Episode 1.5 is the fifth episode of the first series of Primeval. It was broadcast as Pter-able News[1] in North America, Aus heiterem Himmel (Out of the Blue)[2] in Germany and O.V.M.I (possibly meaning Flying Object Mimicking the Insect)[3] in France.


"The discovery of a murdered golfer and an Anomaly in the sky leads to a whole new set of problems for the team. As Abby and Connor investigate the latest sightings they come across a disturbing scene in the woods and Claudia finds herself at the mercy of a savage pack of flying prehistoric reptiles."[4]

Full synopsis

A golfer, Andy, drives by cart across a golf course to where his golf ball is, and confidently picks his golf club and heads up to the ball, ready to swing with the club. However, the confident moment is ruined when Andy's club misses the golf ball in the swing. In another part of the golf course, another golfer, Andy's friend Jeff, is stuck in a bunker on the course and trying without success to get out. Meanwhile, back at Andy, he is making repeatedly unsuccessful swings which keep missing his ball, growing more frustrated, until eventually he successfully hits the ball with a swing. However, to Andy's chagrin, the ball lands in a nearby pond. Andy then gets a mobile phonecall from Jeff, who admits to Andy that he's gotten stuck in a bunker and asks Andy if he's reached the green yet. Andy looks over to the pond and thinks, and lies to Jeff that he has indeed reached the green, and Jeff then ends their call. Andy then looks over at the golf course's nearby hotel. Andy subsequently heads over to the pond's edge, and looks around to make sure no-one's looking, then begins fishing around in the pond with his hand for his ball. At the bottom of the pond, Andy's hand eventually finds his golf course and picks it up and takes it out of the pond, but as Andy does, an animal skeleton is seen at the pond bottom. Unaware of the dead animal bones in the pond, Andy looks at his wet golf ball in his hand and then throws it away to a further-away part of the course than the pond.

At Abby's flat, Connor finishes making a tray of breakfast, when Abby comes in, and is touched upon seeing the breakfast. However, Connor doesn't know what Abby means and then heads out with the breakfast, as he has made the breakfast for himself rather than Abby. Connor says he will play Oblivion on his games console, and offers Abby to join him and claims it is widely held as a classic, but Abby suspects it is actually only popular among cult fans. Abby then notices that the flat's thermostat has been raised to 34 degrees and asks Connor about this, and Connor claims that he raised the thermostat because Rex was looking chilly, as Rex laps a saucepan of water nearby. As Abby seems suspicious, Connor suggests that if they get too hot from having to raise the temperature they could take more of their clothes off despite already being half-naked. Abby dismisses her suspicions and turns to leave. As she does, Connor, who is in the middle of pouring himself coffee, tries to look her over while her back is turned, but Abby still seems to notice Connor is doing it and coldly tells Connor that he is dribbling from his open mouth; causing Connor to snap out of it and accidentally pour hot coffee on his hand.

Back at the golf course, Andy is driving across the course in his golf cart, arguing with Jeff, who is following behind on foot and apparently trying to get Andy to let him come aboard the cart and ride it to the next part of the course with him. Andy is reluctant as he thinks Jeff should have gotten his own golf cart, but Jeff asks Andy to stop making a fuss and just let him on. Andy appears to agree to let Jeff come on the cart with him, but as soon as Jeff is about to come on, Andy immediately speeds the cart off, to Jeff's chagrin. Later, Andy is alone on a part of golf course, and makes a successful swing, but the golf ball lands off in the forest vegetation nearby. Andy subsequently heads off into the vegetation in search of his ball, and when he is searching through the ferns and shrubs with his hand for the ball, he painfully cuts his fingers on something. Andy throws his cut finger, causing a splash of blood from it to shake free and land on a nearby tree. Andy comes back out of the trees onto the golf course, and as he looks around, he sees something unseen which causes him to immediately stumble and run off in shock and horror, with the unseen thing giving pursuit from above and closing in. Jeff is at another part of golf course with his ball when he hears Andy screaming in the distance. Back at Andy, he is screaming in agony and flesh his heard tearing, as it is seen from his feet that the unseen thing attacking him is lifting his body off the ground. Jeff runs off from where he is to see what's going on, and a horrified Jeff quickly finds Andy's bloody corpse on the golf course.

Back at Abby's flat, Connor is playing an Xbox game at the sofa, when after apparently excellently defeating an enemy, he brings up the game's menu and looks at the saved game files to see how close his is to the lead. The game files indicate that Tom was in second place in the game when he last played. The sight of Tom's file saddens Connor, who looks over miserably at a photo of himself with Tom and Duncan. Abby then calls to Connor that she's about to leave for yoga, and Connor notes this as he resumes the game and asks her to call him if she "needs any help with [her] bending or stretching." Abby then arrives and instructs Connor to keep all windows shut to stop Rex escaping and to enter and leave the flat through one door as Connor continues playing the game. As Abby dresses and gets ready to leave for yoga, she jokingly questions Connor's knowledge of how long a week is, reminding him of how he said when he first moved into the flat that he'd only be staying a week and yet he still hasn't even planned on when to leave after a month. Connor claims while keeping his attention on the game that he's still looking for leads on possible new homes, but Abby seems convinced otherwise and then leaves. Rex then flies down onto the sofa beside Connor and watches him, and a confident Connor says to Rex that he's certain Abby likes him. On the game, Connor then reaches the objective.

At the golf course's hotel, the Special Forces have arrived and are evacuating the residents from the area. Claudia arrives and talks with Captain Ryan about sealing the area off. Claudia is unhappy to learn it has taken four hours to evacuate the entire golf course, and tells Ryan to get the perimeter sealed within one hour. Ryan tells Claudia that Andy's body is in the casualty clearance room of the hotel and there are no other known casualties, and Claudia tells Ryan to stay briefed, before heading over to Cutter and Stephen, who have just finished talking to a traumatised Jeff by an ambulance. Cutter relays to Claudia that whatever happened to Andy was completely over by the time Jeff found him, and Cutter himself is not completely certain yet that there is indeed an Anomaly and wants to see Andy's body to confirm a creature incursion. This upsets Claudia, who warns Cutter that Lester is losing patience with Cutter and the team, and that she personally wants to prove to Lester that they can fully rely on the team but Cutter is currently making that difficult. Cutter doesn't want Lester to remove the team and have the government take control of the Anomaly operation and asks Claudia to keep Lester under control if she wants to help, but Claudia refuses as she doesn't want to take sides. Claudia then heads off, leaving Cutter silent and worried.

At Abby's flat, Rex is playing with a cheese puff at the foot of the sofa as Connor continues playing the Xbox, deep into the game, when the phone rings and Connor goes to answer it. Connor jokingly responds to the call that it's Abby's love shack and he is the "Number one stud," before it comically turns out that the caller Connor has just said that to is Cutter. Before Connor can try to cover up what he first said about the stud and love shack to Cutter, Connor learns over the phone from Cutter about the new incursion. Connor subsequently gets dressed and quickly grabs the car keys and cases and rushes out the flat. As Connor leaves, Rex notices one of the windows has been left open. Outside, Connor unlocks Abby's car and gets in, and while he is getting a book in the car out, he fails to notice Rex flying around outside in the street and heading into the car's backseat.

Back at the golf course, in the hotel, a Special Forces soldiers closes up the room where Cutter and a horrified Claudia are looking at Andy's body. The medic with them notes that Andy's body has been practically torn apart, and Cutter notes that the flesh has been ripped from the body incredibly cleanly and there are no leftovers. A concerned Claudia asks Cutter if this brings him any closer to learning what creature may have been responsible, and Cutter notes that the creature responsible would have to be of immense savagery and power to do what it did to Andy in a matter of mere minutes, and that it is certain that this is indeed an Anomaly incursion and sets about finding the Anomaly.

Later, Cutter, Stephen and Abby are searching in a field across from the hotel, and Stephen notes that there are no tracks or other signs of a creature, but while there is no Anomaly visible anywhere, magnetic interference indicated by the compass indicates that there must be either an Anomaly very close or a pylon causing interference. Cutter has Stephen and Abby keep quiet while he steps forward and looks around the field and thinks. Cutter realises and points out to Abby and Stephen that it is far too quiet. The two listen with Cutter, and the trio realises that there isn't any birdsong whatsoever, indicating all the birds in the area have been frightened off. This makes Cutter wonder what would scare off all the birds, and he looks at the compass again and then realises something. Cutter tells Abby and Stephen that there is indeed an Anomaly here, and when Stephen asks where it is, he tells him and Abby that the three are standing directly beneath it. The trio then look up to see an Anomaly hanging in the air several meters directly above them. Stephen notes that this would mean that the predator that killed Andy has to be an aerial creature, and as Cutter wonders how they are supposed to isolate a creature in the skies, Stephen notices something large flying up in the sky nearby. Stephen tries to alert Cutter and Abby notices it as well, but Cutter isn't looking and doesn't notice the creature, and continues to wonder aloud about the creature. The flying creature then swoops down towards the trio, prompting Stephen and Abby to duck and push Cutter down to the ground with them, as the creature, a large pterodactyl, flies by overhead. Cutter, Abby and Stephen get back up and stare in amazement after the pterodactyl as it flies around through the air.

Elsewhere, Connor arrives in Abby's car at the entrance into the hotel area, which is guarded by the Special Forces. Connor shows them his ID and slightly boasts that it confirms he has access to all areas, and the Special Forces guards let him pass to the hotel. As Connor drives into the hotel's car park, one of the guards sees Rex in the car's rear-view window, leaving him shocked and confused. Connor parks Abby's car in the car park outside the hotel, and gets out and looks around at the golf course. When Connor tosses his coat back into Abby's car, he finds Rex on the car's roof, to his shock and surprise. Upon realising to himself Rex can escape into the country if agitated, Connor tries to soothe Rex and keep him calm and coerce the inquisitive Rex into going back into the car. When Connor sees that he can't coerce Rex into letting him put him back in Abby's car, he begins pleading with and begging Rex to just get back in the car for Connor's sake. When Rex begins fluttering his wings, Connor resorts to trying to grab him, but Rex flies off the car roof and into the golf course and towards the trees. An upset and frustrated Connor quickly and quietly thinks things through and then runs off towards the golf course after Rex.

Back at Cutter, Stephen and Abby, Cutter is getting a closer look at the pterodactyl as it flies up ahead in the skies, and identifies it as most likely being a Pteranodon. Abby questions if the Pteranodon could be the predator that killed Andy; Stephen believes the boot fits, but Cutter is less certain as Pteranodon ate fish and small reptiles, though Stephen thinks that this was probably just snacking among the Pteranodon species until larger prey such as humans were available. Up ahead, when the Pteranodon begins circling to Abby's intrigue, Stephen suggests that it may be looking for a roost; Cutter discredits this but notes that the creature is undoubtedly searching for something. Elsewhere, Connor follows Rex through the trees out onto the golf course and tries to catch him, getting tired and frustrated with Rex's games and evasions. Connor and Rex are on a part of the course approximately quarter a mile down from where Cutter, Abby and Stephen are, and Stephen just notices Connor down on the golf course and points him out to Cutter and Abby. As Connor reaches Rex, failing to notice the trio up the golf course who have seen them, Abby wonders what Connor is doing, but Cutter has noticed something else, more worrying, with the Pteranodon. The three notice that the Pteranodon is circling above and has its sights on where Connor is, and Stephen realises that it must be looking to attack and eat Connor as prey. Cutter, Abby and Stephen immediately begin calling out to Connor, and Connor notices their yells to him from the other end of the golf course, but remains unaware of the Pteranodon above or the danger and simply scolds Rex and claims he will not chase Rex any further.

Cutter immediately calls Ryan, Claudia and two Special Forces soldiers who are nearby on a golf goal, over. Back at Rex and Connor, Rex becomes agitated and tries to warn Connor, but Connor still doesn't notice the Pteranodon in the skies as it begins swooping down from behind towards him for the kill. Connor then turns and sees to his shock the approaching Pteranodon Rex is agitated about. Abby and Stephen scream at Connor to take shelter from the Pteranodon in the trees, and Rex and Connor immediately beginning running off down the golf course from the approaching Pteranodon. Ryan, Claudia and the Special Forces join up with Cutter, Stephen and Abby, and see the situation. They anxiously watch Connor continue running with Rex, as the Pteranodon descends to ground level with the two behind them and begins closing in. Claudia immediately orders Ryan to shoot the Pteranodon down and Ryan arms his gun, but Cutter opposes this, as he thinks none of this with the Pteranodon is certain or makes sense yet and doesn't want the creature to be unnecessarily killed. Claudia is flabbergasted at this and believes that Connor will be killed if they don't stop the Pteranodon now, and Abby is afraid and anxious for Connor and Stephen agrees with Claudia and feels it isn't worth the risk. Claudia orders Ryan to comply, which he does and prepares to fire.

Cutter quickly pushes Ryan as he fires, causing his shot to miss the Pteranodon as the creature continues its pursuit down the golf course after Rex and Connor. Ryan tries to shoot the Pteranodon again, but the creature is now out of range; leaving the team to helplessly watch the chase. Rex and Connor reach a small hill as the Pteranodon closes it on them, and just as the creature attacks, rex and Connor manage to leap down the hill to the ground, narrowly escaping the Pteranodon's attack. Connor is left thrilled and laughing on the ground from the rush of the experience with Rex chirping nearby, as the Pteranodon gives up and flies off. Claudia is furious with Cutter for saving the Pteranodon and convinced he has just jeopardised other human lives, but Cutter ignores her and notices Rex with Connor through his binoculars. When Cutter identifies Rex as Coelurosauravus, a frustrated Abby realises aloud that Connor let Rex escape the flat; which in turns alerts to the entire team that it is Rex and that Abby knows about it. Abby confesses to Cutter that she did indeed keep Rex after Rex came back from the past, and Claudia is left stressed and very upset with Abby over taking this matter with Rex into her own hands. Stephen also realises that Abby was keeping her flat so hot because she was harbouring Rex.

As a still-exhilarated and laughing Connor runs back up the golf course towards the team, unaware of the revelation of Rex to the team, Cutter tries to justify sparing the Pteranodon by pointing out they still can't verify for certain that it is indeed the predator, and Claudia snaps at Nick at this and the two begin arguing over whether or not Cutter is right for the Anomaly operation; until Stephen interrupts the argument by pointing out that the Pteranodon is still wounded from Ryan's shot at it and will therefore will have to find somewhere nearby to roost. Claudia gravely hopes to Stephen for the team's sakes that he is right, then heads off with Ryan and his soldiers. Stephen agrees more with Claudia about the Pteranodon, but Cutter is still insistent that they should confirm that the Pteranodon is indeed the predator before killing it; and when Stephen questions Cutter's certainty about that, Cutter snaps and yells that he isn't at all sure and actually fears he may have made a grave error. Connor, still oblivious to the current mood and the Rex revelation, reaches Cutter and cheers about his close shave with the Pteranodon, but Cutter half-ignores and snarls at Connor before heading off. Connor is confused about Cutter's bad mood and contempt, and when he looks to Abby about what's happened, she just glares angrily at Connor and goes off after Cutter. Abby goes to Cutter, and explains that she only harboured Rex because she didn't want Lester's scientists locking Rex up and experimenting on and abusing him, and she softly asks if she can still keep Rex after all this is over. Cutter momentarily thinks and sharply tells Abby to find Rex first. Cutter then heads off, and Abby seems at least slightly satisfied with his answer.

Elsewhere, the Pteranodon is flying around through stormy skies. Back at the golf course, in front of the hotel, Cutter is discussing the Pteranodon and notes that the creature's species hunted from and roosted at high-vantage points, and Stephen alerts Ryan that they must therefore look at all the high-vantage points within miles of the golf course. Ryan then receives an alert over the comms ad informs Stephen that a satellite image is now being sent to Stephen's computer. The image comes up and zooms down on the city, showing the Pteranodon on a high-rise rooftop. Cutter confirms to Ryan that they've located the Pteranodon, and Ryan identifies the high-rise as a nearby office block which should be closed for the weekend. Ryan and the Special Forces immediately get into their cars to drive off to the building, and as they do, Cutter sets with Stephen about getting there first if they are to capture the Pteranodon alive, and Stephen and Cutter get into their own car as Ryan and the Special Forces drive off. Elsewhere, in the woods, Abby and Connor are searching around for Rex, and Connor is calling out to Rex like a master to a pet. Abby warns Connor that he won't get to leave until he finds Rex, and Connor tries to apologise for letting Rex escape, showing he is truly sorry for it. Abby remains furious with Connor for Rex escaping and about what might happen to Rex, then stresses to Connor to just find Rex.

In the city, Cutter, Stephen and Claudia drive up to and head out at the bottom of the tall office building, and despite Claudia feeling they should wait for Captain Ryan and his men, the trio head in. As the three head up through the office block's corridors, when Claudia learns that the rifle Stephen is using is a tranquiliser gun, she upset that Cutter is still taking chances to try and avoid killing the creature, as she adamantly wants the Pteranodon dead. Cutter doesn't care and is still fixed on doing things his way, and tries to explain to Claudia that they're in unknown territory with the creatures and that killing them is not the solution to their problems. Claudia thinks it over, and decides that Cutter and Stephen have until Ryan and the Special Forces arrive to capture the Pteranodon alive their way, and they only have one shot at it. Cutter and Stephen immediately continue on up the office block with Claudia following, and as they do, Cutter and Stephen both admit to each-other that neither of them were convinced Claudia would go for Cutter's pleas.

Up on the building's rooftop, the Pteranodon is roosting on the ledge, looking over the city landscape. Cutter, Stephen and Claudia arrive on the roof, and Stephen and Cutter climbs up to the level of the roof where the Pteranodon is. Stephen tries to tranquilise the creature from behind while it is off-guard, but the Pteranodoon sees them and immediately flies away off the roof. As Claudia climbs up onto the roof level, Cutter and Stephen head closer to the ledge to see where the Pteranodon flew off to, and the two turn to see the creature return, flying into the air high above the building roof and to a far distance. As the trio on the roof watch the Pteranodon flying in the distance in the skies, Cutter notes the creature's red crest and comes up with an idea of how to draw the Pteranodon back into range. Cutter immediately asks Claudia for her red shirt, to her flabbergast and refusal, hoping to use the shirt's reddish colour to draw the Pteranodon back, as Claudia insists her shirt's colour isn't like red and won't work. Cutter ignores Claudia's insistence and heads further off across the roof. Claudia gives in and is about to take off her shirt, when Stephen realises to Claudia's relief that he has a red shirt that Cutter can use instead in exchange for a favour from Claudia. Cutter heads over to the nearby aerial mast on the roof and pulls a metal pole out.

Back at the office block's bottom floor, the Special Forces have arrived, and the soldiers rush into an elevator and comically waited tensed up inside as it takes them up through the building. Back on the roof, Cutter has tied Stephen's red vest to the pole from the mast to make a makeshift red flag, and once Stephen has put his other top back on and is armed and ready, Cutter whistles out to the Pteranodon to get the creature's attention. The creature hears and flies straight towards the rooftop, as a watching Claudia begins to lose her cool. Cutter begins waving his makeshift red flag to keep the Pteranodon's attention, as Stephen aims and fires at the approaching creature. The wind catches the tranquiliser dart and so it misses the Pteranodon, and Stephen reloads and tries again as the creature gets closer through the skies to the rooftop. The dart misses the Pteranodon again because it keeps moving around, and Cutter is getting less patient.

As the Special Forces on the office block's lower levels begin making their way up towards the roof, back on the rooftop, Stephen reloads his tranquiliser gun for one last shot, and aims as the Pteranodon swoops closer to the rooftop. As Cutter begins yelling at Stephen to shoot when Stephen waits and aims, Claudia also becomes less composed as the creature approaches. Soon, as the Pteranodon dives straight towards the rooftop and is almost at it, Claudia loses her calm and runs off across the roof, when Stephen fires as the Pteranodon is just atop him and Cutter. The Pteranodon immediately collapses onto the rooftop and slides across it straight at the fleeing Claudia as she is backed into a roof corner. But just before the tranquilised Pteranodon reaches Claudia, its slide across the roof slows to a halt and it fully passes out from the tranquiliser. As Claudia stands frozen in the corner with the unconscious Pteranodon, Cutter is angry with Stephen because of how Stephen's waiting almost endangered Claudia. When Cutter decides that they will take the tranquilised Pteranodon back to the golf course and send it back through the Anomaly, Claudia snaps at Cutter and declares that she won't give him any more second chances and is going to take charge of making the decisions. But before Claudia can say anything else, the Pteranodon whips its head in its unconsciousness, directly hitting Claudia and knocking her out cold on the spot.

Back at the golf course, in the trees, Connor is calling out for Rex, hoping Rex will recognise his voice and come to him, as an angry and unimpressed Abby chides Connor for thinking Rex will respond like a dog or send out a distress call. Abby gives up on Connor's attempts to bring Rex out, when Connor hears and spots Rex passing by nearby through the trees. Connor alerts Abby, and the two run off through the trees after Rex as the latter heads deeper into the woods. Back at Claudia, she is unconscious from when the tranquilised Pteranodon hit her, and hooked up to an oxygen tank. Claudia begins awakening and seeing when the Pteranodon was flying towards her from on the office block rooftop, until she suddenly reacts with shock and fear by jumping off the bed she is on and disconnecting herself from the oxygen tank, stepping on and squashing open a blood bag from her IV in the process. Claudia is back at the golf course, in the hotel, with Cutter nearby. Claudia is disoriented from the hit to her head by the Pteranodon, as Cutter comes over to help her and assures her she's safe and in the hotel. A Special Forces medic then comes over to pick up the split-open blood bag and see how Claudia is doing. The medic decides that while they'll do some tests at hospital, he believes it's no more than a mild concussion, then decides to go to get more oxygen supply from the ambulance just to be safe, and leaves. Cutter then begins checking Claudia's eyes with a small light, and admits to her that he doesn't know at all what he's doing and is doing it based on what he's seen on ER TV. Cutter asks how Claudia is feeling, and she has no headache or nausea. But she notes that there's one thing that seems odd: she can't see anything. This seems to worry both of the two. Meanwhile, a puddle of blood from the split blood bag remains on the floor nearby, and the nearby doors out onto the hotel grounds blow open, letting the scent outside.

Back in the golf course's trees, a happy and thrilled Connor and Abby finally find and reach Rex at a log. However, Connor and Abby's happy mood turns to concern when they notice Rex has seen something which is frightening him into cowering behind the log. Connor and Abby then hear something squawking hoarsely up in the trees behind them, and the two turn to see dozens of malicious-seeming, bat-like pterosaurs - Anurognathus - roosting up in the trees. The roosting Anurognathus smell something and begins flying down from the trees. Connor and Abby quickly duck as the Anurognathus swarm off through the trees around and over them. At another part of the golf course, Captain Ryan and the Special Forces are guarding the unconscious and wrapped-up Pteranodon with Stephen. Ryan is hesitant about Stephen going close to and examining the creature as he fears it could abruptly awaken without warning, but Stephen assures Ryan that the Pteranodon will be unconscious for hours more yet. The noises of the Pteranodon defecating are then heard from in the bag containing it, to Ryan's sarcastic repulse, but Stephen is excited by the dung as he notes that a lot can be revealed from creatures' dung. Stephen takes a piece from the dung out from in the bag containing the Pteranodon, and checks it by tasting it with his tongue, repulsing the soldiers into looking away and grossing a sarcastic Ryan out. Stephen seems to have noticed something from the dung's taste, then sucks the rest of his finger, noticeably freaking Ryan out further. Back in the woods, the Anurognathus have all flown off, leaving a stunned and slightly dishevelled Connor and Abby recovering on the ground with Rex.

Back at the hotel, Cutter explains to Claudia that the reason she can't see is because her concussion from when the Pteranodon hit her is causing temporary blindness, but she should soon recover. Cutter asks Claudia if she can see anything now, and Claudia can now loosely makes out some shapes and see a few colours, and it's improving. Cutter notes that Claudia's sight will be fully back quite soon. Cutter then gets a phone call from Stephen and answers it. Stephen tells Cutter over the phone from at the unconscious Pteranodon that Cutter's hunch about the Pteranodon being innocent was in fact correct, as the creature's dung has no human remains from Andy the golfer, just small reptiles and fish bones; and Cutter realises that when the Pteranodon pursued Connor and Rex on the golf course, it was actually after Rex and not Connor. Before Cutter can say more with Stephen, his phone's battery starts to run out, forcing him to call Stephen back. Claudia has worked out from the phone call that the Pteranodon has been confirmed innocent, and jokingly suggests paying the creature compensation for suspecting it. However, Cutter is concerned about something that the creature's innocence implies - if the Pteranodon didn't kill the golfer, then that means that the real predator is still out there. This worries Claudia as well.

Out by the hotel grounds, the Special Forces medic is alone getting oxygen supplies out of an ambulance there, when he hears distant, hoarse squawks rapidly approaching. The Anurognathus then appear in the air above the medic and swarm down at him, and the medic's screams of agony are heard. Back at the hotel, Cutter and Claudia hear the medic's screams outside, which leave them both stunned and increasingly worried. Cutter begins closing all the doors out to the hotel grounds in the room, and asks for Claudia's phone, but she reveals she's left it in her car outside. Cutter sets about finding a way to get to a phone as he shuts all the doors to the outside in the room, then assures a frightened Claudia that they will be safe if they keep all the hotel's doors and windows shut. Cutter then hears a gust of wind from down the hotel hall out behind him, and turns to see that the hotel's front doors down the hall are wide open. Cutter immediately rushes down the hallway from the room where Claudia is, straight to the front doors, and slams them shut.

Outside, the Anurognathus are swarming around above the hotel. Back inside, after checking that all the ways in are shut, Cutter heads back to Claudia, and tells her that he has to go to find a phone in the hotel to call for help, but she'll be fine by herself because the creatures can't get into the hotel. Cutter then heads off into the hotel in search of a phone, leaving Claudia in the emergency room, alone. Elsewhere in the hotel, Cutter finds a phone, but it is disabled before he can make a call when one of the Anurognathus outside bites through the phone line. Back in the emergency room, and increasingly frightful Claudia slowly makes her way around the puddle of blood left from the split blood bag towards the room's closed doors that lead out to the hotel grounds, trying to tell herself it will be alright. As the Anurognathus' shadows are glimpsed flying around outside, Claudia reaches the door and pulls at it, and is deeply relieved to find that it can't be opened from outside. However, Claudia's relief is cut short when swarms of the Anurognathus suddenly begin pushing and hitting and snarling against the glass doors from outside, trying to break in; frightening Claudia into falling backwards from the door and slipping in the blood on the floor.

As a blood-covered Claudia tries to get up off the floor, several of the Anurognathus outside find a way in by smashing through the small window panes on the doors, and one of them manages to get in this way. Cutter then returns and helps Claudia up, and upon seeing the Anurognathus breaking in, he and Claudia flee out the room as the Anurognathus fly after them, closing the emergency room door behind them to stop the creatures following further. Out in the hotel's hallway, Claudia notes how the Anurognathus just seemed to go crazy, and the two then realise to their horror that the creatures can smell blood and are being drawn by the blood left from the split blood bag that Claudia stepped on when she awoke. Cutter notes to the two's horror that they both have some of the blood on their clothes from when Claudia slipped in the blood and Cutter helped her up, and so Cutter takes his bloody jacket off, and Claudia is forced to also take off her bloody shirt, to her chagrin. Cutter and Claudia then see the Anurognathus outside swarming over and trying to break through the hotel's domed glass skylight directly above them. The skylight shatters just as Cutter and Claudia move out from under it, and the Anurognathus swarm down into the hotel as Cutter and Claudia rush into a nearby lounge and lock themselves in from the creatures. Cutter decides to Claudia that their only hope of getting help is for Cutter to go out to the ambulance to call for help on the ambulance's phone. Cutter assures Claudia she'll be safe in the hotel lounge, but she is concerned about Cutter. Cutter is hopeful he'll be able to make it to the ambulance. Cutter then passionately kisses Claudia, tells her he'll be back, and then leaves.

Cutter heads out into the hotel grounds and begins making his way across the empty grounds towards the ambulance, when he hears something an sees the Anurognathus swarming from the hotel straight at him. Cutter runs across to the ambulance from the Anurognathus as the creatures gives hot pursuit, and Cutter reaches the ambulance and seals himself inside from the Anurognathus as the creatures swarm around and try to get into the ambulance. Elsewhere on the golf course, Connor and Abby emerge from the trees with Rex, and see the Anurognathus swarming around the hotel in the distance to their horror. Back in the ambulance, as the Anurognathus continue to swarm around outside the ambulance, Cutter makes a call on the ambulance phone, and tells Ryan of the Anurognathus situation and that the creatures have trapped Claudia in the hotel. Ryan tells Cutter he'll get there, to Cutter's impatience and frustration before Cutter ends the call. As the Anurognathus swarm around outside the ambulance, inside, Cutter finds a lighter and tries to come up with an idea, then begins looking around in the ambulance for something. Cutter searches through the ambulance's supplies, until he finds a bottle of flammable gas, which seems to give him an idea. Outside, the Anurognathus abandon the ambulance and begin swarming back towards the hotel.

Back in the hotel's lounge, Claudia is waiting silent and alone as she hears the Anurognathus outside returning from their squawks. Claudia then notices the Anurognathus' squawks coming from the chimney and ash falling down it into the fireplace, causing Claudia to back away to the wall as the Anurognathus squawks from up the chimney descend closer. Back at the ambulance, there are now no Anurognathus in sight, and Cutter cautiously unseals and gets out of the ambulance with the lighter and the gas bottle, moving slowly and cautiously keeping his eyes alert for any signs of the Anurognathus. Back in the hotel lounge, one lone Anurognathus finally emerges down the chimney into the lounge as Claudia backs away. Claudia grabs a golf club from a nearby rack as the Anurognathus takes flight around the lounge, and Claudia confronts it and waits through her blurred vision for the creature to get close enough. When she makes out the Anurognathus flying straight for her, Claudia swings the club and successfully bats the creature away. However, Claudia's victory is short-lived when dozens more Anurognathus swarm out down the chimney into the lounge.

Back out at the ambulance, Cutter is trying to light the gas hissing from the bottle with the lighter, when he spots a lone Anurognathus flying from the hotel at him. Cutter tries harder and more panickedly to light the gas as the Anurognathus gets closer, until when the creature almost reaches him, Cutter succeeds and uses the bottle of alight gas as a makeshift flamethrower, burning and killing the Anurognathus. Cutter kicks the Anurognathus' burnt remains away in disgust, then begins slowly making his way back towards the hotel, while keeping a lookout for any more Anurognathus. Back in the hotel's lounge, Claudia is struggling to try and fend the Anurognathus swarm off with the golf club, until one of the creatures manages to reach her and send her falling to the floor. Back outside, Cutter has gotten closer back to the hotel, when two more Anurognathus appear and attack, but are quickly killed with the makeshift flamethrower Cutter has made with the flammable gas bottle. In the hotel lounge, Claudia gets back up and continues to struggle against the Anurognathus swarm, as, unnoticed to her, a door behind her opens and someone comes through into the lounge. The person grabs Claudia from behind and is revealed to be Helen Cutter. Claudia is shocked that Helen is here, but they both agree upon seeing the Anurognathus swarm that it's best they discuss that later, and Helen then leads Claudia out through the door she came in and closes the door behind them.

Helen leads Claudia down the hotel's staff corridors; Claudia is insistent she can manage, and Helen pretends to leave her on her own but then hurriedly leads her on. Back in the Anurognathus-swarming lounge, the door drifts back open and the creatures swarm through after Helen and Claudia. Before the Anurognathus can catch up with Claudia and Helen, Helen seals the two of them in a kitchen from the creatures. Helen decides that with the predators cornering them and time short, she'll have to take matters into their own hands rather than wait for the team and the Special Forces to arrive. Helen leads Claudia to the kitchen's emergency exit door and instructs her to get out through the exit when Helen tells her to. Helen then turns on the kitchen's gas ovens and places a metal jug in the microwave. Claudia then realises that Helen is going to blow the hotel up with a gas explosion to stop the Anurognathus. Helen tells Claudia to keep calm, then opens the kitchen door to let the Anurognathus swarm in.

Back out in the hotel grounds, Cutter kills another Anurognathus with his makeshift torch, but the flames run out. Back in the kitchen, as the Anurognathus swarm in, Helen gives Claudia the signal and Claudia immediately heads out through the kitchen's exit door and closes it behind her. Once the entire swarm is in the kitchen, Helen turns on the microwave with the jug in it and flees further into the hotel from the impending explosion. The electrical reaction with the metal jug in the microwave makes it explode, igniting the gas and blowing up the building and the Anurognathus swarm with it as Helen flees through the coridors from the flames. Outside the burning hotel in the aftermath of the explosion, Cutter is fearful that Claudia is dead from the explosion, when Claudia arrives in the grounds behind him, dishevelled but unharmed. Cutter is relieved to see Claudia is okay, and is shocked when she reveals that Helen arrived and saved her. A shocked Cutter asks where Helen is, and Claudia confirms that Helen has vanished "like a ghost", as usual. Ryan and the Special Forces then arrive, and Ryan is flabbergasted upon seeing what has happened to the hotel and silently asks if Cutter did that, and earning from Cutter sarcastic comment about how he couldn't do that with just a bottle of gas and a lighter.

Elsewhere, in the golf course's more rural parts, Connor is looking silently by himself out at a pond. Abby then arrives and comes over but doesn't so much as look at Connor. Connor tries to lighten the mood by noting how everything ultimately worked out, but Abby is still angry with him as it still wasn't him who repaired the damage he caused by releasing Rex. Abby is about to leave, when Connor goes over to and tries to apologise to her for his lack of responsibility in letting Rex out. Abby doesn't reply and appears unforgiving, and Connor then sadly gives up and declares he'll move out of her flat in a day. Abby believes Connor will have nowhere else to go if he moves out, and Connor first tries to be optimistic that he'll be fine whatever happens before silently realising Abby is right. Abby somewhat awkwardly and reluctantly decides to give Connor a second chance and let him stay at the flat, on the conditions that he make her all weekend breakfast, wash up the clothes for a month, and never leave his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor again. Connor is thrilled that he can still stay with Abby at the flat, and Abby notes as Connor ecstatically hugs her that she must be out of her mind but has found that she likes having Connor around. Connor is stunned and a little suspecting when he learns Abby likes having him around, before Abby tries to rule out intimacy by bluntly stating she likes him as a friend. Connor asks if Abby was not serious about the washing-up part, and Abby confirms that she was and Connor decides it's harsh but reasonable. Abby then heads off, with Connor smiling happily to himself and following.

Later, back at the Anomaly, the team and the Special Forces are at the Anomaly with the unconscious Pteranodon, when Connor warns that they should hurry up with getting the Pteranodon back through as the Anomaly seems to be close to fading. Claudia then gets a mobile phone call from Lester, but cancels instead of answer it. Cutter notices Claudia not answering Lester to tell him about the events of the incursion, and Claudia says that she will pretend her phone's battery died and that Lester will therefore never know about the events that transpired today. Cutter is touched Claudia has chosen to side with him, and she claims it is only a one-off against her judgment. Stephen then gives Cutter a large red flag, and Cutter gets onto a mechanical lift which lifts him up to level with the Anomaly in the air. Stephen confirms with Cutter that he is confident from the Pteranodon's dung that it won't eat him, and jokes that if he's wrong then at least Cutter will always be remembered as the first ever human to be eaten by a Pteranodon. Stephen, Connor and Ryan then go to and unbind the Pteranodon as the creature awakens. Upon waking and recovering, the Pteranodon gets up and takes flight, but is flying off in the wrong direction. The team try to call the creature back, and as Cutter waves his red flag from up on the lift by the Anomaly, the Pteranodon begins to turn around and fly back. Cutter confidently waves his red flag, and as the Pteranodon glides over the team towards him, Claudia admits that the creature is indeed beautiful. The Pteranodon flies at Cutter's red flag, and glides over him, straight back into the Anomaly, and the Anomaly then closes behind the creature. Cutter bids the Pteranodon a safe journey, as the team all cheer and celebrate on the ground.









  • This episode takes place around a month after the events of Episode 1.4, as Abby mentioned that it has now been a month since Connor moved into her flat.
  • This episode takes place on a Saturday as Captain Ryan deduces that the office block will be closed because it is a Saturday.


  • The picture of Tom, Connor and Duncan in Abby's flat is blue and yellow, as seen in Episode 1.4 and in this episode, however when Connor looks over at the picture in Abby's flat of him, Tom and Duncan, it is a full-colour photo.
  • When the Pteranodon crash lands on the building, Cutter and Stephen seemingly disappear, but they are back in the next scene.

Story connections

  • References to Episode 1.4:
    • Connor gets upset when he see Tom's name on his game and looks longingly at the picture of Tom, Duncan and himself, because Tom was killed by a Parasite in the previous episode.
    • Connor is still living in Abby's flat. And the picture of Tom and Duncan he brought is now on display.
    • After Rex was revealed to the team, Stephen remembered that Abby's flat was hot and deduces that she kept the flat hot for Rex.
  • Connor now stays permanently at Abby's flat until Episode 3.4.
  • Some Pteranodon return in Episode 2.2, Episode 3.10 and The New World.
  • A swarm of Anurognathus appear in Episode 5.5.