self and Evan changing the life he was supposed to lead, Mac grew very distant from Evan, and the latter was in turn upset over his causing this for Mac. However, Evan and Mac nevertheless remained loyal friends to each-other to the end.

Toby Nance

Evan and Toby had a mentor-student relationship, and Evan encouraged Toby to be more proud of her work and inventions and brood less over their early bugs and flaws.

Angelika Finch

Evan and Ange had a complex friendship and a long history together as old friends. However, Evan's obsession with the Anomalies and his following work with the SPG began straining and testing his and Ange's relationship, with Evan's work and the two's conflicting views about the Anomalies driving him and Ange apart. At one point, Evan and Ange developed a romantic relationship, but Ange left Evan upon seeing that he still wasn't over Brooke's death after all. Evan admitted he blamed himself and not Ange for this.

Ken Leeds

Evan initially wanted nothing to do with Leeds or Project Magnet and preferred to keep them out of the Anomaly operation. But after Leeds helped with the train yard Terror Bird incursion, Evan was slightly more accepting of Leeds, though Evan still preferred to avoid involving Leeds or Magnet with the Anomalies. After Evan learned of what Leeds and Project Magnet had really been doing with the Anomalies and creatures behind the Special Projects Group's back, Evan lost whatever trust or faith he had begun to develop in Leeds, and became more reluctant than ever before to trust Leeds with anything at all (never mind with getting near the Anomalies). However, when the SPG redid and ensured the events of the 2006 Albertosaurus incursion, Evan seemed to have begun to trust Leeds again enough to let him into the SPG's plan to get the Albertosaurus back and stop Project Magnet.

Tony Drake

Evan and Tony were good friends, and Evan encouraged Drake to believe that he wasn't as weak or useless as Drake felt he was getting with age. When Drake was killed, Evan was highly saddened and angry; although he got over it quicker than Dylan, due to being used to losing his loved ones to the creatures after what had happened to Brooke.



  • Evan's character is very similar to Professor Nick Cutter, the main character in Primeval:
    • Both are team leaders of Anomaly-combating teams and each feel personally responsible for solving the mystery of the Anomalies and dealing with the creatures.
    • Both of them had something happen to their wives before their first series'. Helen Cutter disappeared 8 years before and Brooke Cross was killed by an Albertosaurus 6 years before.
    • Both are scientists, although Evan is more of an inventor.
    • Both dislike authoritative figures.
  • The DVD description of Evan on Amazon mistakenly says that the Albertosaurus killed both Brooke and Evan's child.